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37 Million Americans With Student Debt They Never Had to Take On

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2012

There is no need for most students to borrow a dime for college. When fully accredited liberal arts bachelor’s degree programs cost under $15,000, why should any student borrow money? Is $11 a day too much to bear? It’s silly.

But no one tells them. No one tells their parents.

According to figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 37 million Americans hold student loan debt. The total amount of student loan debt in the United States is estimated to be between $867 billion and $1 trillion dollars, and default rates for student loans continue to rise. In 2012, the majority of unemployed Americans had at least some college education—the first time in our nation’s history this has occurred.

Think about this. Someone goes to college, yet he is unemployed. This is no standard in unemployment lines.

Yahoo conducted a survey of debt-encumbered students. The vast majority said their debt load is a problem.

“Student loans have basically ruined my life,” says Tanya Carter, who graduated from the University of Toledo in 2008. She went to community college for two years before transferring, and attended classes part-time so she could also work. When Carter maxed out on federal loans, she turned to private loans to finish her degree. As a result of all that debt, she writes: “I never see myself owning a home, vehicle, or maybe not even getting married.”

Here is another horror story. What if this were your child or grandchild?

Lauren Dollard graduated from Fordham University in 2008 with $157,000 in debt, including interest. “My boyfriend won’t marry me because of my debt,” she says. “He doesn’t want it attached to his name (I know, this could also be an excuse).” She said she would trade her “fancy private school education” in a heartbeat to live “as an independent adult.”

Here is another one.

April Flores graduated from San Diego State in 2008 with $80,000 in private loans and $30,000 in subsidized loans. “It is going to be hard to buy a house and start a family with our debt,” she writes. “We joke and say that our baby is Sallie Mae, but it is true! Education is invaluable, but I was not wise in my early 20s and did not make the right decisions when it came to my private loans.”

Why doesn’t someone warn them?

DeRise says he understood the details of his mounting student loan debt, but he had no grasp of what it would actually mean for his post-graduation life. “Believe me, I understood that I’d have to pay back the loans 6 months after I graduated, and I understood the strict consequences of not paying them back,” he writes. “But do you think of any of that when you’re 18-20 years old?” DeRise is making less than $40,000 a year at a nonprofit in Salt Point, N.Y., and he worries about how he will cover his monthly payment if interest rates rise.

Why doesn’t someone warn their parents?

And then there are those parents who find themselves responsible for paying off loans they co-signed with their children. Karen DeSimone of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., is on the hook for $17,000 in loans she co-signed for her son. “We did everything we could do to get my son started,” she writes. “Now we both have the loan debt.”

These are tragedies. They are unnecessary tragedies.

For more horror stories, click the link.

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44 thoughts on “37 Million Americans With Student Debt They Never Had to Take On

  1. "For more horror stories, click the link" <- where?

  2. Barbara W. says:

    "When fully accredited liberal arts bachelor’s degree programs cost under $15,000, why should any student borrow money?"
    And just where can one obtain a BA for less than $!5,000? An on-line scam college? The article is disingenuous at best and a falsehood at worst. It is these half truths that conservatives persist in perpetuating that are a disservice to Americans.
    A good education is a precursor to attaining the American Dream. A good education is expensive. Government help is indispensable for middle class and poor students to even hope of achieving financial success. This is the thing that the Romney's of America are incapable of comprehending. How can a young person "ask their parents" for financial help when the parents are struggling to survive? There is a profound disconnect here that hopefully will be addressed in November.

  3. With two sons in high school, I'd like to know about the fully accredited $15000 & under bachelor degree programs. How do we find these?

  4. THE WRONG DINER…FUNNY! (Parable of the 2nd Amendment?)

  5. Truth is $11 a day was too much for us. The college gave my son a years worth of grants and scholarships. Then he found out that he was no longer eligible for anything but loans, even though he was on the dean's list. It is only for the first year. After that you must be an immigrant or a minority. He is neither. But he was hooked. He had invested a year and was too naive to realize what had happened. We maybe could have afforded a community college but not a university.

  6. motherof3 says:

    Tell me where you can find that $15,000 bachelors degree worth anything and I'll eat my hat.

    State school, room and board, one year – roughly $20,000.

    My kids took out student loans to the federal max. Since they attended state schools, we took on parent loans for the remainder of the cost. Basically, they have student loans for the actual cost of education and we paid for room and board so they could attend. they chose their schools based on the degree they wanted, what the anticipated value of that degree would be compared to the cost of the education. All had good jobs in their degree when they graduated (2007-2012), with sufficient income to easily manage their student debt and even accelerate payments to reduce interest paid and pay off the loans earlier.

    I'm sick of people whining about $157,000 loans. You made your bed. Lie in it. It's no one elses fault you thought you needed an Ivy league degree.

  7. Publius says:

    This article is total BS… My son is a senior a Penn State and tuition, along with associated costs, is well OVER $15,000 per year, even for an in-State resident!
    One video you should watch is "College Conspiracy", by the National Inflation Association… but, unfortunately, the vid has been removed from YouTube "due to a copyright claim by Pepperdine". Another load of s*&t. Thank goodness I downloaded it last year, shortly after it came out, but it is nearly 1.5 GB and too large for email.
    But this video exposes how government intervention, combined with the unadulterated greed by the institutions themselves, has driven college costs through the roof, creating a huge bubble, and how the entire scheme will eventually come crashing down, much like the housing and dot-com markets.

  8. I believe it is still viewable here http://inflation.us/videos.html

  9. Sorry, my error. They still have it up, but not viewable.

  10. Bull Barbara, I got a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Environmental Science without a single student loan and less than $500/year in scholarships. I worked at least 2 jobs while going to school and my folks didn't pay for anything.

  11. When Gary North speaks of a BA for under $15,000 he is absolutely correct. He is not talking about a state university. He talking about the "secret" to a fast accredited degree. He has written about this many times. It incudes CLEP exams and the like. He also differentiates between a degree and an education. They are not the same.

  12. Dr. North has written extensively (in several other articles on the subject on his website http://www.garynorth.com) on how to get a B.A. from a fully accredited institution for $15,000. It involves maxing out AP Exam credits. A degree from a $30,000-$50,000 per year (for 4 years) institution won't do anything for you that the $15,000 B.A. degree can't do.

    Furthermore, you should recognize that the reason college is so expensive in the first place is that government subsidized student loans, combined with government restrictions on competition/legal barriers to entry (in terms of who can open up a new "university" or "college") have had the effect of bidding up the price of tuition.

    In terms of supply and demand: the subsidized loans push up relative demand for student loans and seats in colleges, while the aforementioned barriers to entry reduce the supply, relatively speaking, of seats in colleges. Just as easy, government subsidized credit drove up the price of houses, so too has government subsidized credit driven up the cost of college.

    It is the Government's fault that college is so expensive. The current disaster in higher education would *not have even been possible* without government intervention in the name of "helping Students." (Some Help!)

    We need to recognize that to a large extent college has devolved into a racket – a racket where the participating institutions are generally exempt from property taxes and income taxes.

    As the US Labor Department reports, most jobs do not require a college degree. Furthermore, a lot of the employers who say that want a college degree from job applicants don't REALLY care about the degree — they just use the degree requirement as a screening mechanism for avoiding lawsuits in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's decision in Duke v. Griggs Power Company.

    That Supreme Court case, more than any other is what prompted employers to demand college degrees for all sorts of jobs that don't really require degrees. For employers, it was all about insulating themselves from discrimination lawsuits, but for would-be student and parents who don't realize what's actually going on, it created an impression that you absolutely MUST have a college degree, OR ELSE …

  13. You can search Google for Gary North's articles on the subject, or go to the free part of his website http://www.garynorth.com and search. There's also a link on the left hand side for articles about college finance, and a forum on "College – The Cheap Way"

    Try search terms such as "Gary North College degree for $15,000" or something similar.

    Here's an example of a link:

    Also, I recommend reading Gary's articles on The Ph.D. Glut (some of these are well known and mentioned in the New York Times)

  14. Don't eat your hat. Just start here:

    It's a lot easier. And probably tastes better too.

  15. Kitty Litter says:

    We have an illegal president, fannie mae is corrupt…Congress and the DOJ is corrupt…banks are bailed out….and should be shut down (we need Icelandic model and public banks)…and these kids and parents want to pay back bogus loans for a college attendance racket??? Huh? Become an indigent for a while..and get out of the loan altogether…Then, get a job overseas…in an honest country…..

  16. When North talks about $15k for a degree TOTAL (not per year) he's not referring to in-state tuition.

    Gary North is referring to this:

    Try reading it. Then you'll see that the above article is not BS.

  17. The fact that people refuse to wake up to what the Education Racket Cartel is doing is why the racket has been able to go on for as long as it has. Dr. North is absolutely right. If people start taking Dr. North's advice in large enough numbers, it could end up diverting a lot of money away from those who enjoy their heavily subsidized sinecures in the Ivory Tower of academia.

  18. Steve S says:

    I have two daughters that have recieved fully accredited BA degrees, one in English and one in Political Science. Each acheived this distinction for less than $10,000 and in under two years time using the College Plus program. The eldest is entering her second year of law school at a Top 20 program, is a scholarship recipient and inthe top 10% of her class.

    Smart people ask questions and think for themseleves.

  19. Steve S says:

    look up College Plus….great testimonials on YouTube as well….my two eldest completed their BA progams for less than $10,000 and in under two years!

  20. CORRECTION OF TYPE-O: I switched the names "Griggs" and "Duke". It should read "Griggs v. Duke Power Company"

  21. Just Saying says:

    Clearly colleges have gone from taking in the best and brightest, to taking in everyone. This has saturated the market with people who have studied the most obscure, and frankly, irrelevant degrees. One has a better chance of decent employment by going to a technical school and learning a trade. (BTW, I have a B.S, B.A. and a M.S. and did very well). Had I gone to technical school in a field which has personnel shortages, that would have been just fine. (I put myself through college as a weldor <— yes, that's the correct spelling FWIW). But these days, as opposed to 40 years ago when I was in school, colleges have become much more of a business. From online learning (which many really love) to special programs, they appeal to the masses and everyone is fed the misleading idea that they'll be educated and employed. C'mon folks, life is different now and many will NOT gets jobs.

  22. Isn't it a DISGRACE that to be eligible for these loans, grants, whatever, you NEED TO BE AN IMMIGRANT OR MINORITY??? I am extremely offended and appaulled by that. Those born and raised in this country should be assured of getting help. Why are we giving lower rates to immigrants & minorities.
    These loans should not have anything to do with race, and it really offends me to think that we are giving such great deal to immigrants. Do they even have to pay back these loans? Who enforces that if they leave the country???? This sytem SUCKS and we are slowly but surely giving away our American Dream to those who have very little respect for it.

  23. oldgringo says:

    Kudos to you Bryan….You are independent of the government and I salute you for your achievements!….Well done….You will do well with your life…..I'm sure!

  24. Just Saying says:

    You are right, college is a racket and a successful business racket at that. And this myth about college gives young folks an false expectation, in many cases. Yes, it is a screening tool, as one would tend to believe that a graduate can write well, do research/analysis, and have a critically investigative mind. But saturating the market with these students, for years, has lessened the value of such degrees. Having worked with many young graduates, I personally believe that many have not acquired the characteristics forementioned. Having read and corrected many of the work of these brainiacs are not up to par with what was typical of decades past. Am I being harsh? I don't think so, and I suspect many here would agree with me, had you the opportunity to see what I had. Truly, we have created diploma mills.

  25. Gluteus Maximus says:

    Correct, as when the government steps into ANY program, from Medicare and Welfare, it is a golden calf for the operation. College is no different. In many ways, it's just another government entitlement program.

  26. In response to Barbara W. above:

    The real disservice to students and their families is done by LIBERALS who favor government rules and programs that increase the cost of college under the guise of "helping" students, LIBERALS who insist that spending enormous sums of money on 7% per annum tuition increases is a moral obligation even if it's for a degree that confers very little in terms of marketable skills (art history, medieval literature, women's studies, etc.), LIBERALS who tax and bind employers with red tape to the point that employers don't hire (or hire less than they otherwise would) so that college grads have a hard time finding jobs, LIBERALS who blindly vote for more Pell Grants (which just prompts schools to raise tuition even more so as to capture the grant money/de facto government subsidy), and LIBERALS who insist upon subsidizing student loans to the hilt so as to practically invite students to walk into this monstrous debt trap.

    That's not to mention the fact that the "College for [Almost] All" crusade has watered down academic standards to the point that people with alleged "Master's Degrees" can't seem to read or write at even a high school level of proficiency.

    In sum total, students are misled as to the value of a college degree, government grants and subsidies drive up the price of a degree, students end up with ruinous debt incurred to pay for a degree that doesn't confer marketable skills sufficient to repay the student loan debt, academic standards are watered down and continuing to drop, people commensurately lose respect for college credentials, students have a harder time finding work in a job market that is damaged by government (through higher taxes and more red tape), and students end up financially ruined and crippled in moving forward with their lives, all so that the academic cartel (aka the tax-exempt fiscal vacuum cleaner) can pump up their endowments, expand their real estate holdings, and enjoy their tenured comfortable sinecures in their well-furnished, air conditioned offices in the Ivory Tower (eg: Elizabeth Warren's roughly $532,000 per year for teaching 6 or fewer credit hours of classes at Harvard Law School — law schools don't get accredited if professors have to teach more than 6 credit hours per semester).

  27. Recession –
    When your neighbor loses his job…

    Depression –
    When you lose yours…

    Recovery –
    When Obama & Holder go to prison!

  28. ReaganRepub says:

    If the illegal president youre talking about is GW Bush, you’re correct. He and Cheney were corrupt.
    Any idiot can call / write for the cost to send their kid to their institution and after 4 years, it will always be $40K +.
    If you want a great paying job, then go to a university that has a reputation because they are recruited by the companies that pay the best. Go to a “no-name” college that takes anyone and charges a ton of money, and they don’t help that much for getting a job.
    The Democrats tried to push through legislation that would prevent the worst of the worst no-name Internet colleges from ripping people off but the Repubs blocked it. Seems they were receiving huge donations from those schools.

  29. What good is it to send young "adults" to college when they obviously do not have enough basic intelligence to even figure out that accumulating tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to get a degree that may only be worth $40 thousand/yr in the market place is not worth it. This is especially true today when the unemployment/underemployment rate for college grads today is nearly 50%. And why spend so much money on an education that has little market value in the first place …… Where will all these new BA graduates work? Tthere are only so many government jobs!

  30. Whatever happened to a person working their way throught college? Additionally, I have a friend who worked at a day job and went to school at night to earn his engineering degree. If a young person or any person wants a higher education they must be willing to sacrifice to earn that degree they wish for.

  31. Most of the debt problems are due to non-"No-Name Internet" schools — that is to say, traditional schools. A VERY FEW schools have a pedigree that offers a recruiting edge (think: the 8 Ivy's, MIT, Chicago) but the vast majority to not.
    The vast majority of schools with a physical campus fit into the category of "don't help very much for getting a job."

    The intimation that the student debt crisis is due primarily to a few recent "no-name internet schools" bears no relationship to reality. It's the long-established brick and mortar schools that are behind most of the debt.

    Furthermore, donations from academia (schools and their employees) go OVERWHELMINGLY to Democrats. Even Democrats acknowledge this.

    Tuition prices will fall dramatically the day that the federal government ends all federal grants, loan subsidies, and loan guarantees. Of course, the members of the academic cartel will throw a temper-tantrum the day that this happens, as most of them would then be forced to obtain real jobs that involve doing actual work (that consumers are willing to pay for) in the productive sector of the economy.

  32. garynorth says:

    I have hired a recent graduate of just one of these fully accredited universities. He paid $13,000. We are putting together a training program for high school students who would like to do what he did. There are at least a dozen universities that qualify.

  33. You are absolutely correct in that there is a difference between an education and a degree. The problem is: Employers want copies of the degree and not a copy of the school report card.

  34. What "honest country"? Globally speaking, they are all corrupt because the "leaders" want to have a singular world government instead of separate countries like we have today.

  35. Colonialgirl says:

    Most of those nt finding work got degrees in stupid majors that are next to worthless in the job market except as hamburger flippers at McDonald's (IF THEN). Who "needs" an employee with a major in "Black Studies" , Women's Studies", Philosophy and all the other liberal arts "feel good" degrees. Sadly a degree in "education is equally worthless and really qualifies no one to teach ANY subject as all the supposedly know is how to teach and they even FAIL at that given the score of our students versus the rest of the world.

  36. Colonialgirl says:

    Another worthless degree in these days; Law Degrees, way too many lawyers in this country now. The other worthless degree is "Political Science" no REAL demand in industry or Business for one of those.
    SMART PEOPLE would have avoided those two worthless areas of study

  37. Colonialgirl says:

    Got my degree while working a four day, Ten hours per day job and going to school three nights a week; Took ALL the basics at a Jr Community College and the required major subjects at a state university. It took FIVE years to get my BS degree in Operations Management (Production and Inventory Control). When I graduated, I owed ZERO dollars.

  38. For those who have lots of debt, invest on dildos and vibrators. Your chances of getting married are slim. As far as following north’s advice I say caveat emptor! Back during the late 90’s north had a website titled http://www.garynorth.com which he was predicting the end of the world because of the y2k bug. When his predictions failed to pass, he conveniently ignored his shortcomings. His recommendations on college do not apply to STEM degrees. Most employers looking to hire engineers go to the top 50 schools. Now north will counter that you don’t need a degree to be successful only intelligence and a will to succeed. This is poppycock as you need to demonstrate valu to get hired and insist on a piece of the action. Consider this scenario, I am Mr. Sucker erg and I have an idea for a concept called Facebook. I don’t have any customer’s yet but invest in my startup. You would be laughed out of theVC firm. The reason that you dido not need to go to college is because you had access to cheap computer yechnology an sucker erg could tap into this. Contrast this situation with a microbiologist having no access to a $50k piece of equipment. By North’s system, you don’t need the gene sequencer. Instead, all you need is a food idea. I say horseshit! For example, I have a good genetic engineering idea that will cure cancer. Potential employer says great, tell me about your cell line! Um I did not have access to a gene sequencer and could not develop the cell line. Well sport kid, I will put my money into Facebook. North’s advice is suicidal if you follow it for STEM careers. Who is he to offer advice in this area? Does he have a phd in molecular genetics or chemical engineering? NO! He has only knowledge of history. For liberal arts I agree with him but for stem no. He has no expertise in this area nor would he even understood what I just talked about. Also do no subscribe to his website as it is chock full of low mentality and more importantly, zero edu action type of peoole. Think Salem witch trials.

  39. Obsian wrote:
    "Also do no subscribe to his website as it is chock full of low mentality and more importantly, zero edu action type of peoole. Think Salem witch trials."

    Obsian: Your spelling errors, grammar and syntax problems, and unconventional abbreviation aside, the above "sentence" is incoherent. What exactly is a "low mentality" person? Is this a clinical diagnosis? What exactly are "zero edu action type of peoole"? And your reference to the Salem witch trials is a non sequitur. You need to explain your basis for making such a reference. Your writing capabilities are absolutely atrocious, although probably typical of what one can expect from graduates of public school diploma mills these days.

    Am I to presume that you exclude yourself from the definition of "low mentality" person (whatever that is)? Since you impliedly seem to regard yourself as a "high mentality" person (next time consider using the word "cerebral") I will do you the friendly favor of letting you know that your sub-fifth-grade writing emphatically does not sound as brilliant to us readers as it apparently does to you. I suggest that you write more clearly, do a better job of cogently organizing your thoughts and illustrating your point, use punctuation, spell-check, reasonably proper grammar and syntax, avoid non sequiturs, and avoid straw-man arguments.

    Based on the current quality of your writing and argumentation, your insults directed at others simply cannot be taken seriously by anyone.

  40. AD Roberts says:

    And the thing builds on itself. Because they know kids are able to get government loans and the minorities can get grant money (Dont bother to apply if you are white) the colleges and universities have raised their prices through the roof. And the professors don't even bother to teach classes themselves. They just draw the money and sit back and supervise the grad students doing their RESEARCH. And if anyone dares question their value, well, you just wait and see if I can find a relative of yours and make sure they fail.

    It is about to happen. When the Yale and Harvard grads can't find a job along with the rest of the nation, there will be a DROP in enrollment as people become aware that what they are getting is not worth much at all.

    The house of cards is about to collapse. And great will be its fall.

  41. Here is the strategy that I and others followed 25 years ago when I entered college. I know of others who used the same approach and were able to payoff their debts within a few years of graduating. I chose a major where my total college debt would be no greater than my starting salary. I was in an engineering major and so this strategy worked. I knew of liberal arts majors who managed to graduate with their debt load to be no more than one time their annual salary. They did this by working alternating semesters and were able to pay a large percentage of the tuition bills themselves. It them nearly 6-7 years to graduate but they did not have the large debt. Second, we choose schools that had a large alumni network. This is important in landing your first job out of college. In general, schools having well known football teams have large alumni networks. The company that hired me upon graduation yet a large cohort of alums working at the company. Examples of universities having large alumni networks are: Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State, Univ. Michigan, Univ. Minnesota, Univ. Wisconsin, Univ. Illinois (urbana-champaign), etc. These are all state universities and have lower tuition for in-state residents than the private colleges. I subscribe to Dr. North’s site “specific answers” and although I agree with his reasoning for attending an online university for liberal arts majors, I am not certain that this approach will work for science and engineering majors due to the alumni networks giving preferential status for jobs to other alums. Consider yourself a hiring manager. You went to Ohio state, you have an engineering opening one candidate from Ohio State the other from online diploma mill university. Having gone through the OSU engineering program yourself, you know what is taught and what was involved in terms of behavioral and study skills to graduate. You don’t know anything about this other program. Would you be willing to take a chance on this other candidate? Probably not unless this other candidate has some kind of outstanding work experiences and accomplishments.

  42. I borrowed $12,000. Thanks to that indebtedness, on an income of usually under $25,000 a year, I became pretty risk aversive. I would not take interesting chances because I had those monthly payments to make. My interest rate was 8.6 percent. I would have loved to pay what today's kids are paying.

    Due to the magic of Compound Interest the debt grew to $18,000. I had juggled payments and forebearances. At one point, while on a Forebearance, the Government declared an extension because of the area where I lived being "in a disaster zone". Nine Months later the forebearance was partially repealed after the fact, cutting into the 120 days that I hand until I Defaulted.

    Being in Student Loan Default has many direct and indirect consequences. The direct consequences are mostly trivial – you cannot get more student aid, you cannot get Government loans to buy a house and the IRS will confiscate your tax return money.

    What is spirit crushing are the phone calls. I was called at least four times a week "reminding" me of my default. When I would reply I'd get amusing discussions like "You owe us $22,000" or "If you want to get smart with me I'll garnish your wages" (no kidding). Plus you have that hanging over your head. Coming home from a day's work most folks want nice phone calls, no reminders that they owe almost as much as what they make in a year.

    The indirect consequences are awful. Employers will check your credit history and consider you a flake for having months of Default on your record. Forget any responsible jobs. Consumer debt rates will rise to what most folks pay for Credit Cards, including for Car loans. So you drive Beaters, which does not impress potential employers either.

    Kids who have six figures of student debt….. what were they thinking? Were they thinking?

    I wish now that I had done the Community College/CLEP Test out strategy. I'd have been far ahead. Probably would have paid a lot less than I and my folks did pay for College.

    $15,000 for a BA? It's doable..

  43. "I am not certain that this approach will work for science and engineering majors due to the alumni networks giving preferential status for jobs to other alums. Consider yourself a hiring manager. You went to Ohio state, you have an engineering opening one candidate from Ohio State the other from online diploma mill university. Having gone through the OSU engineering program yourself, you know what is taught and what was involved in terms of behavioral and study skills to graduate. You don't know anything about this other program. Would you be willing to take a chance on this other candidate?"

    Maybe… you answer the question very well in the next sentence…

    "Probably not unless this other candidate has some kind of outstanding work experiences and accomplishments."

    In BIG Corporations academics carries a lot of weight. Especially "name" schools. I think that after a while your work speaks for your academics more than your degree.

    Street Cred counts for a lot in Engineering. Street Cred. Management has their opinions. The Floor/Shop has their opinions. The Floor or Shop doesn't sign your evaluation form. They determine how fast your work gets done and how well it gets done.

    When you don't give a darn about your work after a while the Floor/Shop doesn't care either. God help you at that point in time. You're a bum in their eyes. They treat you like a bum too.

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