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Map: What It Takes in Your State to Get a Concealed Weapon Permit

Written by Gary North on July 26, 2012

What do you have to do in your state to get a concealed weapon permit?

In high-crime Illinois, it takes a move out of state. This is why the flash mobs have free reign in Chicago.

There is an interactive map that lets you click your state and find out the rules.

I suggest that you do this.

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31 thoughts on “Map: What It Takes in Your State to Get a Concealed Weapon Permit

  1. Simon Jester says:

    In Pennsylvania – Have no criminal record and go to your local sheriff's office and apply…Had mine in 4 days

  2. I am so glad I live there.

  3. cyclingfoodmanpa says:

    Yep, I am a PA resident also. Sent in my application, had it in a couple weeks. Then took some classes at Freedom Armory to hone my skills and I practice at least 3 to 4 times a month. I heard there are more people armed in PA than there are U.S. Marines.

  4. I'm 74 years old, never had anything more serious than a speeding ticket (not many of those), owned a gun since the age of 9 years old (410 shotgun).
    In S.C. it took me 3 and 1/2 months to get my carry permit.
    Guess we just move slower down south. Smile

  5. Even CA makes a pretense at issuing permits. The northern part is pretty normal, but get around San Fran and you get prttey well forget it. JUST like Chicago in the old days, however, politician get theirs as do movie $tars who are big contributors to campaigns.
    Every state in the union has a permit program. In Illinois you have to have a permit just to take a gun outside your home or buy ammunition They talk about how it prevents gangbangers from getting ammo, but they just go over the border to WI or IN.
    Thanks, democrats.

  6. I had a permit in another state. I am concerned that when they come after guns, you are giving them a list of names and addresses to start the confiscation. .

  7. With all of the high tech equipment the gov. has today, don't you think they know or can find out who has what??????

  8. If you buy from a dealer, the ATF could get at those records at some point. Local governments aready have all carry permits in their computers. They take down the East coast, IL, CA, and HI guns first. Are you ready to die defend your constitutional rights?

  9. Firedoc124 says:

    Had mine over 30 years in Florida. Take a NRA course show competency with your firearm( live fire) submit the application. Your CCW comes in the mail. Reciprocity with most states just follow their laws. Remember it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  10. Guess the ony way one can get a concealed carry here in Ca. is to be named Senator Diane Feinstein…she has one but I can;t get one..here it costs hundreds and one goes to the Sheriffs office and fill out papers up to one;s chin and THEY DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU NEED ONE…the answer 99.99% of the time the answer is no…and we know how that works out…I wouldn't go to LA for anything.

  11. Wouldn't worry about the CCW being used to come after your guns. Does anyone believe that all that NICS data is really being destroyed?

  12. Don't try to have a gun in your possession in Tarpon Springs Florida if you are in your car and being attacked from outside by a raging giant 6' 7" 380 lb man. My son had his with a permit. He simply moved his gun bag to the front seat in case he needed it. He was arrested and has been going through the courts for two years now. Thousands later with an NRA lawyer he is still being prosecuted for reckless display without ever having touching the actual gun. Don't ever think a permit will keep you safe from everybody. Sometimes the law is your biggest enemy.

  13. HOFFHACK says:

    It doe not take genius to see who restricts gun rights, and who does not. NY, California, Illinois, Maryland, CT, Mass., in fact, any State that is run By Democrats!!! In fact, every single Democrat that turned coat (for political cover) and voted to hold Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress (knowing full well nothing would come of it) VOTED FOR OBAMACARE!!!! Now, the Republicans in the House are trying to force a vote to repeal OBAMA CARE!!! All this will do is give a bunch of Gun Hating DEMOCRATS the chance to vote for repeal, knowing full well it will never come to a vote in the Senate (Reid will never let it come to the floor) and these gun hating Liberal Democrats will be able to go back to their districts and fool the great un-washed by claiming: "Hey, I voted to repeal it!!!" I say, go back to the record, and every Congressman and every Senator that Voted for OBAMACARE, , vote them the Hell out!! You will be doing your guns a favor too!!!

  14. I would bet the farm that our elected officials either carry concealed themselves or they have someone at all times to protect them. My question is will this stop if the concealed carry law is repealed? If it doesn't, what makes their lives more valuable than mine? It is proven that states with conceal carry permits have lower crime rates than those that don't because criminals apparently think twice before they strike.

  15. ortugger says:

    If your in a state that does not recognize your God given right to defend yourself contact your legislature to rectify this. The NRA provides free help in this endeavor and is worthy of financial contributions to this end…..even if your not a member. In Oregon I took a training class, was finger printed and subjected to an FBI back round check. Because Oregon is a "shall issue" state….i had my permit in about 30 days. Shall issue means……..if there is no documented disqualification the Sheriff "shall issue" a permit…..no local political or personal objections apply….however personal references are required. The applicant is required to provide personal references. The Sheriff then sends them a form asking if the applicant has any known issues or reasons they should not have a concealed hand gun license. It has been working well here for over 20 years.

  16. in ks, went to a one day presentation, filled out paperwork and tests,, went to indoor range and shoot fifty or so rounds,,
    have to be fingerprinted at sheriffs office,,, then came in mail in few months,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. Erie County, NY 9 Months Mininum! Here they use the Second Amendment as Toilet Paper. NYC Even worse.

  18. Hell no! This way they know where to go to collect Firearms once the Liberals get thier way!

  19. timlebsack says:

    I'm finding it distasteful to ask permission to self-defend.

  20. I don't know what makes their lives more valuable, but it's probably the same "thing" that gets them better health care, better retirement (no Social Security for them) and better everything else. Makes a person understand why they fight so hard to get elected. Pay's not that great – but the perks are extraordinary.

  21. gunner48 says:

    "better to be judged by twelve than carried by six! And the 2nd Amendment is good enough for me…..

  22. Quent Haning says:

    In NC, take an eight-hour classroom course, a paper exam, go to the range and qualify with 50 rounds of target shooting, go to the court house and fill out paper work with the sheriff, get fingerprinted, await investigation and after 60 – 90 days get your card in the mail. Total cost, about $250.00

  23. Bill in NC says:

    Friend of the family had troopers approach his car with guns drawn during a traffic stop here in NC.

    His crime was being a CCW holder (brand new, hadn't purchased a handgun yet!)

    Sorry, but you are on a "list" if you have a CCW permit.

  24. Went to my Sheriff's office in Alabama, had my photo taken, signed the form and walked out that day with mine!

  25. Yes I am!

  26. Wyoming passed a Constitutional Carry Law, so we do not need a concealed carry permit. But if you travel to another state, you better have one because once you leave the state, you must abide by other states' carry laws.

  27. I live in Ohio and took the NRA approved class. 12 hours split between two days. Recieved my certificate went to the sherif's office and had mine in the same day.

  28. In Alabama you go visit the county sheriff, let him (or her) run your license, hand over 20 FRN's and off you go with your permit. No restrictions on the size gun you carry, like Texas and no instructions either.

  29. Tea Party Monitor says:

    flash mobs do not have free reign in Chicago, you twit. They plan it so they can get away with it under the noses of authorities, using social network sites. Here in Philadelphia, cops monitor the social networks to nip flash mobs in the bud. Now, if the Tea Party members would counter the flash mobs with Tea Party rallies, the mobs would not get away with what they do. So I am calling on you to be a true patriot during those times, instead of talking about it.

  30. “YOU BETCHA” !!!!!

  31. manuel a says:

    ive been thinking about that saying for awhile i think id rather be judged by 6 or carried by 6 youed have to be nuts to leave you life in the hands of 12 do you think theres a differance between being dead or being in prison if you think well at least your alive in prison but that no life at all thats just exsiting you must really have faith in your fellow man to judge you me ill leave that for jesus to judge me think about that 1 for a bit