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New Zealand: A Safer Haven for Liberty

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2012

If you are looking for a place to move to if the crack-down comes, consider New Zealand.

Good weather: check.

English: check.

Common law: check.

Non-cooperation with the FBI: check.

The New Zealand High Court has issued a ruling. The police violated the rights of an American living in New Zealand when it cooperated with the FBI in raiding his home, confiscating his computers, and making a copy for the FBI.

The police have had their knuckles rapped. It is unlikely that they will make this mistake again. That’s good news for Americans living in New Zealand.

Here are the details.

A man who legally changed his name to Kim Dotcom was running a file-sharing service. People could download music files from each other.

The record industry got the U.S. government to send the FBI to shut down the operation inside the USA. The man had unwisely set up servers (computers) in the USA. He could have run everything out of New Zealand.

But the FBI wanted more. It got a New Zealand warrant to get access to his New Zealand-based computers. This warrant has been now tossed out retroactively by the New Zealand High Court.

The U.S. government has asked that Mr. Dotcom be extradited to the USA. Now that request looks shaky.

The record industry has just been handed a resounding “buzz off.”

This will be a neon sign to file-New Zealand-based file-sharing sharing operations: “Downloads R Us.”

The New Zealand police will think twice next time about cooperating with the FBI. A New Zealand newspaper has put it this way.

Police said they were considering the judgement and are in discussions with Crown Law to determine what further action might be required.

They would not make any comment until that process was complete.

When police offer “no comment,” this means they are in trouble. They have gone into damage-control mode.
All this is good news for people Americans for a safer haven abroad.

Continue Reading on www.nzherald.co.nz

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17 thoughts on “New Zealand: A Safer Haven for Liberty

  1. At least ONE nation is getting it right!

  2. tennessee says:

    Yeah, but they have strict gun control so who knows what else is in store down the road for civil liberties.

  3. I did some research on moving to NZ years ago. It’s a beautiful country with laws worse than GB when it comes to almost any freedom. You can make your own liquor there and I’d need it when it comes to trying to get by without breaking a law. If you really are considering NZ, do some good research first. There’s a silver lining to every cloud I suppose but I got the feeling that NZ and civil liberties were more like clouds with no lining. I may be wrong but I don’t remember it as being one of the more free countries, especially if you like to hunt.

  4. i guess there is a draw back to most everything. NZ seem to be a lot better then the US right now.
    For most of us though we wouldn't have the money to make that kind of move anyway even if we wanted too.
    So We the People should fight for what we do have right here in our own country.

  5. I agree, WE THE PEOPLE need to stand right here. Come November, IS when we can change for the better and vote for Romney. What it is he has will be proven. If not we can vote again in 2016. After all it is OUR process. Abandoning it would be suicide.

  6. Mitt Soetoro and Barry Romney are exactly the same. Mittens is likely worse as people are wiser to Barry now.

  7. Does this mean that he will have all of his property — cars, boats, recreational vehicles, real property — returned to him?

  8. Any country is preferable to this one of overstaffed bureaucracies with nothing to justify their existence except micromanaging the population. I mean, government can't keep the potholes filled, but they want to administer health care??!! "He has sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance…."

  9. Dear Joe,
    NZ was an economc basket case in the 80's. Then their labor government (no kidding) simply HAD to scale back,
    save, and stop spending on programs. They did it so successfully that it was referred to as "The New Zealand
    Miracle". Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman made a tv series about it which was sent on C-Span (in the 80'). I have
    the videos and they are marvellous. They are now on discs and have been added to. Laissez-Faire Books sold these.
    As to immigration, they want young professionals or wealthy people. Can't blame them.

  10. If you want to emigrate to a country where you can take your guns, consider Chile.

  11. Mark Purchase says:

    Just a few problems with that story. My understanding is that Mr DotCom (a millionaire) is Swedish, not American. Secondly for a long time he’s made millions by ripping off Americans and their hard earned dollars. And thirdly he shouldn’t have even been allowed in our country, our authorities knew about him at the time. He lives in a mansion, his life has been one long party.

    My feeling is that he should be extradited to the US straight away. Go to court and pay for his crimes against honest hard working Americans.

    People weren’t “downloading files from each other”, they were pirating music, movies etc what all the rest of us law-biding citizens must pay for. It is actually disgraceful (a loony lefty) New Zealand judge ruled the evidence against him was gathered illegally. It would be a good idea if the FBI to come down to our country, kidnap him and smuggle him out the country and take him to the US. Because with his millions, he has some high powered lawyers from the USA doing the dirty on fellow Americans, and looks like he walk Scott-free.

    Auckland NZ

  12. OK< so we give up and move to New Zealand, or Costa Rica, or Australia to escape the new gestapo on America. Then what? Peace for 20 years before the world's police force comes down on these countries too?
    It's time to stand and fight and restore our liberty.
    The impending collapse of the US Federal Government will be a big step in the right direction; once the Gov is defunded there won't be any personnel in the agencies to foist the government's will upon everyone.

  13. make sure you replace all your old school politicians as well. We need new blood in the GOP.

  14. 1. Listen to TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. Listen to The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. Seek & get as close as possible to God, & obey what he's telling you to do.

  15. AD Roberts says:

    So Kim Dotcom steals music and gets away with it. And the rest of you guys are thieves too. No, the FBi is completely overboard. I know that as does everyone else. But right is right and wrong is still wrong. And those who steal someone else's music are still thieves.

    Don't count on New ?Zealand as a haven from the excessive control of the One World Order. They will be in New Zealand about the same time they take over here. Only New Zealand does not allow guns so you won't be able to defend yourself there.

  16. A publication from Hillsdale College, Imprimis, had a lecture given Feb. 2004, on the Hillsdale campus, Rolling Back Government: Lessons From New Zealand. This was a total transformation of New Zealand and their education system.

  17. Does this mean you will be voting for the Communist? Stop and think what another 4 year of Obama would mean for our Republic; do you really think we would survive another 4 years as a sovereign Republic? I would rather have had Ron Paul, But since that isn't going to happen, the best I can hope for is, Romney will sign onto Ron's message of liberty.

    If Obama is to occupy the WH another 4 years, I can see the time coming where people will have to decide if they are on the side of tyranny, or liberty. I will be 76 next month and I have seen some really bad Presidents, but never before one I would consider a Communist, or determined to destroy America as an economic power. Read Dinesh D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage." You will have a rude awakening!