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600 Pages of Pork

Written by Gary North on July 4, 2012

Members of Congress assure us that they are concerned about the level of federal spending. They assure us that they have every intention of bringing spending under control.

Suuuuure they will.

But not this year. Maybe next year. Or Possibly in 2023.

A recent bill, H.R. 4348, passed in the House. It included money for flood insurance and the Keystone pipeline. It included money for flood insurance. In other words, it was a grab-bag of pork.

Why vote on all these measures separately? After all, Congress held hearings on most of them. Think of all the time Congress saved by not voting on them separately. Just toss them into one all-purpose bill. This way, Congress can spend so much more efficiently. We wouldn’t want an inefficient Congress, would we?

There were compromises, of course. To get the Environmental Protection Agency to approve the Keystone pipeline, Republicans had to let the EPA continue to regulate coal ash waste from power plants. You have to go along to get along in Washington.

For their part, Democrats had to accept a Republican proposal to allow states to avoid federal requirements that states spend highway funds on bike paths and beautification projects. Republicans said they wanted to allow states to spend the money where they thought it was most critical.

Congress had debated these issues for months. But with time running out, members tossed them all into one bill and voted.

Nobody read the bill. Nobody ever does.

A pile of these spending programs were tossed in on the last night. This is business as usual.

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13 thoughts on “600 Pages of Pork

  1. sean murry says:

    i dont belive them,they are full of it.

  2. Some have said they spend money like a drunken sailor. But a drunken sailor stops when he is out of money or the bottle is empty and he doesn't spend other peoples money to get drunk.

  3. We need a bill introduced in Washington that states "any Representative or Senator who votes for a bill that includes PORK must give 80% of his/her salary to help pay for the cost of such a bill". They play with our money all the time, it's high time they pay for their PORK out of their pockets!

  4. WHAT KEYSTONE PIPELINE ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? That was vetoed by the guy in the White House. SO, why the hell is flood insurance needed? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. Excellent point.
    The average drunken sailor is a better manager of money than the average "respectable" Congressman, and is less likely to be guilty of embezzlement, or misappropriation of funds. When was the last time a drunken sailor sent the IRS to make you pay his bar tab?

  6. The only problem is, to get the bill passed, the Porkers themselves have to vote for it.
    That's like belling the cat.

  7. Pork spending is nothing more than vote buying to remain in office. The solution is to this simple. It is called term limits on all congressmen.

  8. Surpiise Mike , Congressmen already have term limits . Two terms of 6 years duration . It is the Senate where you can go and get re-electeted as many times as you can by convincing your voters that you are doing a good job for them . Case in point Harry Reid , he's been a Senator so long he's grown senile in the job .
    Most politicians go from congress to the senate and look at it as retirement with pay

  9. How about an "Amendment" the legal citizens of the U.S. can vote on when we vote for the president…..How could this be injected into our ballot?

  10. EXACTLY! I've read more than one source that the Canadians have decided to build the keystone project to the pacific so they can sell the oil to China. I don't blame them, they have every right to not have to sit on their thumbs wAting for US politicians to pull their heads out of their collective backsides.

  11. ALL of them are up for reelection, find those that voted for this piece of crap and show them the door.

  12. If Congress has term limits, then why is Rangel up for his 22nd election, also quite a few others have elected far more than 12 years, and have come to think they are invincible. I hope we can affect a complete change in the next election, and in all that follow. .

  13. Ha! I'll drink to that, gladly.