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Bureaucrats Are Dumb, But Some Are Dumber Than Others

Written by Gary North on June 29, 2012

North’s first law of bureaucracy is this: “Some bureaucrat will enforce eventually the letter of the law to the point of absurdity.”

A case in point. The son of Loretta Robinson, who is black, was killed last year in an auto accident. The driver of the other car was deemed to be at fault. She was drunk. She was an illegal alien. She was driving without a driver’s license. It was an open-and-shut case. She was convicted and sent to prison.

Will she pay restitution? Of course not. Then who pays the bills? Taxpayers. For how long? Seventeen years. At what cost per year? At least $20,000.

But there was another problem. The accident had imposed costs on the highway department. For one thing, the highway department had to tow the dead man’s car away and impound it. For another, he had bled before he died. This had stained the highway.

Who should pay for this?

A bureaucrat in the highway department wasted no time thinking through the answer. He sent the $50 bill for blood stain removal to the grieving mother. Then there was the towing expense and the car storage expense. That also got tacked onto the bill.

This was all done by the book. The book is in South Carolina.

The bureaucrat might have thought through the implications of all this.

“Let’s see. The bills are minimal. The woman lost her son. This is South Carolina, which has not been known for its rigorous stand in favor of civil rights. The woman is black. This could wind up as a human interest story across the country. We would look like a bunch of imbecilic blood-suckers. Maybe the highway department can eat the loss on this one.”


Did the story get picked up? All over the country and then England.

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9 thoughts on “Bureaucrats Are Dumb, But Some Are Dumber Than Others

  1. I wonder if these morons know the police that put a NM woman in jail for overdue books? The goal of the progressives was to have a society of idiots since they're more easily controlled

    Mission accomplished.

  2. jim28threg. says:

    The illegal basically murdered the boy and gets 17 years? What's that- out in three? The prisoners I work with recieve less than a dollar an hour for whatever work they do. From that they must buy from the prison their toiletrys – soap I wouldn't use on my Dog-and also Court COSTS & RESTITUTION is deducted leaving little if anything for a piece of candy or treat. My point is in prison they earn money that money goes to outside expenses first-Court etc. – so why iare these imbiciles charging the victims family? Were me I do believe this old fart would be waiting for –you figure it out.

  3. The way that any Government works whether it is Local State or Federal Government they want the money at any cost and they will get it anyway they can. If you own property they will take that and if they could they would impound your children and sell them to the highest bidder then turn around and send the bill to you for room and board up to the day of sale of your children and ad on a little for there inconvenience.

  4. by state laws, the osner of the vehicle which is found to be at fault in the accident is liable for all costs incurred. Maybe the owner is uninsured.. fine. Can't drive until the costs are paid. In California, they come and take the number plates off the vehicle until all costs are paid, and block the title so it can't be sold. Of course the car is now wrecked, and is likely worth scrap metal prices. If I were this abused Mum, I'd tell them to go after the owner of the car that CAUSED the damage. And since when do states bother to clean up blood off the highway? Rain, traffic, bacteria, make it disappear months before all the colored paints they use to mark the paths and resting places of everything involved in the collision. Leave it there, stupid!! Do they get out there and clean up the blood from a deer or squirrel? Does the lady have Uninsured Motorist coverage? That should take care of the wrecked car and the tow bill. Tell the state to pound sand….. where were they when they sould have dealt with this drunk, illegal, unlicensed driver? They are partly negiligent.

    And what were the courts thinking? This illegal alien should be forcibly deported to her country of citizenship rether than cost the taxpayers close to a quarter million bucks. Justice? No way.

  5. Barney Fife lives! Don Knotts' genius was in perfectly capturing the pompous bureaucrat in all his glory. It's even the right part of the country (although I think Mayberry was supposedly in North Carolina, but close–

  6. History Buff says:

    "Some bureaucrat will enforce eventually the letter of the law to the point of absurdity." Must be talking about airhead #1 Sarah Palin and airhead #2 Michelle Bachman. Of course, you can switch the numbers around and still be right.

  7. J Turner says:

    No History Buff, this is definitely Liberal mentality!

  8. lilbear68 says:

    and some of these nitwits keep getting re elected so they can keep these dumb a** es in their cozy jobs

  9. This is definately a rule of human action worth remembering.