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Obama’s Stimulus Package Outsourced Jobs

Written by Gary North on July 12, 2012

Obama says he will not give tax breaks to American businesses that set up plants in foreign nation. But that does not mean that he will not give money up front to do this. In fact, he already has.

The $787 billion Keynesian stimulus of 2009 had lots of money for businesses that used the money to pay to outsource jobs.

 For example, there is the North Carolina LED manufacturer Cree Inc. Cree was awarded $39 million through a stimulus-funded tax credit program in January 2010. However, half of the company’s employees are in China and the company opened a manufacturing plant in Huizhou City, China in November 2009, according to an article in the industry publication LEDs Magazine.

According to the same article, Cree CEO Chuck Swodoba said he did not consider Cree Inc. to be run like a completely American company.

“Cree management never runs this company as a US company. We consider Cree to be a global company with local wisdoms,” Swodoba said.

Swodoba also said he would continue expanding into China, adding that Cree would keep creating jobs there because it could take advantage of both China’s human resources and its “state-of-the-art technology.”

Mr. Swooboda is nothing if not forthright, unlike Mr. Obama. He tells it like it is. His job is to make money. That means taking a subsidy from the government in order to give jobs to Asians. “We will continue to invest here [China] for both human talent and the most state-of-the-art technologies.”

He is not alone.

Another example of stimulus outsourcing is Japanese wind energy firm Eurus Energy, whose U.S. subsidiary, Eurus Energy America, received $91 million in stimulus funds to build a wind farm in Texas, according to a 2010 report from American University. That wind farm reportedly was built with wind turbines manufactured by another Japanese company – Mitsubishi.

“Eurus Energy America, the U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese firm, received $91 million in stimulus money for its Bull Creek wind farm in Texas. The farm consists of 180 Mitsubishi turbines,” the American University report said.

Eurus told American University that the wind farm was actually built by British firm RES Americas and is now being run by EnXco, an American subsidiary of the French energy firm EDF Energies Nouvelles.

Then there is green energy. Who could possibly oppose green energy? So, it gets lots of green from the Obama Administration.

Another example of the Obama administration funding foreign companies is a $337 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy’s green energy lending program.

That loan went to California energy firm Sempra Energy for a solar power array in Arizona. However, according to a Feb. 4, 2011  New York Times report, Sempra Energy bought its solar panels from the Chinese firm Suntech.

The project, known as Mesquite Solar 1, reportedly used 800,000 of the Chinese solar panels.

Compared to $787 billion, this is chump change. But with a boondoggle as large as $787 billion, there will be lots of examples of money going where the President says he does not want it to go.

The solution is to vote against the boondoggles, not keep the money “at home.”

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5 thoughts on “Obama’s Stimulus Package Outsourced Jobs

  1. And I will not vote to reelect a president who uses borrowed money to donate gunboats to foreign countries at taxpayer expense.

  2. this piece of garbage has done more harm to this country than Romney ever thought of doing, ………..it's the iatolaovomit who has done the outsourcing, my God nothing but pure unadulterated LIES comes out of this filthy mongrels mouth.

  3. John Hardman says:

    ********"Obama’s Stimulus Package Outsourced Jobs"********

    Am I the only one on this planet that has finally come to the realization that Captain BS (barry soetoro) is deliberately trying to scuttle our Ship so that He can move to the next stage of His nefarious plans to Re-Name our Country "OBAMAVILLE"????

    Why to I hear on a daily basis, questions from what appear to be normal functioning Citizens..like "I wonder why Obama doesn't do those things that are required to keep our Ship from Foundering on the rocks of insolvency?"…and more and more
    the chorus is growing louder and louder as we watch and wait for Captain BS to grab the tiller and sail in the opposite direction.

    Captain BS is like unto a Kamakaze pilot on a mission to do what He has been ordered to do, come hell or high water.

    Stop scratching your collective heads, and wringing trembling hands…..put your brains in gear and peel rubber to the nearest
    Patriot Orgaization in your neighborhood and put your shoulder to the wheel of progress for bouncing Captain BS from His present digs.

    Lock and Load….Fix bayonets….Take no prisoners. I'll see ya on the other side.

  4. Erik Osbun says:

    Obama is the chief job out sourcer.

  5. Greenbulldog says:

    It's so easy…Cut taxes and regulations, and jobs will stay here.