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23 thoughts on “Medicare Pays $188 Million for Penis Pumps

  1. USA Born & Raised says:

    Oh, for Pete's sake. Is this seriously what our tax dollars go to? For real? Where has the common sense gone to?

  2. Where do all these liberals come from?

  3. More proof that the government can do the samr job it does for half of what it STEALS from us.
    Our own government is destroying our country.
    Let the governers join to abolish this federal government and set up a new one that remains within the confines of the constitution.

  4. Wiliam 1 says:

    and thus IMMORAL CAPITALISTIC BUREAUCRATIC agencies at the expense of the tax payer who are still being taxed w/o their approval.
    I make a distinction about Capitalism as to moral and immoral-see try to remove God from our society and you get this kind of stuff and Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosie, ACLU, etc. Liberalism has become the immoral religion of the New Word Order and they fully believe i it-as in standing there with a smoking gun in your hand and your foot hurts like heck and you wonder why, when you just shot yourself in the foot, and your blaming the —gun —which you are holding????? Dumb de dumb dumb!

  5. sean murry says:

    Another stupid program what a waste of money.

  6. I wondered where these companies were getting all the money to advertise on TV. Now I know.

    Most of our Reps in the Beltway can't or don't, take the time to read all bills brought before them for vote to put into law. So much is hidden within a Good (?) bill that can get signed into law and the bad just piggy-backs. I was under the impression that this was all to change with BHO's "COMPLETE TRANSPARENT" form (lol) of governing. Yet we keep rehiring these incompetent people to represent each and every one of us in Washington. Shame on us for letting this happen. I'm personally taking responsibility for my past lack of involvement. What are you doing???

  8. This would save A LOT of money for the elderly AND for Medicare services: (This TRUE STATEMENT follows)

    I honestly believed that a local doctor was commiting Medicare fraud…he was rarely in the office yet had a flourishing AND very profitable practice…
    After numerous phone calls, to the DHHS, state and federal and finally the INSPECTOR GENERAL – I stated the situation – I was informed that it was NOT against the law…
    Did you know that it is THE Drs' discretion how Medicare is billed from their office!!!
    A Medicare patient may NEVER see the Dr in the office…
    Every visit a Medicare patient makes, he/she may ONLY see the Nurse Practictioner of Physician Assistant…(mid-level providers)
    BUT THE DOCTOR IS CHARGING FOR A FULL DOCTOR VISIT TO GET MORE MONEY!!! (the mid-level provider should be billed at approx. 75% of what the dr would charge – example if the visit is $100 it would only generate be $75 – but the doctor is taking the extra 25%…
    WHAT A SCAM!!!
    I prefer honesty NOT fraud, and who suffers – those on a limited income…those who need the services the most…sad really…

  9. That's what the government can do for ya………………..they can screw up a wet dream………….they do more harm than good…………they cannot operate any business……………what do you think will REALLY happen to ovomitcare if it is NOT STOPPED, the only thing I want from government is the military for our own protection and cut out all this garbage in between.

  10. gross

  11. Cedric Ward says:

    Maybe you should look at the situation this way:
    Wouldn't you rather have the oldsters in the bedroom getting some much needy physical needs met rather than have them out on the highway causing traffic accidents and deaths? That could be even more expensive and disastrous!
    I know I would.

  12. gene berman says:


    Liberals may be the idiots that pass the laws in the first place but I don't think they'd have any monopoly on using such products. Disfunction is sorta equal-opportunity.

  13. Gene Berman says:


    What's legal is–how can I say it–legal. Fault the legislators rather than the physician, who remains, technically, responsible (both legally and financially) for the adequate provision of the service.

    Actually, your suspicion was completely justified. But it uncovered sloppiness of bureaucratic administration rather than fraud on the part of the physician. Of course, if the bureaucracy was better managed (according to more stringent requirements), you'd find the doctors "shaping up" to comply.

    The system shapes the individuals' behavior–not the other 'way 'round.

  14. Jstarusa says:

    I often wondered about that. A real medical necessity such as dental help is denied by Medicare, but if you want a pump, you are in luck! But to answer your questions, yes, that and many other questionable things. (Tax Dollars) and common sense? Not taught in any university, either you have it or you dont!

  15. Mr. Donn J. Moyer says:

    They fell out of a NUT tree.

  16. Mr. Donn J. Moyer says:

    Right On, LMR.(1st of 3 messages)
    We wonder how the Supreme Court (Obama's Presidential "BUDDIES") could uphold the 2,700+ page "Obamacare" bill that NONE of them have read?
    I am a proud 79 year old Korean era veteran and have seen the BEST of this country and I now see a degenerate government foisted upon the MAJORITY.
    How could a self important "man" who never had to make a payroll, never had a real job, has NO credentials and could hardly say anything without his teleprompter become the President of this formally great country?
    If you are over 65 and haven't read any of the "Obamacare" bill (That nutty Nancy Pelosi said on television seen around the world make a statement like "we have to pass the Obamacare bill so we can see what's in it") you better have a look at the "Obamacare" bill and you'll see what you will be denied by 15 non-medical people who will decide who gets what medical treatment. Why is Pelosi still in office?

  17. Mr. Donn J. Moyer says:

    (2nd of 3 messages)
    What America has lost and needs desperately is for all conservatives to get together. I don't mean political groups, I mean
    all the industries that will go broke, like airlines, veterans organizations, churches, automakers, cruise lines, vacation destinations, and farmers and more and get the word out that AMERICAN'S (except the Solons) won't stand for a moment for such things as Obama's "death councilors", destroying our medical community which isn't perfect but better than anywhere else and purposely plowing the country more in debt every second of every day.

    I suggest we drop out of and stop funding the miserable United Nations who now want control over all of our legal weapons. Stop sending billions of bux overseas, mainly to countries that hate the USA. Why support anyone but we taxpayers. And by the way, stop funding any of thousands of financial "give aways" to foreign countries and use some of the money to pay for the very poor, illegals and lazy. Better to do that than take away our freedoms and destroy the medical community. Then leave our health care alone.

  18. timlebsack says:

    Medicare should be eliminated.

  19. Hey, if its good enough for Austin Powers then its good enough for the US government! Spare no expense as long as someone else is paying for it!

  20. it should be obvious to anyone by now, actually quite a while back, that our government is racing us towards bankruptcy at breakneck speed!!
    When the government does collapse under its own weight, it will be the people in power, trying to retain their power, that will be the most surprised at what comes next!!!!

  21. What a waste! Just think of all the Alpo this could have bought!!!!

  22. OK, so you're lying in bed, middle of the night, all comfy and warm. Visions of magnificent women are roaming through your mind……. so sensual…… so incredible……. oh, my! When suddenly….. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Michelle Obama pop into your mind!!!!
    Oh yuck!!!! That about ruin it for ya???

  23. huh?