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Free Food Delivered to Your Door, If You’re on Food Stamps

Written by Gary North on August 7, 2012

We’re not supposed to call them food stamps. They are called SNAP cards. They are credit cards. Poor people spend. They eat. We pay. We have credit, so they don’t need credit. They have cards.

Under the voters’ radar, local food stores have created profitable businesses. They deal only with SNAPpy people. They deliver food right to their door.

In Texas, there are 3.8 million of these people. The number is growing daily.

This has been going on for at least 20 years. These free food trucks drive through poor neighborhoods to deliver food. They are not paid cash. At least 99% of the eaters use food cards.

Randy’s drivers sell what the company bought from grocery behemoth Sysco Foods. Frozen meat and breaded shrimp. Catfish nuggets and chicken tenders.

But junk food is the big seller.

“Exactly,” James confirms.

Pop Tarts, Famous Amos and Oreo cookies. Honey buns, candy bars and corn dogs. Laffy Taffy and cheesecake. Pickles are the only vegetable listed on a Randy’s menu.

Delivery to your door isn’t for you. It’s not for me. We pay. They eat.

Officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Services confirmed that Randy’s, Boxes and Bags Mobile Grocery and Bag Lady on Wheels all are approved vendors in the food stamp program, which now goes under the name of SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

It’s legal. But because it’s profitable, welfare advocacy groups are outraged.

“Who needs junk food on wheels?” said Michele Simon, president of EatDrinkPolitics, a watchdog group that issued a report this year calling for more transparency about how much all grocery retailers the USDA approves make from the food stamp program.

It’s not enough that the welfare state provides free food. It is supposed to keep capitalists from cashing in.

The welfare state is all about cashing in: the recipients, the government administrators, the special-interest welfare advocacy groups, the farmers.

Everyone except for you and me. We pay.

The owners of food stamp stores on wheels refused to be interviewed. Wise.

How much these vendors receive from sales is protected by the USDA as a trade secret and “can only be disclosed for purposes directly connected” with the administration of the agency’s program.

In other words, taxpayers are not allowed to see how much of their money goes to each USDA SNAP-approved grocer or mobile food truck. The Argus Leader of South Dakota has sued the USDA for access to the information. The suit is pending.

So, what else is new?

Then there is nagging. The nanny state always nags.

Millions in taxpayer dollars also are spent on efforts to re-train food stamp recipients about nutrition and how to stay away from the “middle aisles” of grocery stores, the area where most snack food resides.

Fat poor people pay no attention. Why should anyone think that they will?

The nanny state supplies the funds, which it gets from us. After that, the nanny bureaucrats can be ignored by the poor.

No one likes being nagged. Everyone likes free food.

“We hope that people on food stamps will make good decisions about how to use those benefits,” Goodman of HHSC said. “But that ability, of course, can be greatly affected by where you live. Many people on food stamps don’t have access to convenient transportation, and some live in neighborhoods that don’t have a store offering a good selection of healthy foods at a reasonable price,” she said. “That creates double the challenge when trying to put healthy meals on the table.”

Nag, nag, nag. Subsidize, subsidize, subsidize. This is the welfare state, as administered by the white upper middle class.

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14 thoughts on “Free Food Delivered to Your Door, If You’re on Food Stamps

  1. I love America. The more gov try to impoverish us the more we find a way to fight it. Profiting from the state's welfare programs is the logical step seeing that the state is in everything. God bless capitalism. God bless America.

  2. I have been dying to repeat this great idea for quite a while….How would this bunch of spending freaks would like IF every tax payer just plain don't turn in taxes on April 15th…We just may have to get really tough on this government to protect ourselves.

  3. The dictator's agenda is to use food stamps and welfare to turn the majority of Americans (and illegal aliens) into brain-dead zombies, sitting on the couch watching TV, with no idea what's going on in our country. That way he can do what he wants and no one will object, due to no incentive or ambition to do so. Just the way he wants it!! Didn't you ever wonder why he ignores any suggestions that might improve the economy and create jobs?? Almost four years now, and a long string (hundreds) of "executive orders" which he thinks are laws….and who will argue?? Just take the check and the food stamp card and watch some more TV!!! I wonder why the House of Representatives is not reacting??? It's a disaster and very discouraging!! He's turning America into a 3rd world country….how do you like it????

  4. VoiceOfReason says:

    Day before yesterday we stopped by the local Wal-Mart to buy a couple of items. The woman ahead of us didn't look like a welfare case (dressed nicely in expensive clothes) but she was paying for most of her purchases with a SNAP card and was having some difficulty figuring how to use it. After she left and the cashier rang us up, I made a snide comment about the well-dressed woman using the SNAP card. The cashier said that she had an even worse case earlier–the woman used her SNAP card to get a bag of ice and wanted the balance of the $100 in cash. All the while she was talking with a friend about how much she loved her new Mercedes.

  5. Bill in NC says:

    Don't forget those who eat this garbage also tend not to be compliant with doctor's orders after they develop diabetes, hypertension, etc. due to their high-calorie, nutritionally-poor diet.

    Which is why when your loved one has an accidental injury you'll be waiting behind them for hours in the ER while their acute, but completely avoidable medical crisis is treated.

  6. And the liberals can't understand why middle America is getting furious with the lib's giveaways while expecting working people to support the SNAP lifestyle?

  7. Well, in Tennessee, this isn't happening. And, it's called EBT not SNAP, & the department you get them through still calls it 'food stamps'. And, it's illegal to buy anything non food with them, plus you can't buy anything that has been freshly cooked. You can buy it cold, but not hot. Don't know where this is happening, but it's not happening here. Here though, go to a local grocery store, & see the buggy loads of food that illegals walk out with, plus they have WIC to get free milk, free baby formula, free cereals, free diapers, etc.

  8. Well, IF Obama keeps going, & by some method is RE elected, that won't be a problem, because most people won't have jobs, or a way to get there if they do have one. When the money is gone, no more food stamps, etc. Then maybe we'll see all of the freeloaders protesting at the WH! I get food stamps, but I recently retired, plus have worked for the last 46 years of my life, paying INTO the tax system, so don't feel bad about getting them. I have very high medical expenses, since no insurance, & 2 more years before I can apply for Medicare. I get under $200 a month, & work part time when my health allows me to. Plus my social security that I draw, I worked for, & paid into the system for. Sadly though, I only get $830, so not going to have an easy time of it. But, I am also glad to have anything coming in! People who don't, or haven't, worked enough to get SS, should NOT be allowed to draw.

  9. Yep, or be behind a young woman buying $1 t.v. dinners for her kids, & complaining about the cost, but also buying a 12 pack of Michelob, plus a carton of cigs! I get food stamps, but don't drive a Mercedes, nor wear expensive clothes. But, I worked for 46 years of my life before I retired last year. But, I went from making $1700 a month to making $830 a month, plus have no insurance, 2 years before I can get Medicare, so have high medical expenses. I was going to keep working part time, but due to health problems, can only do that once in a great while. I don't feel bad about getting them, nor do I have a problem with people who actually DO need them, just the deadbeats who have found a way to cheat & get them.

  10. Chas the farmer says:

    NH is pretty much the same way, nothing but food items although you can buy lobsta and steaks.

  11. Bill in NC says:

    There are EBT cards for whatever cash benefits that particular state offers as well.

    Those can be spent on anything the recipient pleases.

    Not all EBT cards are for food stamps.

  12. It's SUPPOSED to be a federal law, but some states do it anyway. I've seen articles about BARS letting people use food stamps to drink, & other stuff like that. IF you are having to have food stamps to be able to afford to buy food, then you should NOT be allowed to be things like alcohol, cigarettes, or things like that. And, I saw a story where up in Rhode Island, a lady got fired from the convenience store she worked at for refusing to let a man buy beer with his food stamps. I mentioned it to the clerk at the grocery store I use, & she said it's supposed to be a federal law, but I don't know if it is or not. And, I can buy lobsta & steaks, if I wanted to, but, it would use most of my stamps up for just one meal, around here anyway. I love lobster, but I also want to be able to eat more than once or twice a month too. LOL! People have no sense about things, & the government keeps encouraging it. Both our political parties are determined to keep as many of us dependent on them, instead of being responsible adults. That's one reason a lot of people are opting to home school these days too. Kids aren't taught anything about being responsible, or honest, or that there ARE consequences to bad behavior. I don't know what the answer is to try to overcome these problems, but I do know what the answer ISN'T~MORE government!

  13. Yeah, you're right. If they draw SSI, or a welfare check the money can be put on their card too. I still say though that stores should bar people who have food stamps from buying beer & cigs, at least if they do that while buying food. Of course, that would be hard to control, but it really irks me that I worked & payed taxes in for years for these deadbeats to do this stuff. I have no problem helping people who really need it, but those are usually the ones that can't get any help.

  14. To all of you that think ONLY deadbeats get assistance then YOU tell Grandma and Grandpa after paying all their lives that they can't have it because they are deadbeats and you need a new car. All you whining freaks will be the 1st ones down there to get them if you have an accident or have the audacity to get old.