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New York City’s Surveillance: The City of the Future

Written by Gary North on August 1, 2012

London is known as the #1 spy camera city of the world. But New York City is working hard to catch up.

The police department has thousands of cameras installed across the city. But now the city has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to install a far more comprehensive system of surveillance. The details have not yet been released.

The program is called the Domestic Awareness System. It will involve massive data bases.

The system will track the moves of suspected terrorists.

And everyone else.

The public does not know about this. One document gives some information. It is old: 2009: a Public Security Privacy Guidelines memo.

According to the memorandum, the Domain Awareness System is designed to implement “technology deployed in public spaces as part of the counterterrorism program” of the NYPD, and will work in tandem with the closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) already used by the force, as well as license plate readers “and other domain awareness devices, as appropriate.”

How many closed-circuit TV cameras are there? About 3,000 in lower Manhattan.

The memo promises to reduce response time and “create a common technological infrastructure to support the integration of new security technology.”

The memo promises that there will be no profiling. It does not say what the criteria will be.

A recent scandal uncovered by the Associated Press has already revealed that the NYPD has been engaged in surveillance missions outside of their jurisdiction, however, going as far as New Orleans, New Jersey and abroad to stake out American Muslims, including college students. Both Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly have defended this practice.

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12 thoughts on “New York City’s Surveillance: The City of the Future

  1. Dracula131 says:

    Time to say the obvious, screw all Democrats., they’ve been doing it to us for years!

  2. ApparentContradictions says:

    I’ve voted republican but screw them along with the dems. They are hardly better at stopping any of this. What we now have are Republicrats. I don’t see Romney doing anything about healthcare or this stuff if he is elected. 99.9% of them are worthless, owned, ignorant, or weak.

  3. fatman45 says:

    I agree. Time for the "two-party system", which is a myth perpetrated AND perpetuated BY the two parties, to die. Unfortunately they are so entrenched, and have stacked the deck so heavily in their favor, that I don't know how to bring that necessary change about. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!

  4. A great book on how the communists have taken over our institutions – churches, schools, businesses, government, Military and now our court system is

    – The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist – Revisited
    by James C. Bowers

    He discusses how W. Cleon Skousen ( author of the 5000 Year Leap ) was an FBI agent for 16 years and was concerned about the implementation of what he felt were the top 45 stated goals of the communists at that time. You will be shocked how successfully their plans have been completed. A MUST READ book for any freedom loving American. Please pass on to others when done reading – SPREAD THE WORD

    Also – A MUST SEE – We were warned – watch the youtube video of Yuri Bezmenov, from the 80's with G. Edward Griffin ( Jekyll Island author ). A Soviet KGB defector, he tells how it was his job to infiltrate these institutions and place communist supporters in positions of leadership and power. He was successful in doing so. Mind boggling stuff.

  5. The tale of two cities.New York and Chicago, governed through the power of money by two bolshevik Jews.The making of the United Soviet States of America.

  6. Good luck with that, Noo Yawk. As buggy and klugy as Microsoft products have become over the years, that should work just fine!

  7. I voted Republican until a Republican president backed by a solidly Republican Congress gave us the Dept. of "Der Vaterland" Security and the TSA, seig heil seig heil seig heil!

  8. They need to be outlawed from holding public office ever! Bloomberg is one step away from owning every citizen living and or passing through New York! New Yorkers have no idea what it is like to live free, that is except their police and regular criminals and their elected government people! New York NUTS would have almost as much freedom living in Russia, China,Cuba and would pay less tax too! Screw Bloomberg and new York! If any other country and or criminals ever attack America I hope all their attacks will be only in New York and they start with Bloomberg's office and home and car and the follow with all New York's elected and when people look back they will only see the good that was done for New York and all of America!

  9. At least he wont choose blacks,Muslims and Homosexuals above everyone else and he wont bow to any Muslim Kings and or leaders and he wont force Homosexuals on Service men and women and or churches or religious hospitals or require all employers to pay for birth control for whor*s! I also think he wont be sticking our noses in every other countries business and if we are real lucky he may get us out of the U N and the U N out of our country and use all that extras money here in the U S A! Obama is only for Blacks,Muslims,Illegals and homosexuals and for letting all the illegals in and stop law enforcement from arresting them and he wants to force everyone to have to accept Abnormal Homosexuals as being Normal people,such as special laws for Abnormal Homosexuals! Romney will not do any of that and he wont give away anything American to other countries either like Obama and he wont try to disarm Honest,Sane Americans either!
    Romney is for sure the lesser of two evils, but he wont damage the country as much in four years as Obama will do in four more years when he has nothing to lose! Obama will be known as the worst president we have ever had or will ever have again! Obama has probably ruined it for many other black men who would be great for our country!

  10. Infidel48 says:

    Bloomburger Needed a Way to Enforce his NO Big Sugary Drinks Law. Now How are the Big Gulp Police going to tell if you have Big Sprite or a Big Cup of Water? You could spill it on them & see if it sticks

  11. Infidel48 says:

    I haven't flown since a Black Fatty & Illegal Alien Broad told me I didn't look like the picture on my Drivers License and I couldn't go HOME using the ticket I bought with my Debit Card. I guess all us White Folk Look the Same to the Aliens in Charge.
    Tired of voting for the Lesser of 2 Weasels? We need a new voting system. YES or NO. If no one gets at least 50% of the YES vote, Give us 2 other choices. Anyone who gets less than $30% os eliminated.
    This is NOT prohibited by the Connstitution.
    I vote No on Both

  12. Infidel48 says:

    Tired of voting for the Lesser of 2 Weasels? We need a new voting system. YES or NO. If no one gets at least 50% of the YES vote, Give us 2 other choices. Anyone who gets less than $30% os eliminated.
    This is NOT prohibited by the Connstitution.
    I vote No on Bo