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Mayor Booomberg Calls for a National Police Strike

Written by Gary North on July 26, 2012

New York City’s billionaire mayor has called for a police strike by the nation’s police. Reason? There is not enough gun control. This was in response to a CNN interviewer’s question on why American voters do not demand gun control. Here are his words.

“I don’t understand why the police officers of this country don’t stand up collectively and say, ‘We’re gonna go on strike. We’re not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature do what’s required to keep us safe. After all police officers want to go home to their families.”

You can see the response here.

He mentioned armor-piercing bullets. He said that only the police wear armor.

Excuse me, Nanny, but I read something about a fellow out in Aurora, Colorado, who wore armor.

Here is a mayor who recommends that the nation’s police go on strike. Does this bananahead understand social cause and effect?

What would your response be if the cops all quit? Buy a gun? Buy a holster? Buy some ammo? I hope so.

Who would enforce laws against concealed handguns if the cops were all on strike?

A national police strike would do more to wipe out the gun control movement than anything I can think of. It would force citizens to face up to reality: they are responsible for protecting their families, not a call to 911.

Bloomberg became a billionaire by selling business information. His career as mayor of New York City shows that it does not take common sense to make a lot of money. But it takes a lot of money to get elected mayor of New York City.

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27 thoughts on “Mayor Booomberg Calls for a National Police Strike

  1. The NYC cops should be the first to go on strike. That way this hypocrite can pay for his protection out of his own pocket instead of the taxpayers having to do it for him.

  2. jrcat918 says:

    Somebody needs to take Bloomberg to a nursing home. A police strike would do more to wipe out the gun control movement. Really? He wants to force citizens to "face up to realty" . Why does New York have a police force when the mayor wants the citizens to be responsible to protect their own families? And what would the police force be doing then? Sitting home, watching tv, eating popcorn drawing a salary for doing what??? This man needs a clash with reality and the citizens of New York to get him out of office ASAP!!

  3. Originalintent says:

    If this fruitloop isn't ready for his little rubber room, then noone is.

  4. lilbear68 says:

    how does this guy stay in office…………o yeah new york voters are brain dead

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    Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, believes our principle authority for bearing weapons in defense of ourselves, families, and others comes from the Bible, not the Second Amendment. To hear his thoughts concerning this go to Broadcast Audio Page, and click on the third entry from the top, entitled "Interview with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America."

  6. This mayor said; "The police protect the citizens." That in and of itself is a lie. The job of the police is to apprehend a perpetrator of an alleged offense. Maybe hold that person in jail till trial or maybe allow him/her out on bail. there is nothing in the job discription that says, protect and serve. In fact protect and serve is the complete opposite of what their job really is.
    So, should they in fact go on strike, then they will in fact be refusing to perform what they swore to do in the first place. Hence, it is they that need to be woke up to the fact that not doing your job that you swore to do is an offense that can and in some cases get you fired.

  7. In my opinion the mayor of NYC needs to re-collect his thoughts. For the most part the police already know who is illegally carrying, but, do nothing about the situation. More than likely is it cause the chief gets his directions from the — you guessed it the mayor. When any person in this country buys a handgun or rifle is subject to an instant background check. That in and of itself is a record to the government exactly who owns what and how many of each. This brings us to why the government would suddenly have a need to have a record of what they already have. THIS IS NOT ABOUT GUNS — THIS IS ABOUT CONTROL

  8. Save YourSelf says:

    Let them go on strike. You want to see the gun stores out of product….this is the fastest way. Police are nice people, doing a job. Simple as that. But they can't protect you and I. It is up to us to do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your family safe.

  9. The more Bllomberg speaks the dumber he gets…he would do well to shut the heck up….hypocrites always want someone else to behave the way they want them to behave…perhaps he should talk to the criminals etc…think they would listen to him?? They would love for the police to go on strike so they could prey on the defenseless with impunity, Oh yes..Bloomberg's armed escorts should be the first to go on strike.the taxpayers armed escorts of course.

  10. Bloomberg had his police chief all over the national news after Aurora. Talk about a flunky. Why is it that so many police chiefs want to disarm law abiding citizens? How far towards fascism will thes politicized police go if something real or manufactured occurs?

  11. LOL of course it's about control. It's been about control ever since the progressives reared their ugly heads and plotted the overthrow of this country.

  12. John Cornelson says:

    How much more irresponsible can Bloomberg get? How would he feel if everyone cancelled their subscriptions to Bloomberg's financial services?

  13. Yes, disarm or do away with Dloomer's Security Detail FIRST. I will protect my family with all of the force necessary to keep them and myself alive. Once the police finally arrive, they can draw the chalk line around the home invader / urban terrorist's body.

  14. That would save billions (trillions?) from the tax payers dollars. Criminals will no longer be protected. Crooked judges will be running for the hills. The police would no longer be tasering hundreds of innocent people to death. No one will be thrown in jail for using the "Stand your Ground" law. As much as Bloomberg is a totally menus to society, he may finally have a good point that armed citizens would do a lot better job without them.

  15. This is the LUNACY that has completely consumed our political process in America. This man (sic) is a delusional idiot and needs to be in a rubber room with a box of crayons. The crazy train has left the station with him, Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman and most of the others both rep AND demos.

  16. Libsrlintlickers says:

    If this IDIOTIC FOOL was in California, we'd chew him up and spit him out!! What a pinheaded jerk!! Just proves that MONEY can BUY public office, NO BRAINS or COMMON SENSE needed for the job!!!!

  17. Not a nursing homw. I think an mental facility would be safer for everyone.

  18. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Bloomingburger must be a "Senile Fool". If they go on strike, he won't be protected either and they should not be paid. Of course the Police don't protect you anway. Only when you are dead or beat to a pulp, will they try to find the culprits. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  19. Bloomburg can call 911 as the home invader is kicking in HIS door. The police should arrive in time to file the report, call CSI and the coroner to pick up his body. If the home invader kicks in MY door: it's triple tap center mass, call 911, answer the police questions and now they can file the report, call CSI and the coroner to pick up the invader's body.

    Police did the same job. Sorry Bloomburg, I'll take scenario #2.

  20. The strike may do the city some good. I am sure that the crime rate will go way down since the criminals will know that they will not have anyone to protect them. They will be at the mercy of the citizens if they get caught. This has happened before in other countries wher police go on strike. Crime goes way down because the people band together to protect themselves against the criminal elements. It is not a pretty sight when the citizens are forced to defend their communites and they catch a criminal in the act. Criminals do not come back into those communities because it is way to dangerous for them.

  21. How does ignorant people like Blooberg get elected to public office? Never mind.


  23. Recon Marine says:

    Well said! The don't protect, they investigate after the fact. If they protect, each and every citizen of this country would have their own personal policeman with them 24/7.

  24. May I propose an 'Eye- Popping' cure for bloomburg's logic??????~~Americas Patriots of our 1st & 2nd Amendment have been slapped by this ignorant politician twice in one week. First he sets his 'CROSS HAIRS' on our fundemental right bestowed upon us by the 2nd Amendment.Just a few days later he fires a 'shot' @ the owner of Chik-Fil-A because that man stated he does not support queer marriage. OUR NUMBERS OF SUPPORTERS OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS FAR EXCEEDS THE POPULATION OF NYC. I THINK WE SHOULD INVOKE A BOYCOTT ON ALL CITIES WHOSE MAYORS ADVOCATE AGAINST OUR BILL OF RIGHTS~! I know of two cities that could not be a better choice than Chicago & NYC~!!

  25. wnettles says:

    The police departments will not "go out on strike" as Mr. Bloomburg asserts. The reason? With about 100 million armed citizens, and the knowledge that there is no police oversight, crime would DECREASE, due in part to the knowledge that many would be carrying, no longer in fear of police "harrassment". Violent criminals really don't like to deal with armed and trained potential "victims". Such citizenry can make for a very bad day for the violent thug.

  26. John Stewart says:

    Another assinine comment from an instigator who wants to infringe on the Constitution. I wonder how many criminals have ALL of the guns they possess registered.

  27. what do police protect you from they dont when you need them its a half hour or more before they even show up unless its a wreck or fire ect but they are not with you 247 so all they do is clean up a mess that has happened and they dont know you from the next guy if you are going to break the law or not untill that happens on top of that why would you or people like you let only police ect carry firearms if its illeagle to own 1 then why would they need guns if they took them from everyone else . all you have to do is look at history people without firearms are easier to controll . if everyone carried a firearm then more then likely a lot of criminals would think twice robbing,rapeing ect some cause they know they just might be packed but the government dont like compation.