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How to Turn a Drone into a Terrorist Missile

Written by Gary North on June 29, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security offered a challenge. Could anyone take over a U.S. drone?

For under $1,000 in parts, a team of students at the University of Texas did just that. They took over an unmanned drone that was flying overhead.

The DHS dared them to do it. The DHS did not have to take it to double-dog dare.

They “spoofed” it. They faked signals that the drone thought were the real deal.

The problem is, the government is buying tens of thousands of drones. The professor in charge in the hijacking estimates 30,000 within a decade.

What if a terrorist group hijacked a drone and used it as a weapon?

My concern: as the price of used drones falls, and the technology becomes common, a drone would be a perfect way to release airborne anthrax over a major city. There will be so many drones in the sky that it will become easy to add one more.

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9 thoughts on “How to Turn a Drone into a Terrorist Missile

  1. Yeah, in panic the endangered do exactly the one thing that will get them all killed.

    Our leaders don't appear much different, except when they commit suicide, they take us all with them.

  2. FRITZ329TH says:

    The Gov't is not smart enough to hack their own drones, so they ask the public to do it for them. Then they find out how and will probably put to people in jail. This is what they are doing to the Gun Stores from the Fast and Furious. NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.

  3. The drone wasnt owned by Homeland Security but the University. The magazine has corrected this error in its article.
    Doesn't alter the fact that we are coming to a time when the fragility of all the digital technology which we have come to rely on is fundamentally flawed securitywise
    When a 17 year old autistic computer nerd in England can hack into the Department of Defense computor from an old PC in his girlfriends bedroom , we know nothing is safe.

  4. Drones are coming to the USA, soon you will not be able to go outside without feeling the prying eyes of Big Brother upon you, you will be forced to close the drapes to avoid the feeling that you are being spied on, in your living room, in your bedroom. N Y mayor Bloomberg will have the ability to spy on you in your kitchen “put down the big gulp and step away” what are you eating for breakfast.

    There is no way to stop this, the defense contractors will reap huge profits from the manufacture of drones for use in U.S. airspace, they are too powerful, our politicians are in the tank for the defense contractors. The cops want new toys, the government will provide grants to purchase drones, our state and local politicians are in the tank for the police unions. There is no way to stop this. It does not matter what the American people want.

  5. ckent222 says:

    Have you ever driven down a road and seen the shot-up highway signs? Watch out for falling drones!

  6. When the Government does anything they are not concerned with this sort of problems like all Generals and Admirals and the US Government is the same and they will tell us that there is no problem and they guarantee it. Even after the drone has flown into a Civilian Jet loaded with two or three hundred people the Government will say it can't happen. They will say that it must have been hijacked at that point and it was not there fault so you will have to find the Hijackers and make them pay for the accident. When these drones fail or jest fall out of the sky the Government will have some excuse they always do and blame someone else.

  7. I wonder how many of those students were Muslim? Just sayin…..

  8. How exactly does the university owing the drone make a difference? Is that how Iran obtained the drone that landed there recently?

  9. razorback2 says:

    The ideas or uses of these drones being posted is just plan stupid. How many terrorist out there are reading these ideas and plan to put these ideas to use. Please be careful what you say on the internet your worst enemy is watching.