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Jail Time for Late Library Books

Written by Gary North on June 29, 2012

This story is all over the Internet. A mother of five was arrested, handcuffed, and sent to jail by the police in Albuquerque for not paying $36 in late fees to the local library.

Her lawyer says that the overdue notice — an arrest notice — was sent to her at an old address — so old that she had not lived there since childhood. It was not forwarded.

Her five young children had to be sent to strangers’ homes overnight.

The police were trying to locate her husband for having created a disturbance. She knew nothing about this.

Her name was in a computer file. When the police located her, the system alerted them.

What kind of police alert system produces a night in jail for overdue books?

The city’s attorney dismissed the charges. This shows real perception on his part.

The police department became an overnight laughing stock for her night in jail.

In a world filled with serious criminals, the police should not be taking this much trouble to handle late book crimes. But bureaucracies enforce what appear to be easy cases.

The publicity that the department received turned this into a hard case.

Bureaucracies turn normal people into functional imbeciles who cannot distinguish cases. They do it by the book instead of by common sense.

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8 thoughts on “Jail Time for Late Library Books

  1. And here I thought kids graduating from high school were stupid. I guess the police in NM don't have illegals or other REAL criminals to hunt down…now they're going after people that owe less than 40.00

    Progressives in action.

  2. Bureaucrats are the same as what GB Shaw said about newspapers: incapable of distinguishing between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.

  3. Every incident like this is more proof that governments are WAY past their bounds and are actively working to indoctrinate people into becoming sheeple who just do what they're told. "Move along, forget the constitution, move along". We're frogs in a pot and it's almost at a boil. Will we wake up before it's too late?

  4. Barack says:

    We need more police, firefighters and teachers ………………………………………

    Of course this will lower the unemployment rate.

  5. This was not Albuquerque… It was Portales.

    That being said, it still shows there are police officers that need a great deal more common sense. (And my father taught me there is no such thing as 'common sense'.)

    I'm curious as to what exactly was in the computer system…. just an open warrent, or what? Of course the mother in question is going to sue….

  6. fighting grandma says:

    Is it any wonder we are the laughing stock of the world…? How do these looney toones face themselves in the mirror? How personally embarrassing to be that ignorant? Yep, the dumbing down school system is working!

  7. And they were all educated by the public school system. We even had a professor who taught how to destroy the Consititution. And then all the educated people made him President. The dumbie down system has hit all area's of society. It's great to be in the U.S.S.A., but only if you are illegal.

  8. I wish that would happen to me . . . I could really use the money!!