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Catholic Hospitals vs. Obamacare

Written by Gary North on August 3, 2012

Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, rammed Obamacare through the House of Representatives. Lots of Catholic House members voted for it. The law forces Catholic-run hospitals to provide free contraceptives to every woman who wants them and who is covered under the law. Almost 50 million women are.

In the Senate, the story was repeated.

These people “voted their consciences,” and their consciences were opposed to official Catholic doctrine.

There were no church sanctions brought against these politicians. The bishops honored their consciences, too. Their consciences said, “Don’t bring sanctions. Don’t enforce doctrine.”

The cardinals looked at this refusal of the bishops to enforce church doctrine, and they decided to keep quiet, also for conscience’s sake.

The Pope stayed quiet, t0o, for conscience’s sake.

Apparently, they all hold to Martin Luther’s view of conscience. “Here, we sit. We can do no other.”

On August 1, the rule requiring free contraceptives went into effect for secular hospitals, but not religious ones. The latter have a year to comply.

A fight has begun on the campus of Georgetown University, which runs a hospital. It is a Catholic institution.

Hundreds of Georgetown students — non-Catholics — now demand that the new rules be followed. They have a lot of fornicating to do, and they want their free contraceptives. After all, what’s college all about, if not fornicating?

Every one of them could be expelled tomorrow. The university could simply return their tuition money. But it’s a matter of conscience, and the hierarchy of the university, being Jesuit, is now operationally Lutheran. Also, tuition is tuition.

The law gives churches and religious institutions a one-year reprieve. The hammer will not come down on the hospital yet.

The way out: drop health insurance coverage. It’s called “fee for service.”

“This law puts women and their doctors, not insurance companies or the government, in charge of health care decisions,” U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said.

No, the law puts Ms. Sebelius in charge. It puts the federal government in charge.

Catholic Church leaders have come down hard on Georgetown, which unlike the Catholic University of America across town is not controlled by the bishops. Georgetown’s president, John DeGioia, repeatedly urged tolerance as congressional testimony by then-law student Sandra Fluke and a later graduation day speech by Sebelius thrust the school onto the national stage.

“Part of Catholic identity is to be in union with the bishops,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan told CBS earlier this year, adding that it is the government’s “intrusion that bothers us. It’s not the contraception.”

As a Protestant, I do not understand. The bishops are in union with Mrs. Pelosi on this issue. She is still a member in good standing.

Because the bishops don’t enforce the doctrine on Catholic members of Congress, Protestants assume that Mrs. Pelosi has enforced her doctrine on the bishops. That’s the way Protestants think. Protestants decide whose doctrine is being enforced in terms of whose sanctions are being enforced: the hierarchy’s or the laity’s.

The laity control the purse. It’s pretty clear whose doctrine is being enforced.

“Most of us in the pews are actually using contraception,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, an advocacy group that backs women’s reproductive rights.

That is certainly clear enough to Protestants. I do not see why Cardinal Dolan does not understand this. It is certainly clear to the Archdiocese of Washington.

Jane Belford, chancellor for the Archdiocese of Washington, told Reuters the church has not pressured Georgetown or other schools to take further action.

Georgetown’s DeGioia declined to be interviewed for this story, but a spokeswoman for the university, Stacy Kerr, said in an email, “We believe the best route to resolve this is through the regulatory process at HHS and that is the path we are pursuing.”

Here is how it works: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

Nearly 800 students signed an open letter to DeGioia urging the school to comply on Aug. 1. More than 100 others signed an open letter against implementing the rule.

“He’s in a complicated political situation,” said one Georgetown law professor who asked not to be named, fearing possible university retaliation. “There is a dance that has to be done with the church and the students.”

The students are calling the tune: 800 to 100. The men with the funny hats are not.

This is why Obamacare got through Congress.  Catholic members had the votes to stop it. Instead, they voted for it.

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45 thoughts on “Catholic Hospitals vs. Obamacare


  2. The "Affordable Health Care Act" was NEVER about getting healthcare to the American people. It was all about holding healthcare hostage by controlling all the moneys spent on it, so as to be able to deprive Americans of healthcare if they refuse to kow-two to the federal government. Why do you think that Obama has signed executive orders giving him authority to seize control of the entire food supply of the U.S.? Hint: it isn't to improve distribution and availability of food to ALL Americans.

  3. sean murry says:

    Botox face is no catholic nor is Kerry they are fakes.

  4. They will all be judged, that is a fact!
    But not to worry, I’m calling it right now, Obama will loose big to Mitt and we will take control of the senate. So Obama communist care won’t even matter!! Nov 2nd is rt around the corner people ;))

  5. "Hundreds of Georgetown students — non-Catholics — now demand that the new rules be followed. They have a lot of fornicating to do, and they want their free contraceptives. After all, what’s college all about, if not fornicating?"

  6. defender3 says:

    Where ever the winds blows the Democrats follow if it will attract voters.

  7. The basic point is that if a woman wants to take contraception that is between her and God. But, it is not the province of government to dictate that any entity must pay (give) contraception to her. She can pay for it herself. Ditto abortion. Any Catholic who votes for O'Bama is a fool, for many reasons.

  8. The Cardinal doesn't understand because young boyz can't get pregnant ! A most disgusting excuse for a religion. The Catholic Church has lost it's way. They are out of touch and still moving away. They are no longer the Church I was born into. Depravity has it's price and they will pay for their sin's.

  9. So, does that mean Obama is truly a Christian? Does he believe ALL the truth's that Jesus revealed. I think you know the answer. He calls himself Christian. Pelosi calls herself Catholic. Pelosi is not a Catholic, she, by her own actions, publically, has excommunicated herself out of the Church that has its lineage all the way back to the apostles.

  10. Ever last bit of your paragraph is absolute hogwash. The government isn't controlling "all the moneys" spent on it, nor is there going to be any seizing of the entire food supply. Republican scare tactics – the basis of the entire party.

  11. LOL is right – Gary North is completely laughable. 😛 Obviously doesn't realize that "the pill" is a hormone regulator, preventing or lessening cramps, acne and mood swings.

  12. AlfromFl says:

    The Catholic Church is based on law and while the Bishops and Cardinals can teach and show the way, (as Christ did), they don't force one – you have free will. The so-called catholics in congress, while claiming the faith, do not practise it and are not in good standing in the Church. Perhaps they have made the choice for poltical power over their Faith. The Magisterium of the Catholic Church, in my view, should be more vocal about their standing but then what does it serve if it doesn't help save the soul of the person? The catholic democrats in congress spoke for themselves (and maybe their constituents) not for the Church.

  13. chameleon751 says:

    I hope you remember your words when things get really bad and the government does start taking more and more control. That is exactly what has been happening for many years and not just under the democrats. What we have in Congress are people who use their power just because they can, not because they want to do what is right for all.

  14. oldtimered says:

    According to Pope Leo Xlll Satan asked for and was given the 20th century to destroy the Church. His power is coming to an end, will the bishops and the people allow the continuation of lax enforcement of the Code of Canon Law that automatically excommunicates anyone who assists or promotes abortion. I believe some Bishop's have brought this up and told politicians and lay people they have to get to confession and get right with the Church before recieving any other sacraments.. Some Bishop's have stopped politicians from recieving Holy Communion, as have some priests. The 20th century is over, but the battle is in place and not over. Pray for the USA. Pray for the Holy Catholic Church.

  15. there is no intelligent reason why christians,jews,blacks and military should claim to be democrats the two views are complete opposites

  16. You have it right, Abutom! All these so called Catholics (CINO) will answer to God on judgement day. He will say,"What didn't you understand about "Thou Shall Not KIll" when it comes to MY human creations? I am not happy with the spineless leaders in the Catholic church (I am Catholic). God help us when all that matters is money and convenience when it comes to the destiny oh helpless babies that were designed individually by our creator. All of these people will pay for their actions for all eternity!

  17. Shane;
    Not scare tactics, or hogwsh, just reading Obama's words. He wrote the order which says he can seize the food supply. Republicans didnt write it. So how is that hogwash? Why did he sign it if he says he will never use it?
    Please explain this before you accuse someone of scare tactics.

    And the Conservative basis is not scare tactics, it is follow the Constitution, as written; take personal responsibility for your success or failure; get the FREE education your are offered for 12 years, and then receive the life long benefits you EARNED by your work; recognize personal and State's rights enumerated and established in the Constitution.

  18. Shane, Shame you're drinking the Kool Aid. The ACA was only about getting control of the financing of healthcare. As with most bills, they call it something like "Motherhood & Apple Pie". It had nothing to do with access – no one is refused care in the US, even illegal immigrants. Worst case, they are transferred to a county hospital. It had nothing to do with affordability.
    Those not paying premiums of fees still won't. Mandated insurance coverage for those who didn't need it will provide the money to allow CMS to pay less. And yes, Virginia, there will be 'panels' that decide on what care you can get. Just like Obama took over college school loans, taking the banks out of the picture – the Federal Government will deicde who can go to college for free. Three guesses who that will be. (Those on welfare Illegals Immigrants and Union workers children)

  19. CesarFStoll says:

    Yes. There are many self-described "Catholics" all of them baptized as Catholics, that follow the wrong path. Sometimes because they miscalculate what true charity really is, but most of the times, specially in the case of the politicians like Pelosi, Kennedy, or others; because they see opportunity for advancement of their venom and evil. They become pro-death, defenders of that mockery of marriage known as same-sex marriage, and the path they leave is nothing but destruction.
    Yet, the problem in question is not about Catholics, but about how the doctrine known as collectivist elitism, finds in the Catholic doctrine an enemy they must defeat.
    Of course, by presenting this as a problem of Catholics, the implication is that it does not exist n other Christian denominations, all protestant, or other creeds, including Islam of course. Perhaps they need to be seen with the same proximity Catholics are in order to find the truth behind.
    Obamacare is the problem and the doctrine of the Catholic church is perhaps the tool that needs to be brought forward to understand the depth of the abuse this "mandate" is imposing upon everyone, not just Catholics.
    I suggest not to deviate form the war, because the real war is against that religion that says that there is no other god but the government and that all are to be subjects of their advances, even if they seem just imperceptible but ultimately as damaging as if the bad laws were introduced at once.
    The Catholic church will prevail, because Jesus created it and He made it to last until the end. Two thousand years of triumph, despite so many schisms, defections, scandals, and so on and on and on, testify for the truth about its existence. Bad Catholics there have been at every point in history through the new testament, as there have been bad sheep in the old testament. Christ brought us a new way which is based on truth, love, humility and forgiveness with faith, hope and charity.

  20. Yes, and I'm sure that's what the producers had primarily in mind and why they're taken in the overwhelming majority of cases. C'mon, Shane, you can do better than that.

  21. Just like just because its in the garage doesn't make it a car, a person that says they are Catholic doesn't make them one. Simple way to see it is pick up the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I'm sure none of those in our government that vote against the morals taught in our faith have a copy. There are many " Judas's" in our world, our churches, and even our homes. Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:13 to "enter through the narrrow gate" for the gate is wide and the road wide that leads to destruction and to (verse 15) beware of those who come to you in sheep's clothing, because underneath are ravenous wolves, and that everyone who says (verse21) "Lord, Lord will enter his kingdom, that only the ones that do the will of the Father will enter in. Just me, don't think these "wolves" are doing the will of the Father, at least not the heavenly one.

  22. Catolics your liberal members need to leave the church. You cafeteria catholics make us laughable. Nobody even counts us as christians. Now I know why you go to church pound your chests and then go to communion then back to fighting Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You put your fists in his face and say we know better. Oh then back to church and denounce satan and all his works then after church back to sitting down with him and seeing how you can get an evil agenda voted into this country. Shame on most you catholics you need to ask God for forgiveness and to change your hearts ,souls, bodies and minds. Oh you need to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior then we pray you’ll change those evil hearts. The church needs to throw a lot of there congregations out of the church.

  23. Hey TonyMo, church-state partnerships have ALWAYS been evil…remember it was a church-state partnership that resulted in the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross and many other martyred believers. The Jewish hierarchies were happy with that outcome, but they didn't much like it when the Catholic-state partnership put them on the receiving end for about 1,500 years. Why do we think that the evil of church-state relationships was specifically precluded by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution? They were brilliant men that knew history! The American Republic is dead and the Americans have no one to blame but themselves and their wicked denominational church compromises with the Federal government. I'm sure Americans of all religious persuasions are not going to like being on the receiving end of the Obama's Marxist religious machinations should he be re-elected and be totally unaccountable.

  24. Idylewylde says:

    Nancy Pelosi is not Catholic .. her faith is the WhoreofBabylon.
    The Catholic Church does not go public on its internal affairs ,,, but Pelosi is not in communion with the Catholic Church, nor is Biden, nor was Kennedy.
    They are all frauds.

    There are only two kinds of Cathllics .. Conservative Catholics and Heretics.
    Nancy Pelosi is not Catholic .. she might be Christian, in some pagan christian context, like Apollo and gay lesbian toga parties, but she is not a Nicene Christian. Her words and deeds prove it.

    If a politician lies about their faith, they have no faith.
    If a politician can't keep faith, who in their right mind can trust them?

  25. Adrian Reast says:

    The poor church – they let us down with the cover up for the Priests and they are letting us down again with their non-leadership on the compulsory abortion in Catholic Institutions issue, and it is time they stood up and spoke up or we might as well become the do whatever feels good church – after all rules are discriminatory against some ones vice of choice.

  26. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    I just LOVE the way RWNJ LIARS keep LYING about how the Affordable Care Act was "rammed" through Congress. A year and a half of wrangling and continuous Democratic concessions could only be considered "ramming" if you're using the age of the universe as a guideline. That being said, there is, sadly, nothing in the Constitution prohibiting a religious entity from ramming their religious "principles" down the throat (or into some other orifice) of someone who thinks that the Constitution gives them the right to control what happens to their own body. Oh, wait…

  27. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Your last query then begs this question: Having proven himself a liar many times and to have clearly rejected Jesus' teachings that we should treat others as we would like to be treated, would you vote for Rmoney?

  28. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Yeah, that's right. Jesus was CONSTANTLY professing that the rich should get more wealthy at the expense of the poor who should praise (whomever) for the scraps those wealthy deign to give them ( a.k.a. Reaganomics) and His continuous and unabashed support of war. Unless, of course, one deals with a truly intelligent and educated person who knows what a load of excrement alex wrote and my first sentence there.

  29. Did anyone ever thinks about banishing Piglosi from the church for supporting abortion which kills an estimated 1 million babies per year? She can't be that good of a donor?

  30. Hey Obama or should I call you Der Fuhrer,nobody especially a Kenyan born has the right to tell people what to do. I know you trashed the CONSTITUTION because you hate the U.S.A. Maybe you should have been an abortion and your sidekick Pelosi.Oh I'm fed up with you liberals. You can all go to hell

  31. Idylewylde says:

    You posit a quandry …
    Let's see .. do we re-elect a known liar, theif, and murder (Transparancy, Stimulus, Fast&Furious), or do we elect someone who is a little less questionable?

    My answer is simple. I can't know what I'm getting until I get it .. so I'm into retaliatory voting.
    If Romney proves as bad, or worse, I'll still be into retaliatory voting.
    What I can do is look at the DNC platform … and they are for everything that offends God .. they are militant sinners.
    In comparison, Romney is only a sinner .. not a militant sinner .. probably not much worse than any of the rest of us.
    So .. yes .. I'll vote for Romney.

  32. Pelosi could not get the votes to pass Obamacare originally because Bart Stupak and other representative wanted to ensure abortion would not be covered. Only after meeting with President Obama, who gave Stupak his promise to create an Executive Order ensuring abortion would not be covered. Only then, did they give Pelosi the needed votes for passage. After 2 plus years, President Obama went back on his word & enabled the inclusion of the contraception, abortion features to Obamacare. So, there were Catholic representatives and others who stood by their values only to be snuckered later.

    What these religious organizations should do is: Refuse to comply with these mandates. Let the US gov't. sue them for non-compliance. Somehow, I think these lawsuits will go down very badly for the gov't. rather than the churches. Supporters of freedom of religion are saying "enough is enough". Remember part of the colonization of the US was to flee religious persecution. All things go full circle, and the people are now fighting back.

  33. The democrats crafted the affordable care act behind locked doors for daysr.Not one single repub was included in the deliberations and the dems produced a 2700 page law only hours before it was to be voted on because they did not want them to read it before they voted. None of them had TIME to read it. If the repubs had time to read it and told the people what was in it, it would have caused an uproar. The democrats voted along party lines, following their leader. I am Catholic and am heartbroken about the priest scandal but our Lord told us the church was a treasure held in earthen vessels (man) and the priests will pay dearly for their sin as will the bishops that concealed them but to condem the whole church for a few is also sinful in my opinion.

  34. I don't care who has sex, gay hetero but I don't see why tax payers should have to pay for their birth control. In our food stamp society everything is becoming an entitlement that people have a RIGHT to and must be paid for by people who spend their lives working for a living. With every tax dollar the govt takes, someone left their children,spent their hours producing, used their life to make money to pay their taxes so someone else could have birth control.Somehow it just doesn't seem right. If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to pay for your own pills. He said he was going to fundamentally change America and he has sure kept his word. I would ask any Catholic who votes for Obama How many abortions are you willing to pay for?

  35. Keep in mind the regulations also state these contraception medications must be provided "free". No deductibles or co-pays apply. How is this "fair" for the truly sick. Other prescriptions fall under plan provisions requiring the patient to pay at least part of the cost. As an example, how do you tell a person with a heart condition, they can't have their prescription "free", or a diabetic they must pay for their insulin, etc. Seems to me medical insurance is for the treatment of illnesses or injuries. Contraception and/or abortion is needed to protect yourself from your behaviors. Now, the liberals will argue they are used for other medical issues. If so, I'm sure for certain diagnoses, the insurance plan would cover — but not just for contraception. This regulation was to appease woman libs for their vote. Besides, if 98% of women use birth control, then it tells me they have no problem getting it. What was the real issue – votes! These drugs should have been covered like any other prescription. So, for your other prescription needs – and most likely more expensive, you just got screwed!

  36. Honestly, I don't know what the Catholics and Protestants are so all-fire excited about. The Frederal Government took upon itself the power to control the utilization and implementation of religious belief, doctrine, and practice over 130 years ago with the Edmunds and Edmunds-Tucker Acts, when they first undertook to tell the Latter-Day Saints that a man could not have more than one wife, nor honorably raise more than one family of children.

    At that point, the Freds declared themselves the master of marriage, AND it's definition. Which should give everyone pause as we live thru the current debate about "marriage" of homosexual perverts. Government owns and controls the definition of marriage, not the "church", not tradition, not Common Law, not the marriage partners – not even God.

    And the Catholics & Protestants were the cheerleaders of this aggregation of government power, this un-constitutional aggression, in the name of squashing the Mormons. Now they are on the receiving end of the over-extended exercise of that same government power, and they don't seem to like it too much…

    Regardless of what you may think about the principal of plural marriage, that is not the issue. The issue is the self-generated accumulation of power by our "servant" the government, transforming itself into the Master in all things, including matters of faith, religious conviction, conscience. Marriage, contraception, abortion, euthanasia, "ownership / control" of children, whatever.

    (When you apply for a government license to marry, when you seek the government's permission and pay it a tax for the privilege, you make government a party to your marriage contract. The church, your religious beliefs, your God has nothing to do with your marriage. Now there are 3 partners making decisions, not just 2, and the 3rd, that "silent" partner government is the most powerful of all, dictating all terms in all areas of the relationship, from beginning to end, and beyond…)

    That government-power genie was let out of the bottle decades ago, and it is getting bigger and more powerful. People should be more careful what they wish for.

  37. Nefertari says:

    What I can' t understand is why should my tax dollars pay for these people sex lives? Use your own money….we have enough bills to pay on our own. If you want to screw around, use your own entertainment money for this…..I don't go demanding that the government pay for my traveling…my gym membership…my fancy clothes….my doctor bills, nor my car expense.

  38. Idylewylde says:

    "We haven't go time to read it .. just vote on it." … that's Nancy P.s own words.
    If that's not ramming it through, then I'd hate to see what you call ramming.
    My own SEnator now claims that he wouldn't have voted for it if he'd read it.
    Yeah .. sure .. nice try DNC. .. He's history after this next election, and he knows it.
    They're all running scared .. and lying through their teeth.

    I'm an Independent. I'm not a Republican. Most of the Independents I know, 70%, are going to vote Republican this time.
    We've had it with the lies and the DNC contempt for accountability.
    We Independents do retaliatory voting ,, people should remember that.

  39. jerry1944 says:

    I was thinking if the hospitals started talking about closeing that mite get the feds attention. If you cant run a busness the way you want then close the doors and dont sell it to the goverment. Not that they wouldnt just take it

  40. Marcia Kelso says:


  41. You are ; an ; ignorant ' ; " Fool ".

  42. You ' ; should care ' , who has , sex ' ; queer ' hetero ; that is ' ; if you have any common sense . That ' ; is the problem ; that ' is why we have al lthe queers ' ; coming out of the closet , and wanting to be allowed ' ; to marry ' . ; " Nobody cares " .

  43. Marrcia Kelso says:

    Theocracy compared to neofascism

    Popular religious author and former Roman Catholic nun Karen Armstrong sees a potential for fascism in Christian Reconstructionism, and sees theologians RJ Rushdoony and Gary North as: "totalitarian. There is no room for any other view or policy, no democratic tolerance for rival parties, no individual freedom,"[30] Berlet and Lyons have written that the movement is a "new form of clerical fascist politics,"[31][32][page needed][33][34] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Reconstruc

  44. Close all Catholic Institution(ALL) for one month and watch all HELL break loose Can you imagine a million kids signing up
    for public schools in September And all the States looking for the money the schools save them. That ought to be fun!
    ADD the ,money Catholics alone pay for health care . More fun! G-Mom

  45. AD Roberts says:

    The Catholic Church wimped out. They now belong to the Church of Laodicea. That is the church of Revelatons that was projectile vomited out of God's mouth. Guess where they will stand at judgement. (With the goats)