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“Fill ‘Er Up!” At $59 a Gallon — Air Force Biofuels Program

Written by Gary North on July 17, 2012

The U.S. Air Force recently spent $59 a gallon to fly planes. This was a biofuels experiment.

Normally, the oil-based fuel cost $3.96 a gallon.

The Air Force is in a race with the Navy. Recently, the Navy ran an strike group for its carrier group on biofuels for a day. The cost? A mere $12 million. That works out to $26 per gallon. This was part of the Great Green Fleet demonstration.

It was green, all right. Taxpayer green.

The Obama administration directed the Navy last year to work with the Agriculture and Energy departments to invest up to $510 million to help private industry partners develop a viable alternative energy market capable of producing cost-competitive marine and jet fuels.

This is an investment in the future.

Dan Nolan, a retired Army colonel, said biofuels were currently too expensive to purchase in operational quantities but it made sense to begin testing because “strategically if we can start moving toward that … it’s going to be worth every penny we invest in it now.”

In the free market, energy companies are searching for alternatives to oil-based fuels. The company that finds one will get very rich. The firms put their money into his research.

Why should anyone imagine that an extra half a billion dollars from the U.S. government will lead to the discovery of this breakthrough fuel?

The Air Force is not about to let the Navy get a head start. If the Navy can get the job done for $26 a gallon, then why not $59?

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16 thoughts on ““Fill ‘Er Up!” At $59 a Gallon — Air Force Biofuels Program

  1. Max Penn says:

    Spain tried this green fuel stuff and put half of it's people out of work. I guess Obama is hope to put all of us out of work as well. In income to the goverment will make for no military, no military will make it easy for his friends in the One World Order to take over. And as all this goes down we sit and watch "Dancing with the stars"…

  2. I doubt that you will be able to afford any kind of TV service in order to watch anything. Anyway, I discontinued my TV service about three years ago and am very content not to watch anything except my videos.

  3. BSDetectorNow says:

    There is a big fight going on in Congress over taxes. All we hear from our idiot President and his minions is "Mo money" and for what? So he can piss it off on crap like this. We have enough energy in this country in coal , oil and shell oil to last many decades at which time technology will catch up to us in order to produce green energy that is both economical and acceptable.

  4. I think Max's point was that we shouldn't be content to sit and watch anything, that we should be anxiously engaged in helping to restore the Republic, but we're so apathetic that we sit at home and watch the TV, play video games or surf the Internet while our liberties swiftly slip away right in front of our buried-in-media faces.

  5. Biofuels are an impossible dream. If we planted the entire 470 million acres of arrable land in the United States in corn and converted it all to alcohol, we could replace our oil consumption for almost 200 days. Of course, we'd all have starved to death long befofre that.

    <a target="_new" href="http://gekruckeberg.com">gekruckeberg.com.

  6. How can you stay informed without Fox News?


  7. It shouldn't cost this much. I think Obama is against Green because every green move he made failed. Obama is a plant to make cost effective measures look ridiculous. But hey….WHO CARES if petrol is cheaper than use the damn stuff…..what do I care…..JUST STOP SPENDING AWAY MY CHILDREN"S SLAVERY….you people are SICK STUPID to CONTINUE to allow all of this status quo to happen. http://www.powells.com/partner/35280/biblio/97815… The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street

  8. patriot0721 says:

    Ha', that's kinda funny because that is the exact reference I make in my tea party rants about how the public has been distracted and dumbed down. I also use Desperate Hosebags and LOST 🙂 In April I caught a twin engine drone flying over the 40 just south of me, right after dark in central MN, it's very alarming. I don't believe we can any longer make the necessary corrections through the ballot box….

  9. I wish Obama would stick to trying to get people employed and quit sticking his nose in things he doesn't know anything about.

  10. Admiral America says:

    The big shot US Regime always has so much fiat cash to spread around on pet projects, and to foreign nations. It's sort of the equivalent of a criminal living a billionaire lifestyle through an amazing set of credit cards. They spend so much that their extortion racket (income taxes) only raises enough to pay the interest on the cards every month. Soon the bankers will be coming to collect. However the big shot billionaire will walk away scott free, and the bankers will go after the extortion victims (US citizens).

  11. As much as I am for alternative fuels, this is stupid. $56 a gallon! $26 a gallon. Alternative fuels are still not really for prime time.

  12. I agree with you and also say that fossil fuels are better than the green conversion crap. The Obama administration is wasting our money on green energy that will not work. We have all the resources necessary to get the job done properly i.e. oil, natural gas, oil shale, nuclear power are here and ready to use provided we have leaders that will do the right thing instead of using their heads as a golf ball or a basketball. One nuclear powerplant can produce more energy in one month than wind turbines covering the entire state of Rhode Island in a year. Besides, the wind turbines
    need a backup generator to keep the blades turning when the wind is not blowing. They have also been built in the migratory route for many birds, thus killing many birds in the process.

  13. just rambling says:

    Iam sorry he is NOT LEGALLY THE PRESIDENT.

  14. Green my ass, the only thing green about this scam is the green money going into the pockets of the new Hitler's supporters! It is time to start thinking of a 1776 party. Americans pockets are being raped by the new Hitler and his communist minions. I know enough to realize that this regime is out to enslave all of you. It is obvious and pst time America respond in a way our forefathers would be proud.

  15. I wonder how the bio fuel affects the jet engines. I know that the "gas" we put in our cars are damaged by the 15% ethanol added to it. In fact, you're supposed to use an additive everytime you fill your tank. The additive costs 10.00….yeah, I can see the logic here. I'm just thankful that where I live there are two gas stations that sell gas without ethanol.

  16. I would think that we should be more like the animal kingdom. When there is a rogue they just get rid of it and move on. They don't have a bunch of bleeding hearts saying well maybe it Ok.. No they just get rid of it and move on.
    Lets get rid of Obama and move on. If the next one is a rouge as well. Get rid of i
    Fact 1. Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fake
    Fact 2. Obama took ownership of this Document.
    Fact 2 Obama is at this point Put himself on the ballet in a fraudulent manor and should be removed from Office Now.
    Fact 4.Obama Hates America along with his sole mate.
    Fact 5.lf you, yes you had done these things to get a job and someone proved you did it. Your boss would have fired you and you would be standing trial for forgery. Now we are the employers so lets get these Dumb &ss in congress to fire his dirty half white and back butt.