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10 thoughts on “Assisted Dying: The Death Panels Are Coming

  1. ObamaCare will be run about as well as any other Government Project. Name ONE thing that Governments does well. That is a very short list.

  2. These "pro-gvernment" physicians are not doctors, they are frauds….in it for the money apparently!!! My father was a doctor and nothing inhibited him from caring for patients to his utmost ability….never did he compromise a person's health and well-being because of an age or financial issue. This communist policy perpetuated by this "administration" makes me sick, and all honorable medical personnel should be disgusted by this attempt to control costs by annihilating a segment of our population.


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  4. Will the Death Panel members face the Death Panel themselves someday or are they also exempt from Obamacare??

  5. This is the German Gestapo.Brown Shirts all over again. Will there be ovens provided as in Auschwitz, Treblinka and other Nazi concentration camps. Halliburton has the contract to reopen all the internment camps from WWII. Why do you suppose this is happening? What about the prison trains sitting on sidings around the country? Does anyone out there see the comparison to Mein Kampf? If this country does not turn itself around, we will all be wearing SLAVe tatooed on our foreheads or behinds.

  6. They're very good at fleecing the people they supposedly represent.

  7. asested dieing was supposed to be illeagl, a doctor was areasted for doing this so what is the difference weather it a doctor who knowes what he is doing or the goverment that has no idea what it is doing

  8. or a number and if a christan you wear a cross on coat and shirt/blouse like the jews did in germany

  9. michael O'Flaherty says:

    Remove me from your e-mail list. I like your info but refuse to deal with an outlet that allows e-mail transfers thru ugly and entirely untrustworthy FACEBOOK. There are too many other news options that are not tangled with Facebook. Goodby.

  10. Please use spell check. Thanks.