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Police Kill a Man Who Brought a Gun to the Door at 1:30 a.m.

Written by Gary North on July 17, 2012

The police banged at a man’s door at 1:20 a.m. They did not identify themselves as police. He came to the door holding a gun. They shot him dead. They offer no apology.

The police were looking for someone else. They were at the wrong apartment.

Do not open a door at 1:30 a.m. holding a gun. Be sure you know who is knocking and why. You do not have to open unless the person identifies himself as a police officer.

A see-through porthole in the door would be a good idea.

The chief of police refused to talk with a local TV reporter crew, saying his schedule was too busy. He will probably get away with this. Stonewalling works.

You have the right to keep and bear arms in the United States. But if the police think you are a threat to them, you are as good as dead. The second amendment will not protect you.

I have never heard of a law-enforcement officer who has been given a life’s sentence, let alone the death penalty, for killing a civilian by mistake. Juries will not convict. He may get fired or receive reprimand. Meanwhile, the victim is dead.

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27 thoughts on “Police Kill a Man Who Brought a Gun to the Door at 1:30 a.m.

  1. Every bit as bad as it reads. Now they have "found" drugs in his house. We have Castle doctrine in Florida. Will be lucky to get charge of criminally negligent homicide.

  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    PERHAPS they found drugs in the victim's home (how did they get there … and when, perhaps they were planted??) and so what if they were his? This is another attempt to smear victims or defendants (see George Zimmerman's latest revelations) Police should announce their presence in all but the most extreme cases. A man was shot and killed in home invasion/robbery by 'gangsta' thugs a couple weeks ago in St. Pete when they knocked on his door and screamed "Police" and he unlocked the door for them. Do you maybe think that might have been going thru this victims mind even IF they had announced their intentions or presence?

  3. Drugs could have been perscription medication. Just the word drugs covers a vast amount of area. Any person or persons knock on my door after 10:pm had better identify yourself or expect any of many reprisals.

  4. Drugs or no, they cops had no business being at his house in the first place. This is another example of why I think all cops should be disarmed.

  5. Max Penn says:

    I am more afraid of the police then the bad guys. Today then need no warrant to kick in your door, they can kill your butt for little reason and then get a few days off with pay and they don't get punished. They are looking more like the army then cops, with helmets, body armor, armored vehicle and even helicopters. What happened to America??

  6. delmar Jackson says:

    The cops didn't kill a "civilian". The cops killed a citizen. The cops are civilians as much as any other citizen, they work for other citizens,cops are public servants and fellow citizens. they are NOT in the military.

  7. Here is a case where the police chief should be held directly responsible for the death of this man. That includes going to jail for "manslaughter if necessary. Throw the book at the chief and once or twice this happens the pratice of barging into a mans home at 1:30 am will stop.

  8. And people think the police will be on our side in a national emergency, are you kidding me ? they will do as they are told , like good little toadies.

  9. "The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you're going to get shot," Unless you shoot first.
    It is a dangerous world, if someone is pounding on your door in the middle of the night, or breaking in, you have a right to be armed. The problem is if it is the police rather than an actual burglar, you will be dead as soon as the cops see a gun, or even they just think they see a weapon. Your only hope in this situation, do not hesitate, it does not matter who is pointing the gun at you, you will be just as dead if it turns out to be a cop, unless you able to suppress the threat.

    This type of scenario is on the rise as the police become increasingly militarized and aggressive, they need to rethink their tactics. I have rethought mine

  10. Hey. Why do you think homeland nonsecurity purchased 450 million rounds of .40 hollopoints and thousands of high powered military weapons.?

    Firat they taser you, gas you and then murder you.

    It is the Federal Family at war with the American citizens.

    The ultimate end: Sharia Law……

  11. It's coming, be prepared!!

  12. They will do as they were told in New Orleans, during Katrina, when they disarmed law-abiding citizens.

  13. BSDetectorNow says:

    This same thing happened in Lubbock, Texas a couple of years ago. Early in the morning hours, the police kicked the door in on a wrong apartment belonging to an elderly 70+ man. The man not knowing who was invading his home shot at the intruders with a shotgun but missed. In response, the officer fired six rounds at the home occupant striking him ,I believe, once. The man survived and was charged with attempted murder and assault but charges were later dropped. The man sued but the city was deemed to not be liable but the officer was. The Man was awarded $76k from someone. Not sure who paid. The officer was not fired or reprimanded. This same officer was involved in another shooting last month in which the victim was killed. To be honest, that shooting was clearly "Suicide by Cop".

  14. timlebsack says:

    Put me on the jury.

  15. Admiral America says:

    The police were probably too scared to identify themselves. They probably thought any dangerous criminals would open fire through the door, and then escape.

  16. Texas Chris says:

    They will be on the side they perceive as most likely to win.

    310,000,000 of us, 5,000,000 of them. Do the math.

    Oh, and move to Texas.

  17. Texas Chris says:

    Police should not be knocking on doors or kicking them in unless there is imminent danger, or a violent act in progress.

    Drugs or no drugs, there was no reason for them to be there. This is murder.

  18. Texas Chris says:

    Oh, I think they should be armed. Sure. With a pen, a clip board, a camera, and some chalk dust.

    It's the CITIZENS who should be armed. The cops are just there to do the paperwork, snap some pictures, and haul the body away.

  19. Texas Chris says:

    Totally agree. It's called "obstruction of justice".

  20. Texas Chris says:

    I have as well, including building a hardened half-wall from which to defend my front door, as well as bars to shoot thru.

    We're not going to have a "drop the gun until we decide if you're a threat" discussion. Go get a warrant. Till then, get bent.

  21. Reality99r says:

    A day doesn't go by without reading or hearing about a police involved shooting.
    Makes me wonder if the police unions have set up a bounty program for shooting innocent civilians in order to create the perception the police are to be feared more than the gangbangers.

  22. Texas Chris says:

    You assembled a complete sentence, you are over qualified.

  23. Imagine how much safer we will be when only the police and the military have weapons? NOT!

  24. Law enforcement generally has become more reckless and lawless because they are emboldened by the lawlessness of this administration. Obama, Holder, Geithner, etc. all believe they are not just above the law, but they ARE the law. Until we recover our White House from this Marxist Muslim criminal element, we will see more stories like this.

    The blame lies solely with the police. Had they not gotten the wrong house, no one would have had to die. For sure this is at least shoddy police work. I do have a small "however." If you are going to be armed in or outside of your home, you must at least conduct yourself responsibly—and be smart about it. Opening the door with your gun pointed at whoever is there is not smart.

    If you come to the door armed, do a couple of common sense things: ask who's there while standing away from the door. If they identify themselves to your satisfaction—which may be difficult if you just woke up out of a sound sleep. Tell them you're calling 911 to verify who they are. Identify yourself. Tell then who you are. That should at least give them pause. If they sound nervous and edgy, do not open the door with your gun in sight, much less pointed at the person at the door.

    None of these suggestions my be possible given the circumstances, but I believe had I been this man, I might have been in hand cuffs, but I believe I would be alive. The bottom line is, if you're going armed, first get some training. Having a gun never guarantees a good outcome if you are not trained. Second, take out insurance specifically designed for self-defense purposes. Without these precautions, too many things can go wrong. A gung-ho, macho attitude is the last thing you need.

  25. This is government sanctioned MURDER. No worries I am sure the dept of MIS justice will be right on it.

  26. no a-holes says:

    THESE DAMNED ASSHOLES WITH BADGES ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS ! and I do NOT apologize for that. And not even an apology ? why don't they feel that way when one their own shxtheads gets offed ?? no they cry just like little girls but when they kill, no MURDER one of us they don't even admit their screw up. All this crap with only "oh gee we were at the wrong address" and didn't even announce themselves ! how damned stupid to be at the wrong apt !!!! are they literate ? don't think so and by the way we murdered some poor sap.. Maybe we should be a hell of a lot less hesitant about shooting back at them. If you're going to die at least kill all of them you can… damn this makes me angry. Who do these IDIOTS think they are ? they seem to be practicing for the on coming BS to come to this country but remember ANYONE can squeeze a trigger and EVERYBODY can be had. DON';T LET THEM, ANYONE, TAKE YOUR GUNS !! SCREW MARXIST THE A-HOLE IN CHIEF !

  27. sparrow298 says:

    This happened in my county. Local legal experts are saying that a wrongful death lawsuit is a near slam dunk. If the man's survivors and their attorney are smart, they will sue the sheriff's department, the county and deputy responsible for firing the fatal shot. I am going to keep an eye on this to make sure my taxes don't go up to fund the settlement. The Lake County Sheriff's Department really screwed up and they know it.