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Foreign Aid: Green Energy for Africa

Written by Gary North on July 10, 2012

The U.S. government plans to spend $20 million to “help clean energy projects in Africa get started.” There will be wind farms. There will be solar panels.

Hillary Clinton has describd the program this way.

“The U.S.-Africa Clean Energy Finance Initiative will help clean energy projects in Africa get started. This is an innovative partnership between three United States government entities – the State Department, OPIC (the Overseas Private Investment Corporation), and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. We want to drive private sector investment into the energy sector.”

This is jump-starting hundreds of millions of dollars of private investment, she has promised. The money will come from OPIC: the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

This private investment will be backed up by U.S. taxpayer guarantees. As it states on its Web site, “OPIC achieves its mission by providing investors with financing, guarantees, political risk insurance, and support for private equity investment funds.”

This system of government guarantees is mandatory, Clinton says. Why? Because “investors in this space often see obstacles and risks that stop them from investing in clean energy in Africa. … So if we can remove some of the risk and cover some of the costs of preparing a project, we believe we can spur significant new private investments in clean energy. And that is the idea behind the partnership we are announcing today.”

Money will flow to Africa that would has flowed into American industry.

Here is our supposed problem. An investor who “wants to build a wind farm in Egypt but won’t commit until he sees assessments and land surveys. A grant could cover the cost and mean the difference between going forward or giving up.”

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6 thoughts on “Foreign Aid: Green Energy for Africa

  1. Texas Chris says:

    US citizens, taxpayers, struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the US government spends tax money in Africa. AFRICA!

    This is treason. It should be dealth with using a rope, and a tree. Lots of rope. A forrest of trees.

  2. Combat VET says:

    The KENYA FRAUD can use his OWN MONEY to rebuild his Birth place when "WE THE PEOPLE"

    NOBAMA 2012!!!! "BE THERE"

  3. Judgement says:

    Scranton Pennsylvania Mayor had to cut everyone's pay to minimum wage but Hillary gives millions to Africa. He have such a heart Hillary! Take out the trash November!

  4. Will we ever have a government that realizes that there are plenty of people and things that money such as this could help here in the U.S……TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST!

  5. We can't even get green energy projects started here. All the companies are going bankrupt. Does George Soros have his hand in this somhow?????

  6. mikeylikesit says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Solar panels??? But all the companies Obamahardashian has given them are bankrupt. Don't you realize that the price of of usage of these so called windmills are more expensive than gas, coal and electric combined cost!