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BATF Head Threatens Whistleblowers With Discipline

Written by Gary North on July 20, 2012

The acting head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms became the acting head because his predecessor quit under fire. The Fast and Furious scandal blew up. He took the hit.

The new guy has made a low-budget video to scare off anyone inside the agency who contacts anyone outside the agency with more stories like Fast and Furious. By law, no federal agency can threaten a whistleblower. But this poor sap has left evidence of exactly this. He threatens disciplinary action.

To hear a man who speaks fluent bureaucratese, watch the video. These people do not use language the way we do.

Here is the message: Whistleblowers must clear their leaks through official channels.

Of course! That’s it! Clear the leaks through channels! After all, what everyone outside an agency really wants to know is whatever the hierarchy wants them to know. That’s what transparency is all about, right?

That this poor schnook went public with this video indicates the complete breakdown in the BATF’s leadership. He does not know how ridiculous he sounds.

If only all senior bureaucrats were this transparent! But they aren’t. They know how the game is played. It is not played with a video like this one.

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17 thoughts on “BATF Head Threatens Whistleblowers With Discipline

  1. Herbert Vroegindewey says:

    Hasn't anyone figured out yet that those in power (think they) are above the law, up to and including potus? Unchallenged people like this idiot, congress, and liberal bureaucrats in all levels of government are leading the sheep into a totalitarian government! We need to keep knocking them out of office until the liberals run out of puppet replacements.

  2. Proof — if any was needed — that the "new marshal" will engage in coverups, corruption and business as usual like all his predecessors. These are all signs of a society that has run out of steam and new ideas for fixing anything that's broken.

  3. "Standards of conduct"? Like when the BATF incinerated 89 Americans — mostly women and children — in Waco Texas using a gas banned by the Geneva Convention mixed with an accelerant to insure all the evidence was destroyed of what really happened? Then the Mt. Carmel ruins bulldozed and trucked off to be buried at an undisclosed site and kept under 24-hour guard so the government's crimes can never be exposed? What a sick dysfunctional government we have.

  4. Well well, well, I wonder if these warnings have anything to do with the 100,000 offer just made to anyone who comes forward with information that the White House is behind F+F. Obama and Holder must be getting very nervous now.

  5. Bill McCroskey says:

    Sounds like this might have been made by the heirarchy at Penn State … perfect cover for those that allowed the molestation of those young boys to go on for years. "I reported it to my superior" ….that way I followed the 'chain of command.' What a joke this so called government we have today is.

  6. This Obama administration is totally corrupt from the top on down.

  7. Are we living in Russia? I thought the Fed. Gov't had a whistleblower statute?

  8. What do you expect? He's obviously an Affirmative Action employee.

  9. This is what we get from the current administration…intimidation…if you tell the truth and expose their criminality you will be punished. We have to hope for more whistleblowers in every department of this marxist government….to expose the criminal aspects and make sure the public knows what's happening….BEFORE THE ELECTION IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!

  10. Obama's corrupt, true, but more than anything else he's just plain INCOMPETENT. He's not up to the task and is in so far over his head. The sad part is he was elected by a wide enough margin of victory that millions of Americans think he is "tops". I even heard some people who should have known better say they voted for him because they "wanted to be part of history"! Congratulations, because the US is "history".

  11. Okay DOJ you and we have the video proof of your new BATF idiot promising disciplinary action for "whistle blowing", now what are you going to do? By law no federal agency can threaten a whistle blower, but can we expect Holder or anyone in the Obama administration to do anything about it? Write your Representatives and Senators and let's see if they will pursue this!

  12. The more they threaten the more whistleblowers will surface.

  13. wildmann says:

    WATCH the Aurora Col. Killer case. This I believe is another FALSE FLAG Deal, to Justify F&F and the U.N. Gun Ban!! I Bet this guy ends up in a Fed Prison, and will be Released W/O Notice orFan-Fare, in a Few Years, with a Pile of MONEY and a New Identity!!! Ever Notice that there has NEVER been a Successful Nation run by all Blacks?? NEVER!! We are as close to an all Black Govt. ,as you can get W/O being located in sub-Sahara Africa!

  14. Bippy Bellito says:

    This is the most insulting presentation I've ever witnessed either in the public or the private sector. The thinly veiled threat may in and of itself be a crime! The body language is most telling! Guilt is all over his demeanor. I just wonder if this poor sucker knows that his bosses have set him up to take the fall for F&F!. Any one serving in government who is aware of the crimes committed by their bosses has an obligation and a duty to come forward. Whoever made this piece of Obama CYA video available…..Thank You for your Service to Our Country and for not being afraid to do the right thing. How many more Americans must die before this Traitor in the White House is removed.

  15. Texas Chris says:

    The final reason for the raid turned out to be "well, they resisted."

    Ya think?

  16. Texas Chris says:

    Aparently this jackwagon thinks that when the next whistle is blown his trump card is "He didn't go through proper channels to blow that whistle!!!"

  17. Texas Chris says:

    What do you expect from an organization whose every responsibility is a violation of the constitution? Alcohol? State issue. Tobacco? State issue. Firearms? "Shall not be infringed". Explosives? AT MOST a state issue.

    BATFE is organized crime with uniforms and badges, period.