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Flash Mob Video Forces Maryland Authorities to Do Nothing

Written by Gary North on August 3, 2012

Maryland authorities are taken a bold approach to fighting flash mob looting: staying out of it.

While police forces across the nation prove impotent in doing anything about flash mob violence, Maryland’s strategic new move has caught other states flat-footed.

The bad public relations associated with doing nothing has embarrassed other states. Maryland’s authorities have nipped this in the bud. They are doing nothing as a matter of policy. This way, they will not be embarrassed.

The new policy came in response to this video of a crowd of looters in a 7-11 store.

The video revealed that some looters attended a local high school. They were still wearing school uniforms.

This normally would have forced the hands of the police. But the local prosecutors decided this could blow up in their faces if nobody was caught. So, they decided not to investigate the incident.

After reviewing the surveillance video, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office opted not to pursue criminal charges in the case saying not every conflict warrants them.

This is consistent with the outlook of the state legislature.

A bill to toughen the punishments for this kind of crime failed to pass in Maryland’s last legislative session. Del. Jeff Waldstreicher of Montgomery County says he plans to reintroduce the bill again in the next session.

Lots of luck, Jeff. But don’t get your hopes up.

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35 thoughts on “Flash Mob Video Forces Maryland Authorities to Do Nothing

  1. Just part of the "New World Order" folks. No story here. Move along.

  2. Simon Bolivar says:

    Business owners there's a simple solution; Lock and load and fire at Will and Jane and Rastus…

  3. sean murry says:

    These kids need to get something to do besides make fools of themselves.

  4. They should be arrested……just a bunch of thug s

  5. When one of these thugs gets shot and the revmmmmmm Al wrings his racist hands in front of the tv camera the police will then step in and arrest the shooter. This is the scum of the earth and they should be put in cages and studied to see if genetic modification would work on the women and men that breed them .theyssssss is all good chillrens

  6. All the decades of lies about coexistence, peaceful understanding, centuries old guilt, etc etc. Voted with my wallet and feet leaving area like this with vermin like these. It will never get better, and i almost feel sorry for the hipsters who 'urban homestead' who'll face these crowds after november tallies announced. And the beat goes on. When entitlements are decreased, or eligibility tightened, what scenes we'll see, from a safe distance.

  7. kenny9876 says:

    These vermin are the natural consequence of Great Society and Obama welfare programs that have destroyed the black family and made illegitimacy the norm in the black "community." Naturally, this is Obama's constituency and he wants to keep the benefits flowing so they'll show up at the polls.

    This was all part of a calculated plan. Lyndon Johnson's aim was to make blacks dependent on government and make them reliable Democrat voters. In the era of Obama, the fact that a major segment of the black community is dysfunctional is then used to re-make the whole political and economic system. In other words, the black tail wags the societal dog. Our society is being remade because of a dysfunctional 13% of it. It's time for taxpayers to wake up and take control.

  8. They do by exsample. White house thugs have been doing this the last 3 1/2 years. The White House should be audited before they leave.

  9. Well stated. Taking control has many steps, some individual, some collective.
    Remember which store had which 2008 election poster. Avoid the wrong one with your purchases.
    Likewise, which corporations support these persons, their activists and apologists. Look it up, do not buy from them.
    Do NOT hire anyone who resembles even faintly, these cretins. Church members excepted (not likely in this case).
    Have a needed skill? Avoid using if possible in one of these 'communities'. Intending here health care, why waste it on entitlement medicaid trash. Lets wait for media crying about few(er) healthcare workers in these 'communities'.
    Possible maybe to work full or part time away from Pharoah's tax collectors radar.

  10. Let thugs such as these try this below the Mason-Dixon Line, we won't Marylandize them!

  11. This is getting to be typical of the administration's resolve. And they think that this is not an embarrassment? The police forces, in effect, are saying that they are impotent. The populace needs to get a grip on the realities of the fact that the Police Forces of today are becoming nothing more than secretaries, reporting crimes after the fact. The concept of a pro-active police response to pending issues is becoming less of a tactic in police procedure. The legal,taxpaying,voting citizens need to get mad, damn mad at the complacency that is permeating our law enforcement agencies and demand accountability or removal of its administrators from their respective positions.

  12. I wonder how many stores will go out of business or move operations to other states in the face of this. One job of the police force is to protect the property of law abiding citizens. If the police don't do this, and it's against the law for the store owner to do so, how will they stay in business? I'm so glad bands of criminal thugs including young illegal aliens (Obama has given them amnesty with a recent exec order to release them prior to seeing a judge or being processed if no criminal background… well how will they get a criminal background if they are not even processed?! ) will be free to rove around doing flash mob robberies.

  13. You and kenny9876 are exactly what's wrong with society today. I'm not even going to bother rebutting your statements. It's not worth my time, since selfish cretins like you two never seem to get off your ivory towers and view things from a normal person's perspective.

  14. I'm guessing after a few years of this, a store clerk gets shot and the State Atty Genl (does he report to Holder?) will still say 'not every crime requires charges be pressed.' We are slowly having our country stolen from us and turned over to illegal immigrants and the Entitlement Army. I'm guessing these 'flash mobs' occur every day, but the media has been instructed not to report them.
    Why "Flash Mob"? is that a PC correct way of calling it what it is? Looting! Don't we shoot looters??

  15. it isn't just the unwed mothers, it is mostly the haters like jackson ,sharpton, waters ,farocon, wright, lee, the black cacus and all the others that teach the children to hate

  16. Some stores will close, or move physically or get an internet presence. Little known fact that 'shrinkage' (theft) need only reach a critical point when the stores margin becomes too thin.
    Media article in NYC paper described ever decreasing numbers of once ubiquitous Korean owned grocery stores. Largest, by overwhelming degree were in 'those' neighborhoods. The writer lamented this, as 'less choice for X neighborhood'.
    Guess what was the main causal factor?
    Some sold, reopened in better neighborhood(s) and thrived. Others sold/left and bought real estate in the better areas. Sent their kids to medical/dental/engineering schools.
    Think they will ever return to the 'hood'?

  17. Right, but cannot seem to teach them difficult concepts, like arithmetic, reading, spelling, working, parenting, drug avoidance…

  18. Whoops–Maryland IS below the Mason-Dixon line. It separates Maryland from Pennsylvania. But we get your point.

  19. "Some sold, reopened in better neighborhood(s) and thrived. Others sold/left and bought real estate in the better areas. Sent their kids to medical/dental/engineering schools. "

    And the achievements of the (often newly-arrived) Asians continue to embarrass the black population. Particularly when they're shoving their noses in it in the very neighborhoods in which blacks failed so spectacularly.

    I read a newspaper article about 15 years ago in the Portland Oregonian. In it, it was revealed that the average GPA of black males in the Portland public high schools (about 600 young men) was 1.7. Can you imagine? I didn't think it was possible to get a 1.7 in a US public high school ( I mean, we're not talking academically rigorous), much less have that be the AVERAGE of 600 pupils. Q: What kind of preparation for life does a 1.7 in an American public school represent? Does it even indicate full literacy? Unless the blacks can turn this around, they're absolutely dead in the water. And Portland has to be one of the nicest, cleanest major cities in the US. We're not talking Baltimore, or DC, or Chicago, or St. Louis, or…

    Another, more recent article, same paper: It appears that gentrification in previously predominantly black neighborhoods in Portland has forced many residents to move–higher property values, I guess, with concurrent higher rents. The story is that of a black church still in the neighborhood which now runs a shuttle service to collect all the far-flung members for Sunday service. What really stuck in my craw was the pastor saying he was driving all the way out to Gresham (15 miles) and beyond to get "God's people". Maybe he didn't mean it in such an exclusionary sense, after all, pastors tend to be a bombastic lot and black pastors especially, but I couldn't help but be a little insulted. When we meet in Glory, I'll remind him of his little slight.

  20. ccfonten says:

    And just what is a "normal person's perspective" on a bunch stealing thugs? Are we supposed to sit back and take it? Or are we not allowed to stand up to these cretins and tell them what their mama's obviously never taught them! Like stealing is wrong. And it is against the law. What happened to working hard and doing well in school so that you can get a decent job to make a decent living for yourself.
    Just because a business is making money, does NOT give these cretins/brats/thugs the right to take from them and not pay for it! These thugs need to be in jail!

  21. ccfonten says:

    In a word: NO! Nor should they just because they are black, in poverty or on welfare!
    Why would they? These businesses are not in business to lose money, they need to make a living as well in order to pay for the thugs' welfare checks!
    I we quit working, who is going to pay for their welfare????????

  22. kenny9876 says:

    I can understand why you won't respond because you are a moron and have no counter-arguments. In the 1960s, leftists diverted attention from the problem by saying conservatives, or even liberals like Daniel Patrick Moynihan (an eminent sociologist and, later, U.S. Senator) were "blaming the victim." Since then, the welfare state has created millions more children of broken homes lacking a mother and a father. If ever social dissertation had a political cause it was the destruction of the black family (and a lot of white ones as well) by the so-called “Great Society.” Read Charles Murray's "Losing Ground" to learn that black illegitimacy was actually lower than white illegitimacy in the 1940s. What caused the sea change? The Great Society, of course, which allowed fathers to avoid their responsibilities and the mothers to collect from the government. It was an insidious dowered spiral after that, of which the flash mob is just the latest manifestation. Alan Ladd would have been ashamed of you.

  23. kenny9876 says:

    Having grown up in Gary, Indiana, I can testify to the effect of such lawlessness on an economic community. Today, Gary, a city of about 90,000 (half of its 1970 population), has virtually no supermarkets or other commercial establishments of any size or prominence. Those that open are subject to crime and vandalism. Honest residents have to drive miles to shop. This is what liberalism has wrought.

  24. Not sure of Maryland laes, but here in MY state, store owners and employees CAN legally carry weapons whilst on their own premises. Can't shoot to "protect property", but the instant that mob attacked the staff, they were in immediate, plausible, danger of serious bodily harm.. therefore justified in firing. A few rounds fired at their attackers on a few occasions would go a long way to turn the "reward" of this behaviour to too high a price to pay for their "fun". My guess is, though, Maryland has some strict laws would make this impossible. I'm waiting for some store owner somewhere to make this happen, having carefully researched the laws of his area, and doing it in full compliance. Two or three flash mob attacks ending up with some shot up perps would make this a thing of the past.

    another take.. store owners need to install high quality video surveilance, such that high resolution images of the perps can be had… then, go pound on the prosecutor's door until criminal charges get filed against those positively idenntified. If he refuses, impeach him for dereliction of duty. Then,, file civil suits against those ideitified and found guilty of crime, to restore the loss… sure, they're broke, but that debt, levied by the court as damages, can follow them for decades, making it a very stupid "life choice" to mob a store. Shoplifting is NOT a free ride. Until it is punished, it will continue. Fact is, I'd be all over that prosecutor until he changes his mind about not filing charges….. the crimes are real, and are documented. Time to put a stop to it.

  25. kenny9876 says:

    Another good book to read: "Losing the Race," by John McWhorter, a black linguist who teaches at UC Berkeley. McWhorter is one of the few honest black intellectuals who tells it like it is. He describes the anti-intellectual and anti-educational ethos that pervades much of the black community. A black friend of mine who taught physics and cehmistry was often accused of "acting white" because he asked his students to do homework. Horrors! Similar attacks are made against black students who work hard.
    Instead you have race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton blaming everyone else for the plight of the black community.
    Their whole way of life and incomes are dependent on maintaining his victimology. On a positive note, there are growing numbers of blacks who get it and understand the negative role the welfare state has had on the black community., but they are still a minority against those who feed off the welfare system.

  26. Newark riots in 1965 eliminated all supermarkets (burn baby burn). ONE was opened again, in the 1990's with bars on the windows, security guards and promise from the city for low taxes for a period.
    Only one still there. Schools likewise unreported on till each february 'history month' when the few graduates under 6 ft. photographed at some 'pride' event. Thanks taxpayers…hey where'd they go……..

  27. Thugs pretty much run Baltimore City. Anyone who can, has already left. The city has no tax base to speak of and receives about 58 cents of every dollar paid in taxes throughout the whole state of Maryland. It's a sinkhole entitlement zone. Even the Inner Harbor has lost it's appeal as a tourist attraction.

  28. "They" will never turn it around. The face of Healthcare, Technology, Education, Charity, and taxpayers will always look far different than 'theirs'. And those faces are increasingly farther and farther (jurisdictionally) away.
    Pastors of those churches do have an almost thankless task. Declining membership, and those who remain are ageing out. Look at "The Word" cable channel, over four dozen widely located churches.
    Prison ministry thrives, some almost up to half of the moslem ones, different agendas however.
    Remember in November.

  29. Maryland you can not carry. This state is run by Democrates and it's corrupt. They are more for the crimmal than the victim. If a store clerk shoots one of these kids he better have in on video that his life was in danger. This is black teens and nothing happens to them. As you could see they assaulted the manager that should have been an assault report. Warning to anyone thinking of moving to Md. DON'T. I'm lookiing to moving out before all the illegals come as they are welcome with open arms. This is a welfare state all workers and jobs are leaving.

  30. but obama passed a law that you can not displane a black child .so just shoot them and be done withit or move out of neighboor hood

  31. Scotty Moore says:

    I am not sure if this is legal, but, would it not make sense to get the employees and innocent bystanders out of the store, lock the doors, then systematically arrest everyone participating in the riot?

  32. It's the "Progressive" Governor, Legislature, Mayors & Police Chiefs who are the fools. The kids are criminals. The citizens have the right (and indeed obligation) to take control of these hooligans. They are NOT just innocent children having fun.

  33. Once upon a time Merchants sold their wares on the streets, from push carts. Possibly one of the reasons that push carts went out of business was because people could grab items and run down the street with them.

    In the future many Merchants will have their wares show cased behind computer controlled barriers. A customer will need to pay for the item prior to obtaining it. I've heard that this system already exists in some States were pilfering became too costly.

    Alternately the buyers will be limited to a vestibule, where they can ask for items or have them delivered to a chute by a computer controlled "Go Getter" – after they pay for the item.

    A Flash Mob could steal from the Consumer, sure, but now it's a crime with a human victim, rather than a Corporate entity.

    There are ways around these kids…. and Merchants who want to remain in business will use them. Maryland's Government has abdicated its responsibility. Merchants will not sustain losses.

    Naturally Consumers will pay for this security in terms of increased prices. No such thing as a Free Lunch.

  34. Couple of problems with this solution.

    1. The Flash Mob participants could whine about "false imprisonment". You're holding them as a private citizen. I am sure that some Ambulance Chaser would be glad to line his or her pockets with Attorney Fees by suing the owner of the Establishment who "locks the doors" on the wrong kid.

    2. How do you separate "innocent bystanders" from the Flash Mob? By age? By race? About the only sure fire way would be to examine their Cell Phones for Texts that indicate that they were a member of the Flash Mob, and what if they were an innocent bystander who got the Text, showed up at the store to buy something and got caught?

    3. What is to stop any member of the Flash Mob from claiming "I was going to buy this"? I think in most locales to be convicted of shoplifting you have to either conceal the item on your person or be found with the item outside of the Store. This plays into Items #1 and #2 – how can you prove that someone was shoplifting?

    To me the best solution, after putting some of these hooligans through the Legal Justice System, is separating them from the Goods. They pay, they get. Otherwise they are loitering and can disappear.

  35. It's not the police……the police are more than capable of rounding up these thugs and arresting them, they know their job and are good at it. The problem stems from the Mayor and State's Attorney……..they will not prosecute the crime. Without prosecution, what's to be done? Crime is out of control in Baltimore and the responsibility rests with the Mayor…..she controls the police and she has effectively shackled them. Baltimore is not alone, this is typical of most urban areas controlled by liberals, ……. a wasteland with no tax base, administered by incompetent, ineffectual, and usually corrupt politicians whose policies exacerbate the problems and drive the locality deeper into the ground.