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Nanny Bloomberg’s Secret Agents Fan Out Across America

Written by Gary North on July 30, 2012

Bureaucracies love to overstep their bounds. They always want more jurisdiction. The more jurisdiction they have, the more employees they can hire. The more employees on the payroll, the easier it is to get a promotion for managers. They have more to manage.

This has been a well-known law of bureaucracy ever since the publication in The Economist in 1955 of Parkinson’s Law.

The New York City Police has decided to run spying operations out of state. It is after terrorists. But you never know where terrorists may live. Maybe in New Jersey. So, the NYPD set up a surveillance center in an apartment in New Brunswick, not far from Rutgers University.

Then, true to form, the NYPD forgot about it. (To understand how this can happen, view the the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

The local apartment house had a five-year inspection program. In notifying all tenants of the visit, it posted a notice on the door of an apartment. No response. Inside, the building inspector found computers, two beds, one suit, and NYPD radios.

It looked like a terrorist cell to him! So, he contacted local police. That was in 2009.

For three years, the NYPD tried to keep anyone from getting access to the computer file of that call.

It turns out that the NYPD has been setting up these surveillance operations for a decade.

The CIA has been using the NYPD to do its work for it. Of course, the CIA is not allowed to do this inside the USA. But what’s that to the CIA?

The Associated Press reported a year ago on this spy room, but it did not have a copy of the call. The New Brunswick police have finally released it. It took a legal challenge by the AP to pry it away from the local police, which was cooperating with the NYPD.

The call had resulted in the NBPD and the FBI sending agents to the apartment. They figured it was a terrorist operation.

The NYPD had not bothered to alert the two agencies to its out-of-state operation.

In February, NYPD’s deputy commissioner for legal matters, Andrew Schaffer, told reporters that detectives can operate outside New York because they aren’t conducting official police duties.

“They’re not acting as police officers in other jurisdictions,” Schaffer said.

In trying to keep the 911 tape under wraps, however, the NYPD made no mention of the fact that its officers were not acting as police. In fact, Lt. Cmdr. William McGroarty and Assistant Chief Thomas Galati argued that releasing the recording would jeopardize investigations and endanger the people and buildings.

The apartment had been rented by an NYPD officer who used a fake name.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has defended the police department’s right to go anywhere in the country in search of terrorists without telling local police.

To understand what is going on, watch this.

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24 thoughts on “Nanny Bloomberg’s Secret Agents Fan Out Across America

  1. This is going too far. Nanny Doomberg needs to understand that his office has limitations. Unfortunately for the rest of the nation, he doesn't believe any law applies to him and his merchants of terror.

    At ;least one state legislator is proposing the arrest of federal agents attempting the enforcement of Obamacare within his state's borders. This is the type of law that needs written against the Doomberg types nationwide, so that any of their officers trampling into other jurisdictions are subject to arrest and detention for acting outside their legal jurisdiction.

  2. LOL! I love the explanation in the video! "Wasn't one of those guys supposed to be a terrorist?"

    However, based on the short version of the article, here, where the hell does the NYPD have the right to come into other jurisdictions to spy on individuals who don't have any relativity to their own jurisdiction???? Another reason why I don't like visiting NYC!

  3. sean murry says:

    i dont like NYC it is too big noisy and the home of AH bloomburg. They no business in other states.

  4. Someone please explain to me HOW it is legal for Blombergs employees to leave the state of New York and spy on ANYONE without permission from the other jurisdiction.

  5. Bloomberg clearly over-steps the bounds of his jurisdiction–which is confined to NYC, period; he doesn't even have jurisdiction in outlying counties. Unfortunately, New York City residents apparently like this megalomaniac and will keep him in office until he can't run anymore. Fortunately, the rest of New York and the United States don't have to put up with him. Because he violated the rights of another State, one would think he has committed a prosecutable offense, but the way the pansy in the DOJ and the idiot in the WH are running things, they will probably give bloomberg their expert advice on how not to get caught next time around….and hope the advice works!

  6. The nanny of NYC is merely following his mentors in DC where they firmly believe they are above the law and have the right to spread their terror onto others. After all, F&F from holder and Fraud via obama seem to be skating past our congressional members with no legal action planned in the forseeable future.

  7. It isn't legal. Furthermore, I don't believe the laws of any State permit their law enforcement personnel to operate out of their immediate jurisdictions-which is why city police cannot go into the county without the Sheriff's permission. State Police can operate anywhere in their State, but their jurisdiction stops at the borders to another State–they cannot continue a hot pursuit if the individual has crossed the State Line (which is why they notify the neighboring State to be ready at the point of entry into that State). Additionally, some laws pertaining to surveillance require a court order and NYPD may have also violated those laws, which would normally lead to other charges. Not being an attorney, it seems to me that the nanny of NYC has not only violated the laws of NY State, but of the offended State and the Federal Government as well. But don't hold your breath for those charges to be filed–holder and his thugs won't permit it since the nanny is one of obama's major supporters (in proper society, we call this a conflict of interest–another illegal act).

  8. Screw Bloomberg!

  9. does the word DUMOCRAP mean anything

  10. If we subscribe to Bloombergs posistion that NY Police may travel anywhere in these United States in search of a terrorist without informing other jurisdictional police agencies , we are then allowing and following the practices of Nazi Germany and Thr KGB tactics od the Soviet Union . Perhaps Bloomberg feels that only the NYPD is qualified or capable of pursuing terrorists . If that is the case why is NYC a crime hotbed? Mayor Bloomberg is an arrogant putz that has to learn that he has no authority outside the confines of NYC . Should his people violate the rights of another state in the Union he would be liable to criminal prosecution and be charged as a willing accessory should any inocent citizens or parties be injured and or kill in his officers pursuit of said terrorist . Go back to monitoring your soda dispensor Mayor Bloomberg , it would seem that is all you are qualified for . Leave police work to those qualified and who understand that they are not freelance bounty hunters .


    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: EVERYONE understands perfectly,instead of wanting to sit at God Obama's right hand HE WANTS TO BE GOD.!!!! B L O O M B E R G IS A TRAITOR.!!! Why havn't the People of New York stood up and arrested this clown and charged him with TREASON for starters.?????? "GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE" take back Your City and OUR COUNTRY>

  12. Too many politicians at the local and state level dream of promotion or election to national office, so they offer no bulwark against federal encroachment, they actively promote it.

    Prosperous nations can tolerate some bureaucratic waste and featherbedding, but when the scales tip and you have more make-work government employees than actual productive citizens draining the coffers is when nations start to resemble the Titanic after it hit the iceberg!

  13. Bloomberg views Americans the same way Netanyahu views Palestinians.

  14. Daniel Vaughn says:

    It's hard to get him out, I've heard. He has paid the city managers and trustees so he could 'lengthen' his times he can run for mayor. He's already into his first 'extension' via the illegal methods he has concocted!!!

  15. Lmao, the last line of the clip is awesome!

  16. With one exception,.the Titanic was an accident waiting to happen,..Boob-berg and his boss Obumbles are doing it ON PURPOSE.

  17. It would seem, then, that the Governor of New York State, the NY Congress, and the NY State Attorney General would have something to do in removing this illegal mayor from office. Has his royal highness also paid them off? He may be wealthy, but there is a limit as to how much he can afford to spend–unless he is in deep with soros? The people of NYC do NOT have to be held captive of this megalomaniac, but the good citizens must take appropriate action to force his removal–outsiders can't help them in matters of their State/City politics.

  18. Bloomberg has gone mental just like OBAMA has. When are New Yorker's going to wise up? I didn't think that they were that stupid to vote for either of these A$$'s.


  20. I originally misread the title as 'Nancy Bloomberg', then realized my misread, laughed and decided that Nancy-boy Bloomberg was probably as accurate as the original. Nancy-boy was the sarcastic affectionate appelation we would apply to someone in an all male golfing foursome whose putt made it halfway to the hole, usually adding 'hoist up your skirt and try again!' Nothing against females, but the male gender is supposed to be stronger; with Nancy-Boy Bloomberg dictating things, men will soon have to hoist their skirts just to cross the street!

  21. icetrout says:

    Time for the Jewish community to take the Bloomnazi’s yarmulke away for good…

  22. icetrout says:

    Have to ask the Bloomnazi to explain that one for you…

  23. icetrout says:

    How come anyone need’s thousands of millions of dollars? Seem’s like the Bloomnazi has a mental disorder,confine him now before he has a melt-down & starts mass murdering everyone…