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$57 Million Snafu May Sink a Hidden Federal Agency

Written by Gary North on July 30, 2012

You’ve heard of the FBI, the CIA, and the BATF. You may have heard of the NSA (“No Such Agency.”) But you’ve never heard of the FPS, have you? Come on. Admit it.

The FPS is the Federal Protective Service. What does it do? It monitors 13,000 private security guards who are said to be guarding 9,000 federal buildings.

I mean, you have to guard the guards, right? That takes 1,200 FPS employees.

What does the government pay to hire the security guards? About $790 million a year.

To monitor 13,000 private guards, the FPS needs a computer system. The present one is not up to the task. So, the FPS hired a firm for $21 million to design a program. That was in 2008.

The firm failed to deliver. So, the FPS hired it again. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” On the government’s “nickel,” of course.

The firm failed to deliver again. So far, $57 million are down the drain.

What every federal bureaucracy fears is about to happen: Congressional hearings. There is a subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies. It will hold hearings this week.

The computer program was called Risk Assessment and Management Program (RAMP). Call it “Off RAMP.” Call it “RAMPed down.”

We know the outfit is in big trouble. Its official spokesman has refused to answer media inquiries.That means, “I’m in career damage-control mode. If I say anything, and it backfires, I’m in trouble. It’s safer to say nothing.”

He referred the media to the FPS’s superior agency, who also clammed up. Loose lips sink ships.

Then they asked Booz Allen, which got the contracts.

“Booz Allen is very proud of the important work we perform for our clients within the Department of Homeland Security, but we refer questions on this program to the agency.”

It’s a closed loop information system.

It gets worse.

Homeland Security Today reporter Kelley Vlahos suggested this month that FPS itself may be on the chopping block. The agency didn’t return her requests for comment, she reported. While she was working on the story, DHS deleted the page that explained RAMP in detail from its website’s section covering FPS. A link to the nonexistent page, however, remained on the agency’s home page.

DHS headquarters spokesman Bob Davis told TheDC that “FPS is currently updating all of its webpages.” But that RAMP page is the only one missing in its entirety.

“The first phase of that process was to remove programs, initiatives and data that was no longer valid,” Davis wrote in an email. “Since the information on the RAMP webpage was no longer valid, FPS removed the content.”

The news media outlet that first reported this story is the Daily Caller. Its website is now down. Hmmmmm.

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12 thoughts on “$57 Million Snafu May Sink a Hidden Federal Agency

  1. Two words; Ghost cities.

  2. Great Comment!

  3. Graywolf says:

    Congress should RAMP this waste of money to the land fill, and send DHS along with it. There are too many Depts, and groups that are not looking out for us, but looking to enslave us.

  4. The entire CORRUPT Obama administration is designed to try and ENSLAVE all of America! This CORRUPT administration has been allowed to carry on their ENSLAVEMENT of the American people by the CORRUPT Congress! Or should I use the FRAUD Obama's words, the "DO NOTHING CONGRESS" has sat on their FAT ASSES watching as this FRAUD/TERRORIST Obama has illegally given himself the power to grant amnesty, to have the EPA implement the CAP & TRADE; both of which were VOTED DOWN by the American people! This FRAUD Obama writes an "EXECUTIVE ORDER" to give himself these powers, without consulting with the "DO NOTHING CONGRESS"! This FAUD has completely usurped the power of the other two branches of our government! Via using the "EXECUTIVE ORDER" power, this FRAUD has given himself the power to do anything he wants to do, even if it is ILLEGAL and AGAINST Constitutional law! When is this CORRUPT Congress going to exercise the power they have and REMOVE this FRAUD/TERRORIST from our White House and from the government! This SOB Obama needs to be REMOVED from office,one way or another, preferably this MORON should be IMPEACHED and then "DEPORTED" to where both the FRAUD Obama and his WIFE call, "HIS HOME COUNTRY of KENYA!" Either IMPEACH this moron or because this FRAUD CANNOT prove he is legally in office, therefore our U.S. MArshals should just walk into the Oval Office and ARREST this moron for FRAUD, CONSPIRACY and even TERRORISM against the United States and the American people!

  5. ccfonten says:

    What a bunch of jerks, thugs, crooks, liars and cheats. Looking forward to Nov 7 when we can officially tell them to start packing their bags…………and to leave OUR federal property behind.
    Wonder how they can and will steal from 11:59 pm Nov 6 and 11:59 pm Jan 19???????


    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: WE have Our own Homeland Security ,it's anything .40 caliber and above with a Law Abiding Citizen behind it.!!!!!!!



  8. A vote for Barack Hussein is a vote for the destruction of America!

  9. The US Marshals can start by arresting Jane Hanoi Fonda Turner for treason, This is long overdue, Then move on to the NPD President for Treason. All service men take a oath to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Anyone in a decision making position who undermines or subverts The Constitution of The United States of America is guilty of treason. The Congressmen and Senators work for us, if they do not police themselves they should forfit their benefits and go to work in the private sector under social security just like the rest of us. I started useing the Canadian News outlets after the last election because they at least tell what is going on in this country. They are not guilty of omission like our major news outlets. I have the highest regard for the office of the presidency . The person who holds that office needs to earn my respect. Mr. Obama has earned nothing but my utter contempt!

  10. not disclosed says:

    The mission of the Federal Protective Service (FPS) is woefully understated in your article. Overseeing of the contract security officers is just one part of many things the agency is asked to do. It's primary task is to provide law enforcement response for federal properties. In addition FPS reviews and assess the security needs of federal agencies and facilities to insure that each building is protected to the level that is needed.

  11. Not disclosed says:

    SInce being moved over to Homeland Security the agency has been set up to fail. Originally placed under ICE, the agency was being strangled out by ICE field employees were slashed and money that was designed for the protection of federal buildings was siphoned off to pay for the new ICE agency. In an attempt to dis assemble the agency to paper only ICE contrived for the GAO to conduct assessements of security measures. These assessments were flawed because GAO investigators were given information to allow them to defeat the security measures. FPS was slammed for not being able to detect explosive devices that FPS was not given technology to detect at the time. The contract guard program was in disarray because ICE cut the field staff and wanted to rely on the contractor to self report that all requirements were met. In many cases complanies were complying in others they were not. In cases where field staff reported discrpenacies ICE refused to take action until there was no other choice. Now away from ICE and the cronies that were responsible for the RAMP debacle FPS is striving to make itself right again and doing a good job of recovering from the abuse.

  12. Not disclosed says:

    FPS is not a new agency. FPS was around as FPS since the 1970's. It has honorably provided law enforcement protection for federal facilites. FPS has lost officers in the line of duty and continues to protect the people who work and use the federal facilities. That protection ranges from street crime, to terrorism, to civil unrest. When the Occupy Movement was the media darling FPS was the first federal agency to make arrests for violations of law on federal property. That is until the current administration said to stop.

    The men and women of FPS who protect the nation have honor and were and are horrified at the abuse reaped in thier name by a select few. People who are no longer around but should be investigated for thier relationship with the RAMP contractor and the refusal to see the original system wasn't working when it was reported by the employees. Please hold those responsible accountable but let those of us who are trying to make a difference do our job and keep a part of this country safe