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Handcuffed Man Shoots Himself in the Head in the Back of a Police Car

Written by Gary North on August 3, 2012

In what must be regarded as the ultimate reverse Houdini escape in recent history, a man who had been arrested, handcuffed behind his back, and shoved into the back seat of a police car somehow got free, somehow got a gun that the arresting officers had missed, and shot himself in the head.

You can find out about this amazing escape here.

The police are baffled.

My recommendation: if you ever get arrested, handcuffed, and put in the back of a police car, tell the officer about your concealed handgun before you try to get loose. Don’t let yourself be tempted to get out of double-locked handcuffs in order to get your gun to do away with yourself on the way to police headquarters. It’s much better to wait until you get to the station house. That will really create bad publicity for the entire police department, not just one policeman.

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14 thoughts on “Handcuffed Man Shoots Himself in the Head in the Back of a Police Car

  1. Well apparently the arrestee was not black, and the arresting officers were not white. If they were, Al Sharpton woulod be pounding his chest and calling this murder.

  2. Hmm , amazing ! I somehow have to suspect something amiss here . The average person , unless very practiced and having some sort of device to take off the double lock and either shim the locking cam or pick the lock itself , cannot get out of a pair of handcuffs except by shear dumb luck . If I were a department investigator or Internal Affairs investigator , I would be looking at this one very carefully and with great suspicion .

  3. "Just as every cop is a criminal/And all the sinners saints/When heads is tails just call me Lucifer/'Cause I'm in need of some restraint…." (Mick Jagger, 1968)

  4. Knowledge is Power says:

    Getting free from handcuffs is easy if you have a universal handcuff key either sewn into your clothing or concealed in a wrist band. Clearly the cop didn't do a proper search and/or assumed once cuffed, the suspect was 'subdued'.

  5. oldgringo says:

    Maybe the gun was a plant…..No….That would be unheard of!

  6. There is as much likelihood that he was able to kill himself in these circumstances, as that invisible space aliens came and did it. Apply Occam's razor. The cop killed this guy.

  7. Getting your handcuffed-hands from behind your back to in front of you is easy. You don't need to remove the handcuffs.

  8. Dorsett Bennett says:

    The cop killed him. Sutekh, the first poster, is an idiot. The guy that was killed was indeed black. We do not know the color of the policeman, although he was probably white. I do not like Al Sharpton either. I remember the case of the black girl who claimed she was raped by a group of white men, when nothing at all had happened. I feel like Gary North's last comment was both inappropriate and unprofessional. For the record, I am a 59-year-old retired white lawyer.

  9. In any case, one less court docket.

  10. Dr. Duncan Druhl says:

    For decades cops have carried one or two weapons for their use and in urban settings a “drop gun”, always available in case it was necessary to provide the (often dead by now) suspect with a means and presumed intent for attacking the arresting officer – which is why the perp is now laid out.

    This smells a lot like one of those uses of hidden arms. I doubt there would be a coroner report if it can be quashed, so we’ll never get the details of powder burns and spray, wrist chafing from the cuffs, or details of the (probably de-serial-numbered or non-registered) gun that was used.

    Nothing new here, folks. Just move on. It’s all Chinatown.

  11. wnettles says:

    Suicide by cop. Keep the line moving, nothing to see here.

  12. Deepizzaguy says:

    How do you spell head? B O N E head. -Moe Howard.

  13. Darwin Award Winner…Another Idiot that has successfully weeded himself out of the gene pool…Congratulations…

  14. East Texas says:

    A thump was heard? My gun does not make a thump sound, it makes a very loud pop. Me thinks someone is lying!