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“Doctor” Bloomberg Lays Down the Law on Baby Formula

Written by Gary North on August 2, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg does a great Saturday Night Live comedy sketch parodying his reputation as Nanny Bloomberg. His latest routine was to ban New York City hospitals from handing out free baby formula.

What’s that? It’s not a comedy skit symbolizing the where he thinks the entire society should be? You mean it’s real?

It’s real.

The mayor and the city government have determined that manufacturers of baby formula are working against the best interests of helpless babies by getting hospitals to hand out free samples of baby formula.

There is a breast-feeding advocacy group in Massachusetts that thinks the mayor has done a public service. The lady who runs the group says hat free gifts to new mothers is “a very potent form of marketing by manufacturers.”

It’s almost a crime against humanity. It must be stopped! That’s because hospitals should be “in the business of providing health care, not marketing pricey products to vulnerable patients.”

Who are these vulnerable patients? One reporter found one. The woman’s name is Beth Schwartz, mother of four. “In a moment of weakness, I defaulted to the formula. The fact that the hospital gave it to me led me to use it, because I might not otherwise have gone out to buy it.”

Schwartz said her doctor didn’t know enough about breast-feeding to instruct her, and she should have gone to a lactation consultant who could have helped her. The now 46-year-old mother did exactly that for her second baby.

Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg has noticed a frightening shortage of lactation consultants. While the city awaits the arrival of a small army of lactation consultants, all properly tested by the city and licensed, the mayor thinks that if a woman like Mrs. Schwartz can be fooled by marketing experts hired by manufacturers of baby formula, every woman in the city is vulnerable. No more!

Call this “Dr. Bloomberg’s anti-formula for political success.” He wants babies right where he wants the entire population on New York City.

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7 thoughts on ““Doctor” Bloomberg Lays Down the Law on Baby Formula

  1. This Bloomberg guy can't be for real. New York must be trying to pull a hoax on the rest of us. I SURE HOPE SO. If not, New York voters are all mentally deficient, but that would not be a hoax.

  2. So one mother of four in "a moment of weakness" is the deciding factor how laws are made in NYC?

  3. Just how stupid are the people of New York????? No wonder obummer got elected.

  4. The people of New York should fire this pile of Donkey Dung for the reason of being a fool a total moron that has gotten out of control. Jest look at all of the mayors around the country that are craving attention now from the idiot Bloomberg to the Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the Boston Mayor and the mayor of San Fransisco and whatever other mayor that wants his or her fifteen minutes in front of the camera. These stupid Mayors are leaving the City's open to law suites from the actions they take and I am sure that all of the City's around the country can't afford a law suite but the mayors don't give a Damn because the money won't come from there pockets it will come from the tax payers. One thing can change that is a law or bill that these elected people's stupid actions can and will come out of there own pockets for there actions that caused the law suites.

  5. He must have a screw loose in the head. Tell him to get lost.

  6. This man seriously needs some help. He's lost his mind completely.

  7. Supershell says:

    But it comes in such attractive containers!