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3.5-Minute Video: Why the FedGov Is Going Bankrupt

Written by Gary North on August 7, 2012

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10 thoughts on “3.5-Minute Video: Why the FedGov Is Going Bankrupt

  1. My prayers go out to those who work to support their own families, but are also forced to work double time to support this enslavement.

    I encourage the real producers to not give up. Be more productive and sock away some of your savings in gold. We all know this cannot continue. Just prepare for the rebuilding phase.

  2. victorbarney says:

    Just Hebrew inspired Scriptural prophecy being forefilled! First, America has appointed over itself the "only" leader ever predicted to lead u(si.e.The "forbidden foreigner" of Deueronomy 17:15 and the only non-anglo-saxon in 6,000 years EVER!) and also, this TIME, the "right" ANTI-CHRIST(MARXIST) over u.s. of Revelation, chapter 11! A woman's "intellectualizing" first began man's age & now her same "intellectualizing" is about the end's man's age! Welcome to Adam's world, especially after his first-born son & first murdrer Cain was born! This is just the FIRST WOE & THE SECOND WOE WILL NEARLY DESTROY THE ENTIRE ANGLO-SAXON WORLD, including the WOMEN! WATCH!

  3. Graywolf says:

    Looks as if communist goals #32 and 40 are in play here.. We, the American people, havs been asleep too long. Educate yourself, and then teach others. Find goals in congressional record of Jan 10, 1963. When I give the web site my comments are many times pulled, so it is easy to find if you use Google.

  4. "America has appointed over itself the "only" leader ever predicted to lead u(si.e.The "forbidden foreigner" of Deueronomy 17:15 and the only non-anglo-saxon in 6,000 years EVER!) " Umm….Anglo-Saxons were opposing tribes and did not mix until less than 2000 years ago and America hasn't existed as a nation for 6000 years. The Holy Bible was not written by or specifically about Anglo Saxons or America for these reasons.

  5. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Oh, now there ya go bringing in nasty stuff like facts into what was otherwise a load of crap. Good for you.

  6. Capt. A. says:

    "Of the thirty-six ways to get out of trouble, the best way is to leave." ~Chinese Proverb
    Expatriation is the only viable, lawful way to break out of the fetters of the American collective.
    I left 35-years ago (renounced citizenship) and never has there ever been a doubt that is was the single best thing in my life (and my family's life) in gaining individual freedom, liberty, privacy, bona fide private property etc. It is not for the weak-minded!

    Capt. A.
    Principauté de Monaco
    "You can lead the proverbial horse to water…."

  7. might I inquire as to where you went that for 35 yrs you have been 'free'???

  8. Bill in NC says:

    Met plenty of expats down in Mexico who don't bother to renounce.

    Why should they when they can return to the U.S. for Medicare treatment for anything serious (funded by current workers)

    They also keep a local account that's never reported to the IRS, and since they're classified pensioners the Mexicans don't seem to care.

    Any money they earn tax-free flows through that account while pension, Social Security, etc. stays in the U.S. until they need it, to minimize currency risk.

  9. Capt. A. says:

    Domino – Being single now I am classified a a PT. (WIKI: Perpetual traveler) I travel and stay in the "micro-states" of Europe: Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, Malta and Monaco. By far, Monaco is my favorite to see why. (WIKI: Monaco) I'm 80 now and in excellent health. It is extremely difficult to get people that have been inculcated within any collective to understand what "slavery" is, freedom, liberty etc. merely being illusions – if you want the truth. Do you have ANY idea what it's like to not stay in a jurisdiction that institutes "legalized plunder?" To NOT have to support a welfare/warfare state? I don't care what other people think about not supporting the "collective." I look back and the only real mistake I made – was not leaving the U.S. much earlier in my life. I left when I was 45. I'm a rara avis. Best to you Domino.

    Capt. A
    Principauté de Monaco

  10. libertylouis says:

    The Lady of Fatima (Blessed Virgin Mother) in 1917 spoke MANY times to 3 children she appeared to and spoke of the ERRORS of RUSSIA. She said COMMUNISM WOULD DESTROY the WORLD. Of course, there will be a NEW Beginning of ONLY people that live by GOD's Word and Life and that new Beginning will be Beatiful, NO GREED, etc. ETERNITY! All Prophecy's are coming TRUE in the world and the USA. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Even the UN AGENDA 21 is TRUE and connected to what Mary spoke of to the 3 children (one of them just passed away a few yrs ago). It's ALL about COMMUNISM and the US is VERY NEAR it with OBAMA, CONGRESS, Dems and Repub.'s, the UN Agenda 21 Plan. It ALL connects and coming TRUE! Google to get informed: "Tom DeWeese Agenda 21". You will see it started a LOMG Time ago in the U.S and currently we are almost there. Just need a CRISIS and we WILL have ONE WORLD ORDER – GOVERNMENT.