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Tea Party Candidate in Texas Smashes Establishment Candidate

Written by Gary North on August 1, 2012

U. S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz defeated the Establishment candidate by 12 percentage points: 56% to 44.% Yet he had lost in the primary in late May. But a runoff was required. The Establishment candidate did not get a majority in May.

This is a huge turnaround. It sent a message to the Good Republican Old Boys in Texas: they have no hold on the voters.

The Establishment candidate spent $24.5 million as of July. Cruz spent $9. Message: money alone won’t work.

As to how conservative Cruz is, we will see after he is elected, which seems likely in November.

The significance of his victory is this: the Tea Party gets credit for it. His opponent, the Lieutenant Governor, had the endorsement of Governor Rick Perry. That did him no good. He spent a fortune of his own money. That did him no good. Nothing did him any good. He did not just lose. He was trounced.

The Tea Party voters also eliminated Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana in the primary earlier this year.

The Establishment has a problem. It cannot safely ignore Tea Party voters. It will suffer negative consequences if it does.

The clincher will be if Ron Paul’s supporters write in his name in November, and Romney loses by about that many votes. That would send a very loud message: “You can’t win without us.”

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19 thoughts on “Tea Party Candidate in Texas Smashes Establishment Candidate

  1. Congrats Mr. Cruz. Probably the #1 reason he got elected: Endorsed by Ron and Rand Paul. Never underestimate the power of the Liberty Movement (Tea Party – shmee party – It's the LIBERY Movement, that's where its at!)

  2. u.s. citizen says:

    No, I think the Tea Party had a lot to do with this.

  3. FIre Democrats and school Republicans. The TEA Party, Libertarians and Occupiers (who want to stick it to Wall St more than they want a handout), have to unite to return this country to smaller, less costly, more effective, Constitutional government. If we praise and honor Him, perhaps God will continue to bless America.

  4. 80's Rocker says:

    But if Ron Paul voters do write his name in to send a message Obama wins and we can Kiss America we know and our freedoms goodbye.

  5. Mr. North, your apparent support for a write in campaign for Ron Paul this November is beyond ill advised. ("The clincher will be if Ron Paul’s supporters write in his name in November, and Romney loses by about that many votes. That would send a very loud message: “You can’t win without us.”) You seem content to keep the Obama administration in power another 4 years. For you, it is Ron Paul or no one. Most often in politics we are left to decide between the lesser of 2 evils. I am not a Romney fan. He is not my first choice, but the disaster we have in the White House right now can not be tolerated another 4 years. Romney is by far the better choice. Those of you who subscribe to "Ron Paul or no one" remind me of spoiled children who would rather sit in the corner and pout rather than share their toys.

  6. Rayr – Romney would be the worst thing this country has ever seen. Our jobs will continue to be outsourced, Medicare will be trashed into an asinine voucher system, tens of millions will no longer have health care and our taxes will skyrocket. That spells disaster in its truest form.

  7. mackerel says:

    Remember this: Every new president is worse than the last one. Romney will be just as aggressive at nullifying freedom than any democrat has ever been. In fact, republicans are always far worse than democrats at taking away freedom, growing government, and increasing national debt, oh and don't forget those foreign wars they enjoy so well. I've always been a registered republican and I wouldn't vote for Romney for all the money in the world. Also, I'm mormon. Nothing can persuade me that Romney is the lesser of two evils. He is part of the great American evil: the illusion that democracy favors the voters. Because of that evil, I will not vote.

  8. Vic Veritas says:

    in the choice between the lesser of two evils, you pick neither! Spoiled child, really? Your choice sounds more like, “Hmmm…I can choose Moloch or Baal…”.

  9. Junk Bin says:

    You are correct. The "I;ll only vote for ron paul group give me the feeling that they want Obama to have another 4 years in office writing executive orders and agencies under his control putting out more regulations that will kill the economy. I need to add that the next president will have one or two supreme court vacancies to fill. We do not need Obama to do that and have a communist anti constitution majority on the supreme court for the next 30 years.
    I have found that paul supporters have an unrealistic outlook about things. Currently, the most important thing is to vote Obama out of office, 2ND increase the majority in the house, 3rd have the majority in the senate, 4th have 61 republican senators.
    simply PUT, pAUL CANNOT WIN THE presidential ELECTION. This is a fact. no amount of gnashing of teeth will change the fact that obama will end up as President if paul is the republican candidate or a write in. SUch a self center arrogant attitude as "write in Paul so we can show them(who is them) we screw up the country by our actions. If it had not been for the tea party, we would not have Harry Reid back nor the senator in Delaware.Way to do slick.

    All in all, the we will show you by writing in someone that cannot win, is a childish and very immature thing to do. Man up , quit cinching your pants under your armpits, if you can and help to not elect Obama. Between Romney and Paul, Romney can win the election, Paul cannot. Because of this Romney gets my vote and support

  10. Mackrel Shane, Obama hss been more divisive than any president in modern times: rich vs poor, christian vs not, black vs not. And, as you all have bought into social democrat vs not. He has multiplied our debt, insulted our strongest allies and is a joke to the leaders of virtuslly every country except Venezuela. If You can do a better job than Romney, why werent you in any of the state runoffs this spring?-

  11. Wrong. Learn your lesson from Bush, Jr. (I voted for him twice). What a bitter, terrible disappointment: much more spending, further butting in into medical care, endless wars, incipient police state, repeated attempts to throw open the border with Mexico. No thanks. No way in hell would I ever vote for Romney. Obama is bad, but there is no credible sense that Romney is any better. Once again, as in '08, I will write in Ron Paul.

  12. TO: Republican Old Boys in Texas Unintended Consequences of compromising,Compromising has done Incalculable damage to the divine nature of this Great Country. Compromising does not create Liberty . LIBERTY Creates Freedom !

  13. Obama wants war; Romney wants war. Obama advances the police state; Romney advances the police state. Obama kowtows to Israel; Romney kowtows to Israel. On the important issues, there is no difference between the GOP and DNC presidential candidates, as selected by the national committees and the corporate-owned media.

  14. kalamawashinton says:

    "Remember this: Every new president is worse than the last one." Really? Reagan worse that Carter? In my humble opinion, there is NO way that Romney would be worse that Obama. Instead of "knee jerk reaction", think about what you just said. "I would rather have Obama that Romney". Really. I hope that many, if not all of you, who have that thought process will stop and think about how awful the next four years would be when Obama doesn't have to worry about reelection. PLEASE think. Thank you.

  15. Texas Chris says:


    Four more years of Obama may collapse the government, but the country will remain. And that collapse will be a lesson to all those politicians that thought they could kick the can down the road forever: you can't.

  16. Texas Chris says:

    You're allowing the GOP to give you the short view of politics.

    A write in for Ron Paul, and loss for the GOP, tells the Republicans that they didn't give you a viable option in Romney. so Obama wins, the world will not end, tho the GOVERNMENT may. Failure is a powerful incentive, a powerful learning tool, and one our political leaders need to experience in full effect.

    Hand wringing and pant-wetting over one election is pointless. Drive your party with your vote. Do not let the party drive you. Be true to your convictions, have some integrity. Vote your conscience every time, not ever for the lesser of two evils.

  17. Texas Chris says:


  18. Texas Chris says:

    I think romney would be good for business initially. But he's not GOOD ENOUGH to warrant my vote.

  19. Texas Chris says:

    Reagan grew government more than Carter. Reagan intervened more militarily than Carter.

    Sure, the economy improved. Yeah, Reagan was good for business.

    But still, the debt increased, morals declined, government grew.