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UN Arms Treaty: Obama Defers Decision Until After the Election

Written by Gary North on July 30, 2012

The election-year heat was too much for Obama. He sent down word to the negotiators: “Postpone this!”

The First Amendment movement still has too much clout for Obama to take on. Fast and furious action on the arms control treaty turned into slow and tepid action.

The official statement of the negotiating team came out four square behind the treaty’s goals. “The United States supports the outcome today at the Arms Trade Treaty Conference.” That, plus $5, will buy Obama a cup of Starbucks coffee.

The word was this: “Delay!”

While the Conference ran out of time to reach consensus on a text, it will report its results and the draft text considered back to the UN General Assembly (UNGA). The United States supports a second round of negotiations, conducted on the basis of consensus, on the Treaty next year; we do not support a vote in the UNGA on the current text.

The UN ran out of time. It did not come up with a treaty whose language would let Obama head into November with a salable program to disarm the citizens of the United States.

The statement doffed the President’s cap to the gun control crowd, “The illicit trafficking of conventional arms is an important national security concern for the United States.” But that’s all they can expect in 2012: rhetoric.

While we sought to conclude this month’s negotiations with a Treaty, more time is a reasonable request for such a complex and critical issue. The current text reflects considerable positive progress, but it needs further review and refinement.

Promises, promises!

With that in mind, we will continue to work towards an Arms Trade Treaty that will contribute to international security, protect the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade, and meet the objectives and concerns that we have been articulating throughout the negotiation, including not infringing on the constitutional right of our citizens to bear arms. The United States took a principled stand throughout these negotiations that international trade in conventional arms is a legitimate enterprise that is and should remain regulated by the individual nations themselves, and we continue to believe that any Arms Trade Treaty should require states to develop their own national regulations and controls and strengthen the rule of law regarding arms sales.

We support an Arms Trade Treaty because we believe it will make a valuable contribution to global security by helping to stem illicit arms transfers, and we will continue to look for ways for the international community to work together to improve the international arms transfer regime so that weapons aren’t transferred to people who would abuse them.

In short, gun controllers, “better luck next year.” President Obama has decided to put this one on hold.

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19 thoughts on “UN Arms Treaty: Obama Defers Decision Until After the Election

  1. we the people,who are the real government,did you hear what the ineligible treasonous t rader said,delay the push for un gun control,we the people,to the nra,aarp,amac,tea party,john birch society,all militias,all god fearing,freedom loving american citizens,we don,t have a we the people government anymore,we have a do nothing lawlwss,useless,treasonous bunch of politicians,time to go down there throats,before this communist ineligible manchurian candidite ovmit and his hear racist holdup/pelosi/reid/kagan/ginsberg/wasserman/napalitano/doh/doj/epa do any more damage to this great country,we the people communicate/focus/gather/plan/refine plan/ god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,brian was murdered will a/g holdup and his boss ovomit/devil did nothing to indicte or arrest any one,time to gather at the un or wh,

  2. that is good he is gone in november anyway el presedente

  3. Addendum:This man is not to be trusted and I wouldn't put anything past him. He has already violated many of our laws and has failed to uphold the US Constitution, yet congress fails to act. Furthermore, one must remember that this is not the first agenda he has put on hold–does Putin ring a bell? It should, and it needs to serve as a warning.

  4. You know, it seems that a person's opinion is an expression of one's freedom to speak out; we now have hundreds of articles expounding on the infringement of our First Amendment, yet monitors on forums must approve of comments that merely tell the truth. My comment is not inflammatory, insulting, degrading, or contain any element of language that comes from bilge water. While I don't mind the monitors maintaining policy, I also believe that they owe an explanation–send an email to the individual so they will know what word is naughty today (and may be approved an hour from now) or at least what the exact 'violation' happens to be.

  5. i think you deserve more than one thumbs up for this

  6. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Remember what he told the Russians? Basically, it amounted to, "Just wait until I'm reelected, you ain't seen nothing yet."

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    CJM2, you're questioning the things I've wondered about for some time.

  8. Here's an idea… IF they actually manage to force arms controls on "We the People" , in spite of the 2nd amendment, then it its only fair, just and appropriate to force the Hollywood, Bubblegum vision (TV) & video gaming industries to do the same. THEY MUST remove ALL acts of violence from ANY & ALL products produced there after. ALL dignitaries, celebrities, etc., either foreign or domestic, must disarm ALL bodyguard, secret service and police as well. This should be part of ANY gun control measure that takes away OUR rights!!! What's good for the geese, must also be good for the ganders!!!

  9. Before even the fed has to be dealt with we must rid the STATE DEPT> of the slim and scumbags that have the total elimination of the USA in itheir sights.(no pun intended)…This den of vipers ( and I would hope you research the people that have been in STATE for 3,4,5, different administrations…are solid Marxist and One World Order followers..check it out …we are being prepared for total domination and they are in charge of it…

  10. This really concerns me!
    Specifically … Usurper Obama IS going to sign this (and a lot others) during the lame duck session, NO MATTER WHAT!
    We do need to get him out NOW … Do not wait for the elections.
    He is proven a fraud, an enemy foreign agent out to destroy USA. I don't want to say … "I told you so." … but the way things are going now … I believe I will, if we still can communicate then.

  11. Except it wont happen, COwboy,..Let em TRY to take MY guns. You must remember history. The Revolution began at Lexington and Concord when the Brits were on their way to DISARM the colonists by attempting to seize the Arsenal AND the colonists' personal weapons. IF obumbles and his thugs are arrogantly stupid enough to try that it WILL BE WAR!
    Remember the NRAs' mantra: From my COLD DEAD HANDS….

  12. The Comrade Obama has no idea of what uprising he would get if he tried to disarm the American peope. He is a delusional narcissistic power nut who thinks whatever he the imperial says we the sheeple will do. He would be in for a real surprise.

  13. Good luck with those thoughts. Congress is well aware about the American Public's feelings in the removal of obama and still does nothing; the DOJ, Supreme Court, FBI, Secret Service, and even the CIA are also aware of the American public's feelings–they are ALL aware of the criminal acts committed by the present administration, and still do nothing. This is why we not only need to vote him out, but clean the congressional clock as well. Voters need to ask what their candidate will do to reverse many of the scandalous and destructive mandated regulations that agencies have passed in the last 4 years. The new President needs to get rid of all the current dept heads, especially those charged with security and shut down homeland security totally (why do we need them–the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service have always done this without the added baggage of an unnecessary agency).

  14. Wm Jones says:

    Roy You are so very RIGHT …. This Clown is a FAKE He is an Alien with no Papers ; He is the greatest scam ever pulled on America….. He is NOT Qualified for Office He was not in 2008 and NOT NOW Congress needs to do their job and put him OUT And In JAIL for FRAUD…… This guy is so WRONG he cannot see Right They are all just Chicago THUGS .

  15. Wm. Jones says:

    Cowboy Wait a Minute These guys are there to serve us and Uphold the constitution….. That says these are God given rights !! They cannot just take them if we say NO !! Do not forget they work for US Not Us serving them !!!

  16. Idylewylde says:

    It's comical, isn't it?
    The two-bit petty dictators at the UN try to write a treaty that can pass muster in an actual democracy, and blow it.
    They can't help it folks .. they only understand how to impose tyranny, not sell it.
    Obama, on the other hand, can neither sell it nor impose it .. aw shucks .. so he comes off looking like a wanna be dictator.
    No problem, Komrade Obama .. after you lose the next election you can go off and live in one of those gun-control Utopias .. maybe Cuba, or even crime ridden England .. oops .. after insulting their Queen, the Brits don't want you.
    Okay .. maybe a former British colony .. like Kenya. .. yeah, that'll do it .. I'll even waive good bye.

  17. Should that not have been,"the SECOND AMENDMENT still has too much clout",rather than the first amendment? In any case,had it passed,can you imagine if each of the 80 or so million gun owners taking out just 3 UN troopers apiece.The KIA toll would be 240,000,000 (yes,that's million) foreign troops that we could send back to their homes in body bags.Just a thought….

  18. You left out LOL.