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An AK-47 for $500. Is This a Great Country, or What?

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2012

The dream weapon among revolutionaries, freedom fighters, freedom-fighting revolutions, weekend militia members, and anyone standing off a flash mob is now available at a great price.

I can’t actually think of a reason why I would want to own one, but who am I to impose my views on others?

The AK-47 is a symbol of Second Amendment liberty. The fact that an American can buy one through the mail tells me that the gun-control movement is still on the defensive. The rest of us can buy what we want, when we want, at a price any family can afford.

My recommendation is simple: buy what you are willing to learn how to use safely whenever you can. I think it’s best to buy for currency at a gun show.

Every time there is a mass murder by some lone nut, the mainstream media start running interviews with gun control representatives. Also, the next day, Americans start buying more guns and ammo. Why? Because they know that the media will start running interviews with gun control promoters. I call this the arms race.

Click through to see what $500 buys you. Only in America!

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12 thoughts on “An AK-47 for $500. Is This a Great Country, or What?

  1. The Wiki Weapon Project is here to break through all gun controls for Liberty..

    The “Wiki Weapon” project homepage: http://www.indiegogo.com/wikiwep

    Short Summary
    The WikiWep project is to produce a CAD file for distribution and sharing across the internet. This CAD file will be a schematic for a modest, 3D printable plastic firearm. In a world where 3D printing becomes more ubiquitous and economical, defense systems and opposition to tyranny may be but a click away… Let’s pull the world toward this future together.
    By designing and testing concepts for a 3D printable defense system, and by then sharing that information with the world, WikiWep will serve to protect and ensure political processes and human rights.

    The Impact
    This project could very well change the way we think about gun control and consumption. How do governments behave if they must one day operate on the assumption that any and every citizen has near instant access to a firearm through the Internet? Let’s find out.Every dollar contributed to this project is also a vote to export the protections of the Second Amendment to the entire world. Libertas.

    I have already donated $123. Join now for Liberty..

  2. Ron Marlar says:

    Ever since the nutcase in Auroa, CO about whom his psychiatrist had tried to warn and to get the Univ. of CO to do something went on his rampage, the anti-gun chatter by pretend president Obama and others who want to violate the U.S. Constitution 2d Amdt has been about AK-47s. That makes no sense.
    The sicko used an AR-15/M-16 semi-automatic .223 caliber rifle variant, shotgun and 9mm handgun, not an AK-47 7.65mm variant. AK-47s available to civilian buyers are not the automatic weapons used by international revolutionaries, terrorists, law enforcement or military people. Automatic weapons may be bought legally in the U.S. only by people who hold a license for machineguns.
    Such misinformation as that appearing in these stories is misleading and alarmist. It would not be happening if the anti-gun, Constitution wannabe-violators did not have an agenda of disarming Americans. It should be stopped and can be by responsible posters and news media. Responsible news media these days, however, is an oxymoron. Newsmen and hens are generally ignorant on this subject as they are about much else of which they write. They are, therefore, best ignored.

  3. Tragically, the United States federal and state governments have practically stripped their citizens of their inherent God-given responsibility for self-protection and intervention, with the exception of those who petition and jump through the government’s hoops to secure a concealed weapons permit. Keep in mind that one of the definitions for a permit or license is the permission to do what the government otherwise considers illegal, which makes a criminal of anyone who desires to fulfill his biblical responsibilities without the government’s permission.

    By employing the term “assault weapons,” the anti-gun lobby associates all gun owners with criminal intent. Yet, the vast majority of gun owners are not criminals and have no intentions of assaulting anyone. They do not own assault weapons; instead, they have armed themselves with defense weapons.

    Despite the attempts of the government, the media, and even certain preachers to vilify self-defense, every Christian man needs to assume the “homesteader mindset” depicted in Matthew 24 and Luke 11. Every Christian householder is commissioned by Christ and by the law of Yahweh to defend his family, his possessions, his fellow man, and himself. Every Christian woman without a man to protect her should likewise arm herself.

  4. For more, see "Firearms: Scripturally Defended" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/firearm-right.php.

  5. You can not, no way, no how, buy any firearm 'through the mail'. You may order a firearm, you may pay for that firearm, but it must be shipped to a properly licensed dealer. You will get that firearm only after providing proper identification, passing the FBI NICS background check, and paying that dealer for the expense of processing your paperwork and background check.

  6. when Obama gets re-elected you are going to need one

  7. Informed Gunowner says:

    The author has it wrong.

    1. You can't buy a gun through the mail. That ended in 1968. You can buy a gun that is then shipped to your local dealer, who then requires the federal paperwork and background check.

    2. He implies that by buying at a gunshow, you avoid federal paperwork. Wrong again. It's identical to buying at a store front shop. The only possible way to get around federal paperwork is to buy directly from an individual, and this can be done (depending on state laws) with little to no oversight, and has nothing to do with a gunshow.

    Please stop circulating the anti-freedom lobby's myths.

  8. Rodger Ray says:

    Just a note to say; YOU CANNOT GET ANY MODERN FIREARM THROUGH THE MAIL! You can order one but it has to be shiped to a local registered dealer with an FFL and there you go through all of the proper forms and checks that any person from your area has to go through. Bazokas can't be bought easily either No mater what Bill O'riley says. these and many other weapons are under special controls and required a $200.00 tax be paid on them each time they are transfered. They know where every one of the legal ones are.
    R D

  9. WillytheGeek says:

    One good reason to buy one is they work well in all kinds of undesirable enviroments. You can actually buy a U.S. made one.

  10. Facts like these are never brought forth because they do not compliment the misinformation the grabbers need to accomplish their goals.

  11. wizzrdofaz says:

    Do you have something against the AK-47 specifically or are you just anti-gun??

  12. Jaime Cancio says:

    What is truly amazing if you know anything at all about AK47s; the cost to produce one is only $4.00. And in America, firearm sellers of AKs let you take it off their hands for $500.00. If that is not enough, under 100 yards you don't want to get hit by one round from the AK47; at 200 and especially at 300 yards pointed directly at you as a target, there is a great odds the round will never hit you. At 200 yards with Soviet ammo the round will strike anywhere in abouit a 22 inch circle at 300 that circle opens up to about 65 inches. Anyone with a 22LR at 125 yards can out shoot anyone with an AK47 and 22WMR can better the AK47 out to 250 yards or more…and a 22LR is very lethal out to 500 yards if you know what you are doing. I prefer the 22WMR as the superior round.

    In a book I once read and appreciated came this not so famous quote, "Who ever told you I needed a firearm to eliminate your sorry ssA?" Have a good day.