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More Ammo for the Department of Homeland Security

Written by Gary North on July 16, 2012

The DHS is at it again. It is stockpiling more ammunition. A lot of ammunition.  This is from Infowars:

On July 5, the Department of Homeland Security announced on the FedBizOpps.gov website that it plans to buy thirty-six Colt LE901 rifle systems. The latest DHS purchase follows a solicitation issued on July 13 for the purchase of .223 Caliber Remington Enhanced Performance Ammunition in excess of $500,000. The Colt assault weapons are designed to accept the .223 ammunition. . . .

In April, we reported on the DHS awarding contracts to a munitions company for 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition. Prior to this, the feds awarded Winchester a five year contract for 200 million rounds .40 caliber ammunition.

The question comes to mind: who are the prospective targets? Terrorists? Armed bands of terrorists? From where?

The DHS is also buying bullet-proof guard booths. Lots and lots of guard booths. At last count, 9,300 of them. It plans to buy more.

Who will  be shooting at them? Why?

I have a problem imagining sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists inside the USA, waiting for a signal to attack 9,300 guard booths.It’s great for guard booth manufacturers, of course. Their ship has come in.

Congress is not holding hearings on these purchases. We might think that Congressmen would be curious about all this. Why is the DHS stocking up?

If private clubs of American weekend target shooters were doing this, there would be prime time TV news stories for a week. There would be Congressional hearings. But when the DHS does it, no one notices, except for right-wing blog editors.

This is part of a long-term plan. The DHS has not been asked to comment on this plan. Is it spending this money only because it can? If so, the waste is enormous. The fact that the DHS is getting away with this indicates that senior members of Congress have been informed of the reason for it. The reason is not ready for prime time.

If the DHS is wise in laying up weapons, then who else is laying up weapons? Why?

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15 thoughts on “More Ammo for the Department of Homeland Security

  1. Obama plans to make war on the American people. The economic sanctions he imposed on America are not working fast enough, so he is going to have to resort to military action to destroy it.

  2. I think my Mini Grand 223 will shot better than theirs. I hope I get to find out. LOL

  3. First of all the H& K MP 5 Submachine Gun in .40 is available ONLY to police. Think about that for a minute. Add to that the most exhaustive study of bullet performance was done by the FBI which caused them to switch from the 9 mm to the .40 (10 mm). Study was based on actual shootings, you dead body in the morgue. Simply put the .40 is easier to shoot but has the terminal expansion/ballistics of the .45

    Next I do not care. There are far too many websites that tell you how, show you how, to covert your Glock .40 into full auto or selective fire. Secondly there is not a SINGLE soft body armor vest (currently worn by police) that will stop ANY rifle bullet. There is no such thing as bullet proof vests…only bullet resistant.

    There are many tricks to defeat the DHS. Shame they are not aware of them. Now I know why they consider Veterans potential terrorists…the American Taxpayer paid for our training and I am will to return the favor and train them.

    Bring it on!! Semper Fi.

  4. ccfonten says:

    Yep! Remember his little motto:::::"we can't wait"…..for Congress to act on what he wants???
    He is acting on it all and it is in the dark of night and behind closed doors.
    Anyone other than us folks, concerned and patriotic American citizens, noticing all this and becoming more and more concerned???

  5. ccfonten says:

    Hey, Dude, don't give them any more ideas!
    And if I were to impart just a smidgen of advice to all: DON'T say on the internet what you have in your arsenal or what you intend to purchase/obtain.
    Big Brother (or should I say Big Sis) is watching…………and reading.

  6. ccfonten says:

    Folks, this bodes no good for WE THE PEOPLE.
    Be safe, be alert, be prepared……………and PRAY for the safety of our great nation and our people!

  7. WHO ARE THE INTENDED TARGETS??? "WE THE PEOPLE…." Now all Napolitan needs to concern herself with is who willl she be able to recruit to use these weapons against us. If Obama thinks he is going to be able to declare martial law and control the people, he has a mental problem. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

  8. It get worse: While the Government is building up its armoury it is now supporting the UN Small Arms Treaty which is currently being negotiated at the United Nations (NYC). Bush vetoed this move back in 2009 but Obione through Clinton has agreed that the US will now support the approval of the Treaty. If passed, the Arms Trade Treaty will set up an international agency that will control the availability of arms – and potentially civilian firearms and ammunitions – around the world. Will the newly established agency have the authority to tell signing nations what they can and cannot sell within their own borders? 57 Senators have signed a letter protesting calls from globalist to infringe on Second Amendment rights through a United Nations Trade Treaty but we have already seen how Reid et al have stuffed votes in the Senate.

  9. And keeping a record of all. Read about the army of computer snitches working for DHS. Read about the DHS informant to the Canadian press.

  10. It would be nice if all this was B.S. I wont feel safe untill after the election. Then go from there.

  11. The DHA and other letter agencies that have private SWAT teams should be disbanded and the ammunition and weapons distributed to the American Taxpayers.

    When will the Kenyans, Syrian, Eygyprion and somalies be brought to America to officer BO's war on America. Battle hardened thugs that have no problem murdering a civilian population of infidels.

  12. don oesau says:

    Time for all gun owners to stock up on ammunition. And keep it quiet!!

  13. Texas Chris says:

    Who else is laying up weapons and ammo?

    YOU should be.

  14. The DHS is also buying bullet-proof guard booths. Lots and lots of guard booths. At last count, 9,300 of them. It plans to buy more.

    Yeah, that's a lot of guard booths. I wonder if they're portable? Probably for VIPR Teams. Set up a road block. Could also be that someone's relative needs some business. If they were for "detention centers" there are easier ways to do this, and probably cheaper too.

    I'm more concerned about the guard shacks than I am about ammo purchases…

    "enhanced performance ammunition". If this is the M855A1 rounds these are standard military ammunition. $10,000,000 is not a lot of ammo. As I recall from conversations with police the average in Florida was 50 rounds per person per week. That's 2,500 rounds per year per person. If one in ten DHS people are shooters we're talking 20,000 people x 2,500 = 50,000,000 rounds per year.

    Federal agencies will require these for practice and deployment. DHS is a huge agency, 200,000 employees and almost $100 billion dollars a year.

    Again, it's the details…. feeding these people, transporting them and dealing with the massive disruption in commerce that a Martial Law will entail.

    I think that these purchases are bones being tossed to groups who stand to miss out when the US starts to "wind down" deployment overseas.

    At least I hope so. As If I can do anything about if they're fixing to take over??

  15. Just one suggestion: Let the DHS select YOU to be an employee so you can be an "insider" and protect the outsiders .. the American people. YOU COULD be useful to those who still support the U.S. Constitution.