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Pinko Lefties at the ACLU Get It Right–An App to Stick It to Nosy Cops

Written by Gary North on July 6, 2012

The American Civil liberties Union of New Jersey has created a smart phone ap. When a policeman asks for your ID and refuses to say why, you just click the ap. The entire event is recorded. If your smart phone has a high definition lens, so much the better.

The ACLU even produced a low-budget YouTube animated video. And get this: it uses bluegrass! From Lefties in New Jersey, no less! Is this cross-cultural reaching out, or what?

The spokesman is named Shalom, the Hebrew word for peace. You know: as in peace officers. I’m for more peace, less intrusion.

“There’s really only three buttons that the user needs to deal with,” Shalom said. “There’s a know your rights button that educates the citizen about their rights when encountering police on the street, in a car, in their home or when they’re going to be placed under arrest, and there’s a button to record audio and a button to record video.”

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Even better, it is hard to erase.

The app lets users record audio and video discretely with a stealth mode that hides the fact that the recording is happening.

Shalom said officers would also have a harder time deleting the recorded incidents.

“Unlike a recording that’s just done in the standard camera or video mode on someone’s telephone, it’s a little more complicated to find these files and delete them. So it can theoretically be done but it would take a far more tech-savvy police officer to do it,” Shalom said.

Users can store the recording on their phones or send a copy to the ACLU-NJ for backup storage and analysis of possible civil liberties violations.

I hope the ACLU branches in every state get on board. I hope Tea Party groups do knock-offs.

Don’t limit this to cops. Every bureaucrat should be eligible.

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35 thoughts on “Pinko Lefties at the ACLU Get It Right–An App to Stick It to Nosy Cops

  1. Benji's Dad says:

    Very interesting but totally illegal in liberal Massachusetts. Comes under the wiretapping statutes because Massachusetts is an "all party" state whereby everyone being recorded has to give consent.

  2. Anthony says:

    Wow, the ACLU get it right for once. They must feel that their image needs a little rehab.

  3. delmar jackson says:

    I recall people recording audio of the police without their permission being charged with serious and nasty to get out of felonies. Don't agree, just saying be careful.

  4. Abraham Obama says:

    I can just see it. Hold on officer while I get my cell phone out and check my rights…. A bad cop would just grab the phone and slam it on the ground, good bye app, good bye proof, hello jail cell.

  5. I wouldn't trust the ACLU. I'm sure this app was created for something more sinister. In the 1950's the head of the ACLU told their members to pretend that they're patriotic and are fighting for the constitution…we all know that's a lie.

  6. Maryland also.

  7. Gee, just think a person recording all the lies of the politicians like Obama and putting all of it on youtube. Oh, wait a minute, didn't Obama prevent recording him by executive order? He's signed so many executive orders since 2008, it must be in there somewhere.

  8. A federal court recently ruled the Massachusetts law unconstitutional as applied to taping police officers doing their jobs in public. The court went so far as to say you now have a first amendment right to tape them.

  9. This is why it's important that the recording be done in real-time on an off-site computer server – for instance – uploaded to YouTube in real time as the recording is being made. This way, even if the cop takes the phone, he can't destroy the recording. Plus the cop's taking of the phone will be recorded too — possibly (maybe, if the prosecutor is honest) opening the cop up to charges of larceny and obstruction of justice. Even if prosecutors won't go after the cop, you can still sue the cop – and you'll have video evidence to show to a jury.

  10. HadEnuf says:

    Lord have mercy, I pray that they will be upheld if this is true; unfortunately, the commies will challenge this ruling and have one of their comrade judges – as is totally case now a days – nullify it. This is why I think that it will take a 1776 to take our freedom back. The states must start manning militias to send a message to this communist regime!

  11. snakearbusto says:

    I thought the ACLU was the commies…? Looks like thier on our side.

  12. snakearbusto says:

    The lies the Bush admin. told the American people & the world to get us to invade Iraq are all right there on video. Lotta people dead for no reason, incl. babies. Nobody in jail for it, tho, that I know of.

  13. Charlie says:

    Now that is definitely good to know. I was wondering if this was okay to use here in the P.D.R. of Massachusetts, and I guess it now is. I wonder if that applies to phone calls, too.

    I really hope more and more people start doing this. This is almost enough to make me want to get a "smart" phone.

  14. Calm American says:

    Jojo, can you source that story?….or don't you need to have your opinions legitimatized?

  15. Dude Really? Hasn't this horse been beaten enough. The whole freakin world was on board with going to Iraq. There were no lies Bush told he merely stated current intelligence which turned out to be only half right(tons of yellow cake shipped to Canada, Sarin gas, and delivery equipment). Hey look I didn't agree with allot of Bush's progressive policies but there is no comparison to what Obama has done. Spent ten times more money, Started another war, let the Middle East turn itself upside down, increased the cost of everything two fold, Left Guantanamo open (ok by me). Stuck his nose in more local business for self aggrandizement than any POTUS in history and passed the biggest TAX INCREASE in American history on the middle class with his monstrosity Obama Care!!! Hell I would vote for Carter over Obama any day.

  16. But all parties don't have to give consent to whether they are going to be beaten by the police. Odd.

  17. mathis1689 says:

    Someone at the ACLU must be seriously drunk!

  18. The app needs to upload, email, or MMS the audio/video to a server or other secure source every 30 seconds and restart. That way, even if the LEO finds and deletes the video from your phone, you could still recover it, later. For example, you get home and you have 10 emails for a 5 minute traffic stop. Each email would contain a 30 second video, that when attached to the others, would present a recording of the full incident. That way, the most that the LEO could do would be to delete what was already emailed and the last up to 30 seconds, that had not been emailed or uploaded. I'm busy with speaking engagements relating to my last book "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?" and working on my next book or I would try to write such an app myself.

  19. sahminthedesert says:

    I guess I must be pretty trusting that if a police officer is going to pull me over it is because of I violated a law. I love how I hear people say that they got a ticket for speeding or being on a cell phone and they admit that they broke the law, but still want to get out of it. I know there are knuckle head police officers (I have met a few over the years), but I wouldn't say they are in the majority.

  20. snakearbusto says:

    Just like it was a lie when Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama said it…

  21. snakearbusto says:

    "Hasn't this horse been beaten enough?" What you mean is: "Hasn't all the propaganda and spin we've been putting out to rewrite history done the job of convincing stupid Americans that our alternate reality is real?" How in the hell can you say that the "whole world was on board?" The only power of any consequence at all was the US's lapdog Britain.
    You know damn well that current intelligence was pre-programmed and then picked over to make a case for an invasion.
    As for the Middle East turning itself upside down, the US and its allies haven't left the Middle East alone since at least the end of WWII – and that includes Obomba. The point I'm trying to make is that until we see that it's all one Big Game and that the various US regimes have ALL been servants of that Big Game, we'll never take this country back.

  22. sean murry says:

    I wouldnt trust them.

  23. Patriotic says:

    Pinkos hey! Anyone who doesn't like your views or does something different the Tea Party likes you not. But you don't want your fair share of taxes paid. Now, since the ACLU is watching the Tea Party for discrepancies, like the Tea Party does to everything, you DO NOT LIKE IT. Well, tough. What goes around comes around. And since W allowed spying on the citizens of the US, now the ACLU spies back, ooh!!! the Tea Party is unhappy. Live with it.

  24. Sharpshooter003 says:

    In Illinois due to inaction by state legislators prior to their summer break recording a cop gets you 15 years. Wonder if they include warning labels or are just trying to drum up business.

  25. Do not buy into this. This is all part of the new world order agenda to nationalize law enforcement across the nation. They will use any crisis they can to separate the people from the police. This was tried in he 60's and the 70's but they couldn't finalize it and they have been pushing ever since. We must fight to keep law enforcement independent otherwise no one will be safe. There is an excellent video on youtube made by the Birch Society about this agenda. It explains how the Southern Policy Law Center has been trying to nationalize law enforcement for years. And, now we have Obama trying to do the same. ACLU is an extension of Obama policies. We need to fight these tactics and not support them.

  26. The ACLU and YOU hate the constitution. Anybody who differs with YOUR VIEWS is a "teabagger" huh? I don't call em pinkos tho……communist is the better word. Are you a member of the party or do you just speak marx's rhetoric? Talk about W….now BO just passed the NDAA so now any of us can "go away" without a trial or charges if they feel like labeling us as "terrorists". Soon….if BO and your party gets their way something like "taxes" will be of the past. Currency and "pay" for work will be of the past. We'll all have "jobs" assigned to us and we'd better not be late to them. YOu will obey, do your "job", live in your assigned housing, eat your government provided/rationed food, wear your government assigned uniform, and keep your mouth shut or you "go away" too.

  27. I remember BO speaking about his "citizen army". Sounds like a new school "SS" to me. "ACLU"=American Communist Litigation Unit".

  28. ROBERT SARGENT says:


  29. define fair.

  30. Jeff Gerolmo says:

    I completely agree . I was doing a project in Maryland when a unprovoked beating was recorded , at least partially , by a bystander in a suburb of Baltimore .The bystander had there phone ,device or whatever it was taken , the beating deleted by police tech's and still the bystander was charged with some crime like obstruction of justice or something . You would think that without the recording it would be difficult to procecute . I guess the cops or tech's word was all that was required .

  31. I doubt it. They may have the app and a record of it, but they selectively defend only laws that they agree with, and they will find a way to do that in this case as well. For example, they are anti-gum rights, so if you are recorded defending yourself by blowing some A-hole away, I wouldn't count on them giving you any help. Remember they are across the board libtards, and chit-ball lawyers.
    Thinking they suddenly changed their stripes is, at best, wishful thinking.

  32. Also, they will have MILLIONS of records, and some bleeding heart liberal committee will have to review them and make a decision on whether they do anything (and what) or do nothing, or forget about it. What does this accomplish?

  33. snakearbusto says:

    Without USA-PATRIOT, there could be no NDAA. Obomba is just following up with the program, like Bush did before him, like Clinton did before him, like Bush did before him, like Reagan did before him, like Carter did before him, etc. And the program is a whole lot closer to Fascism than it is to Communism. Your description of "Communism" sounds like it came out of a1950's textbook. Obomba is about as "Communist" as John D. Rockefeller.
    By the way, who said anything about the Constitution? Anybody who disagrees with you, you say they hate Amerika and the Constitution and are "Communists." Standard talking points. You'll do the same with me, I reckon.

  34. Burt Wolf says:

    I disagree-every person who has taken the required "Oath of Office" which is required of all law enforcement personnel, judges, and politicians constructing business in their official capacity are working for the mass of the public and it is lawful pursuant to the Constitution of the US that when a law enforcement officer is on duty he is working for the public mass and is subject to lawful filming of Audio and video: Quote: " Though not unqualified a citizen's right to film government officials including law enforcement officers in the discharge of their duties in a public space is a basic, vital, and well established liberty safeguarded by the first amendment" First circuit court of appeals, Glik v. Cunniffe

  35. Burt Wolf says:

    People lets get educated. The United States constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and all state constitutions have to be pursuant to it. US Supreme court has declared that any rule, city ordinance, state statute, resolution, joint resolution, revised code, executive order, or any other policy that is not pursuant to the US constitution is null and void and has no effect of law and one cannot be bound by it. Please every read the US Constitution word for word especially the Bill of Rights