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Video Saves a Victim of Aleged Police Brutality

Written by Gary North on July 20, 2012

We live in a surveillance society. Our phone calls can be legally monitored under the Patriot Act. Our cell phones tell where we are. But they can also take videos. So can surveillance cameras. This is a game-changer.

Videos of police beatings are becoming common. Victims can become Rodney Kings.

The police are now on the defensive. They know that if they get out of line on camera, it could put them in court. Here is such a case.

A Minneapolis police sergeant has been charged with first-degree assault. In an off-duty incident, he knocked a man to the pavement. The off-duty cop then fled.

The man almost died. He has had three brain surgery operations.

There was a surveillance camera. It recorded the incident.

Next, the local newspaper got a copy of the video. It posted parts of it on its website.

The victim has four children. He also works for the local newspaper.

I think the cop is in very big trouble. A good rule is this: “Don’t beat up a newspaper employee on camera.”

This is a new era. There are video cameras everywhere. This means the police are on the defensive.

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10 thoughts on “Video Saves a Victim of Aleged Police Brutality

  1. sean murry says:


  2. If any assault against a cop usually results against a perpetrator, shouldn't higher standards be held for cops who cross the line? This incident also draws into question the emotional stability of the cop. Why aren't they checked more often, particularly when they're in positions of authority?

    Tragically, this is reminiscent of an incident earlier this week where cops shot dead a guy who, understandably, answered the pounding at his door with a gun in hand. The Lake County, Fla Sheriff's Office plans not even a reprimand for the deputy involved. By the way, the cops were at the wrong address.

  3. Nothing compared to the 1:30 AM unannounced pounding on the wrong door in FL. The man came to the door of his home armed and was shot to death by police. Now a cover up with changing stories.

  4. tennessee says:

    You got that right. Someone needs jail time for not going to the right house. It should be incumbent on each officer participating in a raid to verify all aspects of the raid beforehand. Those that do not should face prison if negligence such as this happens. The officer may have thought his life was in danger but he should not have been there in the first place.

  5. You Know if this keeps up, I wouldn't want to be a cop,seeing they ride around in a car that could look like a target for any Patriot out there !!!

  6. You Know if this keeps upI wouldn't want to be a Cop ,seeing they ride around in cars that could look like a target for a Patriot !!!

  7. The cops have no respect anymore when I was a kid we were told if you get lost or need help look for a nice police man he will help you and keep you safe now if I was in trouble I would not wast my time to call them you might get shot or beaten to death They are evil and lazy and love to shot there guns and kill they better shap up because they might need some help one day and no one will stop to help them

  8. Deepizzaguy says:

    Rogue cops watch out. You are being watched.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    "The blue-coats are coming! The blue-coats are coming!"

  10. Texas Chris says:

    They aren't checked "more often" because they would fail basic psych evals.

    Cops are put in a positin where they must either 1) enforce laws that defy logic and reason, or 2) get fired / go to jail.

    The human mind cannot hold two opposing opinions and not be sundered itself.