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Drug Trafficker List: What If You Get on It?

Written by Gary North on July 18, 2012

A 68-year-old Denver woman went to a car dealer to buy a new car. The car dealer’s salesman checked her credit score online. There he found that she was on a “suspected drug trafficker” list.

The entry went back to 2005. She did not know anything about this.

There was no problem with her credit.

The woman on the list had a similar name.

She did not know this: the credit reports issued to businesses are different from the reports issued to individuals who ask to see them.

Did you know? Not many people do.

The ordeal engulfed the grandmother for the next five years. Her many attempts to fix the problem with TransUnion and the federal government on her own all failed. Cortez pleaded with the credit-reporting agency to correct her credit history but received no help.

She eventually hired Jim Francis, a consumer-law attorney in Philadelphia, and sued TransUnion. Cortez endured a grueling legal battle that included a trial and years of appeals. She originally was awarded $750,000 by a jury, but that later was reduced to $150,000. And the government took about a third of it in taxes.

The woman had been placed on the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control list. Her name was similar to the suspect’s.

The Patriot Act requires businesses to report suspects. It is a crime not to report them.

Here is my recommendation. Buy identity theft insurance. I buy mine through my homeowners policy. It costs under $100 a year. The cost of getting out from under an identity mix-up can be high.

For the details of her time in the car dealership, read the full story.

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5 thoughts on “Drug Trafficker List: What If You Get on It?

  1. USA Born & Raised says:

    Laws need to change. When the victim has to sue to make things right and then the government takes 1/3 of her reward, after attorney fees, she probably only received a few thousand, maybe ten, after the whole mess. Not near enough for all the time she spent and the distress of trying to correct something that was never her fault to begin with.

  2. A total disgrace.

  3. fighting grandma says:

    Yes, a total disgrace…guilty until proven innocent!!!

  4. Bill McCroskey says:

    I have seen the 'list '(as I too was forced to check names against it) I defy anyone to make heads or tails of it. It has names, parts of names, business names, parts of business names along with random initials, numerals and symbols scattered thru out the various entries .I know that false i.d.'s aren't that expensive or hard to get so if the will to circumvent this is there …the checklist is easily defeated. Like all the TSA and other 'make the homeland safe' programs it is nothing more that a public relations ploy to make it look like the Federal government it 'on top of this terrorism issue.'

  5. Yes, Laws NEED to change that are pertinent to destroying one’s life especially when it’s been proven to be erroneous. I lost my home to Foreclosure as a Co-owner of the property due to the technicality of a so-called “law” that Citi-Mortgage claims was the reason they not only would not recognize me as a co-owner, but would NOT help me find a workable solution to save my home. I tried everything supposedly “out there available” but nothing worked. First, they said I was not on the re-finance mortgage the other co-owner was responsible for, but when I proved to the recorder’s office, the auditor’s office, and my Congressman’s office that I was, THEN they said I didn’t “sign the note”. The other co-owner filed bankruptcy, but CitiMortgage’s bankruptcy department would not offer any information that could have been beneficial. They said they’d send a re-modification app to the co-owner responsible for the debt, but they didn’t until AFTER the foreclosure sale! Even tho I wasn’t responsible for the debt, I offered in the beginning of nearly a year of effort, to pay the debt owed if Citi would restructure the amount into a new 30 year mortgage @ current interest, but due to that “law”, they wouldn’t accept my offer. Later, I again offered to buy back my home for what the bank (Freddie Mac) bought it at the foreclosure sale, but again, they refused my offer. My Ccongressman asked Freddie Mac “why” to which they replied, “We’re not interested in her offers, we’re interested only in selling the property for fair market value”! In April, Freddie Mac sold the property for $50,000 – $5000 LESS than what Freddie Mac bought it for at the sheriff’s sale!!! Because I showed the Congressman proof I was indeed, on the re-finance mortgage, they are (again) investigating. I received a telephone call from Freddie Mac asking me what I want?!! NOW they’re stating if I wanted to save my home, it was as simple as the other co-owner to Quit Claim the deed to me! “WHY” didn’t they state that when I was exhausting every avenue of anything I could find to help me save my home??? I know the answer – because we have a corrupt government full of uncaring and despicable people who don’t care who they trample to stay in their positions all of which work for obama!!! Credit Reports are also very damaging and unfair. Any business can report to them erroneous info, but when you dispute it, it takes the Credit Bureaus forever to get it resolved all the while, your credit score is damaged! In June, I went to two car dealerships looking for a 2006 Honda Odyseey (I own a 2001) and told each the payment I could afford. Both nearly laughed at me and as much as said, “Sorry ’bout your luck, but you’re not going to find that payment anywhere!” One dealership asked me if I knew my credit score; I did not. So, they took my SS # and got it for me. Even tho my most current payment histories are excellent with Honda Finance and a local bank having paid off a loan, they would not accept my credit score, so I left their business. NO PAPER WORK SIGNED … NO DEALS DISCUSSED, BOTH dealerships sent out loan applications all over the Country for which I have received six denials! I contacted both asking them “why” as I never even sat down at a desk!! Only the one dealership knew my credit score, but BOTH did this! NEITHER has called me with an explanation and they’ve blemished my credit score. Worse! I have NO credit card debt nor do I owe anything! I stand up for my Rights in everything! I reorted both dealerships to the state attorney general, the BBB, the Credit Reorting Bureaus, AND HONDA CORPRATE!