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Woman’s Grass Is Too Long. Policeman Breaks into Her Bedroom to Warn Her.

Written by Gary North on July 10, 2012

Is your grass too long? You are at risk if you live in Martinez, Georgia. The city issued a warning to a woman. Then a local cop went beyond the call of duty — and common sense.

Erica Masters woke to the policeman “serving her a violation at her bedroom doorway.” The officer “knocked at her door to give her a violation for her grass being too long. After knocking several times, he entered her home, walked into her bedroom, and told her to get up.”

The good news is that he is now on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

She plans to sue the city if nothing is done.

I wonder what the city was doing to serve her a warning for grass that as too long. Was it a health hazard? A fire hazard?

I was issued a warning in 2005 for long grass. I was unaware that this was a crime in my little town. I had just moved in. I found out that long grass is a threat to the community. The city had a full-time grass inspector on the payroll.

Americans worry about long grass. Meanwhile, their constitutional liberties are eroding away. The uncontrolled growth of regulation, not the growth of grass, is the threat.

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20 thoughts on “Woman’s Grass Is Too Long. Policeman Breaks into Her Bedroom to Warn Her.

  1. Texas Chris says:

    A police officer standing over my bed as I wake up is going to be shot. Period. I may be shot in return. I may die. HE may die. But I will not live as a slave. Give me liberty, or give me death.

    Until Americans figure out that lead, deliverd at a high rate of speed, is the only deterrant to an ever-encroaching government, we will continue to have an ever encroaching government.

  2. PatrioTom says:

    I'm with you Chris! That cop wasn't too bright. This was a home invasion that should have resulted in a dead, stupid, arrogant and over-reaching cop! Let this be a lesson to any over-zealous, self-important a-hole cowboy with a badge and a gun!

  3. I can assure you that if that had been me. The COP would have been leaving on a stretcher, headed to the morgue.

  4. I agree with all of the above, just because you have a badge don't make you lord and master but it seems like some people let it go to there heads. I feel that two or three quick ones in the chest would solve the matter.

  5. The regulation in question, like many others in many other communities, was passed because of nuisance properties and is used in cases where people abandon property or the disheveled lawns, broken down cars, garbage, etc., may pose a hazard, like snakes, gutter and drainage obstructions and stray animals and in larger urban areas these properties may harbor drug trafficking, prostitution, etc. Of course, none of these things were mentioned and sometimes neighbors just get tired of lazy people not mowing their lawns. No doubt the cop went well beyond reasonable measures to serve the warrant. I'd bet money he is well acquainted with one of the woman's neighbors.

    Not smart on his account, for sure.

  6. Heh. To quote Granny Hawkins, “that big talk’s worth doodly-squat.”

  7. jammin2011 says:

    I would like to know a little more. Like, how many times had they been out to her house to serve her warning? Was she just not answering the door? Does she always let her yard go to weeds? What is her history? So easy to report on one aspect. I for one would try find out why she was neglecting her yard. Then act accordingly. Perhaps a few neighbors could mow it for her.

  8. With no doubt in my mind. That cop would have died on the spot. There would be no dialog, no warning, just a quick flash, a crack, and a thud.
    I will not have that bio-hazzard contaiminating my floors so I will drag his sorry dead butt out the door to it bleed out.

  9. Max Penn says:

    So, now the day has come where the police do not know what the constitution is or what it stands for!! It's a violation for anyone to enter your house with out a warrant from a judge. Can all see that the left have zero love for our constitution or our liberty..If we don't fix this, it will get much worse and all will be lost soon.

  10. I think I need to go mow my grass. 🙂

  11. wireline says:

    they seem to think it does, if you ever note the arrogant way they talk to citizens

  12. wireline says:

    why does this matter so much to you, you don't find a cop entering that woman's home uninvited a bit disturbing? I certainly do, why are we more worried about some long grass than our individual freedom and liberty?

  13. wireline says:

    you wouldn't even call 911 to tell them you had shot a cop invading your space without warrant?

  14. I live in a suburb of Houston Texas. We have,like all suburban communities, a homeowners association, with the right, granted to them by you when you purchase property in this subdivision, to assess fines for failure to maintain your property to community standards. This is the way Americans handle things. We are a constitutional republic, not a police state. In a republic, it is the Citizens responsibility to solve problems like overgrown grass. Do not ever give that responsibility to any government, city, state, or federal. Unless, of course, you are too lazy to appreciate (and deserve) freedom.


  15. and this is precisely WHY I will never live in an area where hbmeowners' associations make silly rules about what color you can paint your house, how many cats I can have (don't worry, I hate the things so I won't have any.. but I';l never decide a neighbor can't… as long as they don't become a nuisance at MY place), how many cars I can own (and what kinds), and how long my grass/weeds/roses can get. When I BUY a piece of dirt, I expect to become the steward of that dirt and manage it according to MY goals. When George and Martha get themselves schmoozed onto the Homeowner's Association and begin imposint THEIR pink flamingos (or lack thereof) on everyone living in the "community" you no longer have a community you have a tyranny of the pushy. Let them move to Iran where the mullahs tell you what to eat for supper and who can cook it.

  16. They usually wear bullet proof vests. Aim somewhere else.

  17. It does go to their heads. Power has a tendency to do that

  18. Alice Ray says:

    It's doesn't matter HOW many times the police have visited.
    The police should always stop at the door, as there is no need to enter We do not have a gustapo units in the U.S yet.
    Just Leave a summons or warning on the door AND LEAVE THE PROPERTY!

  19. I don't understand the legal system in America. I read all the books in school and I was a good student. I can learn stuff. But how are average citizens supposed to have a fighting chance when the attorney general is in charge of police departments? Aren't judges going to defend every cop that comes to trial regardless of evidence? They are all on the same payroll! They all work for the same people. The law makers, the law enforcers, and the law judgers are all on the same team. They support each other. It truly is "us against them" in the worst imaginable way. When things get tough, the good old boys will close ranks and fight to the death for their own band of brothers. Add all the ex-military who are now cops and you have a recipe for toast. We're all toast. The current legal system favors those who are employed by the legal system. The rest of us are on our own.

  20. Respect and privacy are a thing of the past.