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If You Are Deaf, Buy a Gun. The Cops Can’t Help You.

Written by Gary North on August 7, 2012

Here is a story that reminds us that if we want protection, we had better supply our own.

A deaf woman in Tacoma was being attacked by another woman in her apartment. She called 9-11 on the deaf line. She asked for police protection.

The police arrived six minutes later. The dispatcher says the police were repeatedly told the woman was deaf. Internal police records confirm this.

When she ran toward them, they used tasers on her. Then the handcuffed her. Then they took her to jail, where she stayed for the next 60 hours.

The story was covered up for months, but then a local TV reporter got tipped off. He began an investigation. That’s when the truth came out.

Within seconds of running outside to meet police, Officer Koskovich pulled his Taser and fired a two-barbed electric wire into White’s ribs and stomach.

“All I’m doing is waving my hands in the air, and the next thing I know, I’m on the ground and then handcuffed. It was almost like I blacked out. I was so dizzy and disoriented,” White said.

Witnesses confirm her story.

The policeman and his partner submitted nearly identical stories.

Koskovich wrote in part: “I yelled for White to ‘stop’ and held my right hand up to signal for White to stop. White ignored my commands.”

A neighbor intervened.

“I hollered down and said, ‘She’s deaf and can’t speak!’”

Sims says she went down to the street and spoke with officers while Lashonn was still in handcuffs. She told us during an on-camera interview that the police officers at the scene admitted there was a misunderstanding.

Then they took her to jail and left her locked up.

Another winess said:

“They just told her to halt. She kept running, she can’t hear—she’s deaf. I said, ‘Aren’t you supposed to say halt like that?’” asked Warren holding up her right hand.


Tacoma police arrested Lashonn on two criminal charges, simple assault and obstruction of a public servant (law enforcement officer). Then they carted her off to jail. She spent 60 hours there – also without an interpreter – before a city prosecutor reviewed her case and asked that charges not be filed at all.

She was not provided with an interpreter. But an interpreter is required by state law.

The two officers have refused to tell their side of the story to the media. So has the police department.

No one was disciplined.

It has been six weeks.

Stonewalling usually works.

Buy a gun. Learn how to use it.

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15 thoughts on “If You Are Deaf, Buy a Gun. The Cops Can’t Help You.

  1. most cops these days don't have enough sense to be cops, every cop that has a taser should have it shoved up his butt

  2. then they'll go out on disability

  3. Reality99r says:

    The two cops should be fired

  4. Thanks to policies like affirmative action and political correctness, the entrance standards and background check standards for police applicants have been lowered to the point of absurdity. In some metropolitan areas, especially major cities, they can't get applicants to apply, so they hire those with criminal records as cops. In many areas, the police are just the political tools of corrupt politicians and selective enforcement is rampant. The exception to this for the most part are County Sheriff's, because they are elected officials and answer to the public, who can dump a corrupt Sheriff in the next election. Police Chiefs serve at the pleasure of the politicians and can be coerced into corruption. The public can do little about this. In some areas of the US, politicians are writing legislation to strip the Sheriffs of their powers…….because they can't control them, they fear them. The Sheriffs of our nation are the people's best tool to fight back against big government corruption. Support your local Sheriff.


  6. yeah, look what obozo is doing to joe

  7. You can bet your ass if it involved a black victum all hell would break loose

  8. I'llTakeCoffee says:

    This is a shocking and disturbing story. The officers involved should be in deep trouble. But coming to the conclusion that a gun would have made matters any better is just ridiculous. It's not at all clear that shooting her attacker was an appropriate response to begin with, and if this woman had run toward the police with a gun in her hand she'd be dead now. What an astonishing piece of claptrap.

    BTW, I redirected here from Facebook and won't be back, so don't bother.

  9. Max Penn says:

    Seems the police are in fear of everyone one and will shoot anyone that they no sure of. I have more fear of the cops then a criminal. I have a permit to carry, but It could get me shoot if I had to use it if cops are around. They shoot first and may never ask.

  10. Kent Maury says:

    If the people of Tacoma do not put pressure on their City Council, Mayor or the Police Commissioner then they deserve what they get. This could happen to any law abiding citizen. We get all excited about so many small things and want to be politically correct but don't speak out on the issues that directly affect our daily lives. Shame on the Mayor, the Police Commissioner and City Council of Tacoma. They should be held accountable. And if they do not respond, VOTE THEM OUT!!

  11. I hope this story goes viral on the internet! That's the ONLY way most of these things come out these days. For instance, the violence of blacks against black gays, or the bands of blacks attacking people in some cities, the lame stream media, Fox included is not reporting it, so most people know nothing about it. Even some blacks are questioning this practice. It's a shame. And, not only are they attacking gays, & whites, but also Asians, Jews, Latinos, etc. We internet users need to spread this stuff as far as we can!

  12. Cops are getting to be pigs we might have some good ones but I bet we have more corupt ones in every city I will never call cops for help That is why we need are guns because we cant depend on the pigs for help they will beat us or kill us if we look at them wrong these cops better be scared because there are alot of them that will die if they keep this crap up If I seen a cop that was being beat or hurt I would not stop to help him and that is what will happen the cops will be on there own we have no respect for them and are kids hate them all ready as young as the kids are they call them pigs Becase they are in are scools and takeing are kids to jail because they did somel little thing wrong what is this country comeing to we need to stand up aginst this crap and get rid of everyone in goverment down to the cops

  13. LISTEN TO:

    * TruNews with Rick Wiles (Including the archives).
    * The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    * Politics & Religion with Irvine Baxter.

  14. It seems we have more and more bad cops as the day goes by and no one is doing anything about it,WHY? If you are arrested and a cop says you did something it is accepted as gospel and no matter what you say it is ignored even if you have a couple of witnesses! Why are cops not punished for their mistakes same as a doctor,lawyer,Bail Bondsman, or a bus driver? Like with a bail Bondsman if he breaks in to a house to get a Bond Jumper and they entered the house next door by mistake they get arrested for breaking and entering,armed breaking and entering, lose their license and go to prison for ten or more years, so why not cops too! They can do the same thing,beat people and kill people and then try to hide what has happened or just say OPP"S and get away with it why? Cops aew almost as bad as regular criminals!

  15. Call a cop for help and chances are you will be beat and or tasered or shot before you can say I'm the one who called you for help! Many times when you call the police for help and the cop gets there he wants your I d and runs it first for warrants to see if he can arrest you before helping you! They should have to give us their I D so we can run a back ground check on them to see how many people they beat,tasered and shot by mistake before we let them in! In Miami, Florida years agao I got lost and saw a cop in a parking lot went up to him and asked for directions and he shook his hands at me and said No English!
    I said are you joking and again he smiled shook his head and hands and said No English,guess it was a good thing I wasn't trying to report a robbery or Murder! We need less laws,less cops and better cops and more cops to answer for their mistakes like the rest of us!