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Most Voters Want Defense Spending Cuts in 2013

Written by Gary North on July 25, 2012

Republicans and Democrats agree: the government is spending too much money on the military.

The ratchet is in operation. Once the government increases spending on anything “temporarily,” the spending becomes permanent. The spending greases too many corporate skids.

Republicans and Democrats in Washington may disagree about cutting the defense budget, but their constituents are generally in accord that it should shrink next year by a fifth to a sixth of its present size, according to a public opinion survey by the Program for Public Consultation, the Center for Public Integrity and the Stimson Center, a nonprofit think-tank.

The three groups first reported the existence of a broad public consensus in favor of military spending reductions in May, after conducting a unique nationwide survey in which respondents received information about the defense budget and had the chance to read multiple pro and con arguments about the military budget like those circulating on Capitol Hill.

Now a more detailed analysis of the results of that survey has shown that majorities in both red and blue congressional districts — those with Republican and Democratic representation, respectively — strongly support the idea that the defense budget should be cut more than politicians in Washington are considering.

The Obama Administration has promised not to add any more spending. There will be no cuts.

If there are no new programs to lower spending, automatic cuts (“sequestration”) of 10% will begin on January 1, 2013. That was the deal Congress worked out. But Obama is fighting these cuts.

Those surveyed in different districts did show some differences. Districts that elected Democrats were slightly more supportive of cutting defense than those that elected Republicans. But the respective levels measured by the poll – 80 percent and 74 percent – were both high.

Respondents in blue districts likewise favored cuts that were slightly larger than those from red districts, according to the new survey results. But the totals were again both high — a 22 percent cut and a 15 percent cut, respectively, or between 50 and 100 percent more than under “sequestration.”

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10 thoughts on “Most Voters Want Defense Spending Cuts in 2013

  1. Magnolia says:

    Our military is NECESSARY & VITAL to the defense of this nation. If cuts are made, expect MOREF GOVERNMENT HIRED CIVILIANS on our payroll…everything will be privatized, which costs the taxpayer more than a military counterpart!

  2. That is not true. Elements within our own government have to stage false-flag incidents to "prove" how necessary all this exorbitant waste is….when it isn't busy invading other countries that never did us any harm. Every nation on earth knows the US has a stockpile of nuclear weapons far and away greater than all the other countries' defenses combined that they would never dream of attacking. One button push and they would all be turned into radioactive green glass in under a minute.

    Most US military spending is on overpriced junk: the F22 jet asphyxiates its pilots, so they have to take oxygen bottles on their missions; the F35 can't fly in the rain because the electronics stop working; 2 horrendously expensive fleet oilers (the USNF Henry Eckford and the Benjamin Isherwood) both went straight from the assembly line to the scrapheap without a day's service to the Navy . And these are just the scandals that reached the public eye. There are billion$ more wasted that we never hear about.

    You must work in the defense industry.

  3. Junk Bin says:

    since I am not "most voters" the defense cuts are not on the table.

    Two years in the military will do wonders for regularity and civility

  4. When are you idiots going to "get it"? We cannot run an empire and control the entire world. Military spending is a major cause of our looming national bankruptcy. Either de-fund the empire and cut wasteful, useless military spending, or watch us go bankrupt that much sooner.

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Yes indeed! Why should we waste money on National Defense when we can use those funds to buy votes from the ever growing parasite class. Then soon, we won't have to worry about either any more.

  6. Bill McCroskey says:

    The waste in the military as astronomical …at even the smallest level. The wife of general that didn't like the decor of his office and thus we (taxpayers) paid $17,000 for new carpet, drapes and furniture in a roughly 1000 sq. foot office. He retired 2 years later and the new general disliked the decor and we (taxpayers) paid again to redo it for no reason except for his visual satisfaction. A leased of course (privately with taxpayers dollars footing the bill) warehouse crammed with enough toilet paper for 10 years needs to make sure all the appropriated $$$ for the year were spent ("so we don't get cut next year") just the tip of the waste iceberg. We could take care of our retired/injured soldiers needs properly (as they deserve) if the waste in 'hardware' areas was stopped.

  7. Who are you kidding? There's very little "national defense" in today's defense budget. It's about maintaining 873 foreign military bases around the world and bombing people in third world countries. We could defend this country with out nukes and the Coast Guard and the National Guard and nothing else.

  8. with *our* nukes . . .

  9. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Sorry fred, My immediate reaction to that is – horse crap! Without the US military there would be, and there will be, no such thing as a Free World.

  10. At least one-fourth of the homeless in this country are veterans, which speaks volumes about how Uncle Sam and the DoD really feel about the US soldier.

    "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger, circa 1992