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“Welcome, Illegal Immigrants!”

Written by Gary North on August 6, 2012

If you wonder why the U.S. border is a sieve, consider this. An ICE Immigration and Customs) agent arrested an illegal immigrant in Delaware. The immigrant had a string of traffic violations. The ICE bureaucracy not only released him, it threatened to suspend the agent for three days.

This has landed the ICE into trouble with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Sen. Sessions has demanded that the ICE explain itself.

The agent was told by his superior to release the man. Reason: the man was not a “priority target.” It is not clear what constitutes a priority target.

The officer complained. He was then threatened with a 3-day suspension.

So, the illegal immigrant went free. This upset local police, who wanted to arrest the guy for the traffic violations. The police department said any American with that many violations — at least 10 — would have been jailed.

Sen. Sessions wrote a letter to the ICE. “Federal law enforcement should certainly not be giving illegal aliens more preferential treatment that is afforded American citizens. Your agency’s apparent treatment of the criminal alien sends the troubling message that the demands of public safety are trumped by the desire for reduced deportations of those deemed ‘not presidential priorities.”

Every bureaucrat wants to avoid exposure. This is bad publicity for the agency. It will now have to stonewall Sen. Sessions. This will be fairly easy. But it is an annoyance. It’s not that Sen. Sessions has the power to do anything about it. The ICE is under the President. Sessions is a Republican. The President is not.

Sessions is demanding that ICE provide a detailed account of the events involving the agent along with an explanation of why the illegal alien was released and allowed to pose a threat to public safety.

Sessions will come up empty on this.

Word is that other ICE agents are really upset by the whole affair. This could cause the supervisor problems. What he did was of course fully understandable. Arresting someone requires filling out forms. It requires a process. The supervisor wanted to avoid all this. He wants his paycheck, not a lot of forms to fill out. It’s not easy to deport an illegal alien. It’s better to limit arrests to “priority targets,” undefined.

If he gets reprimanded, it will be because he got bad publicity for the ICE, not because he had the illegal released. The goal of every bureaucracy is to avoid bad publicity.

The union has now gotten involved on the side of the agent. That will put the supervisor in jeopardy. The hierarchy wants no conflict with the union.

The union representative asked this: “If a law enforcement officer can’t perform routine enforcement functions, what do we have a law enforcement agency for?”

Answer: to provide lifetime employment for senior bureaucrats, with a minimal amount of risk or paperwork. It’s just like any other bureaucracy.

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5 thoughts on ““Welcome, Illegal Immigrants!”

  1. ……not to mention that this arrestee will probably vote as a Democrat.

  2. delmar jackson says:

    I am a democrat,an environmenatlist, a believer in unions and am liberal on many issues.
    Immigration opened my eyes. I beleive we would be better as a nation with less immigration, better economically,environmentally and socially. However,, those special intersts that benefit from immigration, both legal and illegal are so numerous and cover the political spectrum from left to right, it is impossible to even have a debate on the issue.
    The only answer I see is to go to numbersusa, find the voting record of your local officials, and vote the weasels out, regardless of party.

  3. delmar jackson says:

    If anyone is interested, they might want to read Ricardo Charles book he wrote this year. Ricardo is a 31 year veteran of the construction industry in texas. His book is titled " Mexican cliques in texas construction". Ricardo documents, at risk to his own life, how organized gangs have taken over the Tecas construction industry and no longer hire native born white or black American, only hispanics willing to pay a bribe to get a job and a weekly bribe to keep the job netting millions of dollars for the gangs.
    NOT ONE person in the emdia or governmemnt will talk about this book or subject. I have seen the same eveil spreading to other industries and ststes, and with my own eyes here in South Florida at two construction sites.
    His book is on Amazon. Ask yourself, why is this story being silenced? Why haven't you heard about it? why are you going to ignore it and not pass it on?

  4. Not only the voting record for local officials. You need to go much higher. Lot more weasels up there.

  5. You impress me as a Liberatarian, not a Liberal. I am a Conservative Liberatarian. So glad your an American and thank you for the lead on the book by Ricardo Charles. I will look for it, sounds like history my kids need to know.