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Making Child Spanking a Crime: Two Years in Prison

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2012

The state Senate in Delaware has passed a bill that criminalizes spanking. The bill has been sent to the House. It is Senate Bill 234,

The bill is sponsored by the Senate Majority Leader. It defines “physical injury” in child abuse as inflicting pain.

According to a new report from the Home School Legal Defense Association,

“Currently the law permits a parent to use force to punish a child for misconduct, but it prohibits any act that is likely to cause or does cause physical injury. By redefining ‘physical injury’ to include the infliction of pain on a child, spanking would become a crime in Delaware punishable by imprisonment.”

The organization said if it passes the House, “Delaware would become the first state in the nation to outlaw corporal discipline of children by their parents.”

The bill states, “These new statutes combine current statutes and redefine physical injury and serious physical injury to reflect the medical realities of pain and impairment suffered by children.”

One political action group, Delaware First Media, says that the driving force behind the bill has been state Attorney General Beau Biden, who is Vice President Biden’s son.

If this bill becomes law, the authorities will have to decide how far they can go to keep the courts happy. Parents will find out at their expense how far the state is willing to go in defining and enforcing pain.

The legal bills at $150 an hour can build up very fast.

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52 thoughts on “Making Child Spanking a Crime: Two Years in Prison

  1. Simon Jester says:

    Delaware is a waste of space. It should be a parking lot.

  2. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    This is outrageous. I do not believe in real harsh spanking but a swat on the butt of a misbehaving child is quite normal.
    For all these years they have been trying to take away parents rights, and this is just more of it. The majority of people know the difference between abusive behavior and punishment and the abusive behavior is going to persist no matter what is done. That is exactly why we have kids like the ones who tormented the bus monitor and the ones who stood by and watched it happen.

  3. Patriot1776 says:

    Does anyone else feel like we are now living in a Dr. Seuss world? Right is now wrong, up is down, immorality and perversion are now correct, morals and ethics are wrong…To stand up for what is right and decent is becoming criminal while shouting profanity and slurring character is acceptable. The government tells us what to eat, what to think, what to say, what not to do.

    It is time that we take back control of our country and stand for the freedoms that so many have fought and died to give us, or we will leave a horrible legacy to our children and grandchildren.

  4. John Rickell says:

    That is what is wrong with today's youth, when I was a child and got caught doing something wrong I got my ass beat, and I was sure never to do what ever I did to deserve it again.

  5. glenn21601 says:

    Don't spank them, but drug them to control them. A.D.D. A.D.H.D. ie others, need I say more.

  6. Biden"s an A$$hole Just like his father. The nut doens't fall far from the tree!

  7. Another Biden? What should we expect…..the apple (or nut) doesn't fall far from the tree.

  8. glenn21601 says:

    I agree with you 100% A swat on the butt won't hurt them. They will drug your kids even if you don't want them too. For A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.. Take you to court to force you to drug your kids. Or they will take your kids because you are not a good parent. The funny thing is this the book by Dr. Spock that was " The Bible" for raising your kids. Many professionals now say it is wrong.

  9. How much longer before people realize that if you elect Democrats, this is what you get? How much longer will they sell off their rights and their souls for a welfare check?

  10. Glenn21601 got it right, lets drug the little boogers into submission while we sip our margarita's and smoke our crack….and then we can also explore how to keep them away from those horrific 42 oz. Big Gulp's. Did you ever think about how wonderful it would be if STUPIDITY WERE PAINFUL?

  11. PELICAN1001 says:


  12. Pain? does that include emotional pain ??? It'll be a crime to hurt their feelings

  13. Sins of the Fathers ! If Joe Biden's Father had spanked little Joe – and if Joe had spanked little Beau – ( when they really needed it ) just think how different the world would be today. Deleware – another Liberal Wasteland ! They all need a good spanking at the ballot box.

  14. These idiots can tell you how to raise your child, what to feed them, make them listen to perverts tell them that homosexuality is good, prevent them from saying the Pledge of Allegiance, prevent them from playing tag on the playground, hand out condoms and promote sex in the classroom, tell them not to listen to their parents, and on and on. Then if your child doesn't behave, they can arrest you and throw you in jail! But don't you dare discipline your child, read the Bible to him or her, or help them understand right from wrong! There is a distinct difference from child abuse and spanking in love to teach the child. Screw Delaware . . . that's Joe Biden country! Perhaps his Mom should have spanked him more often. Maybe he wouldn't be such an ass!

  15. Right on, John.

  16. That's why you see utube videos of kids picking on little old lady bus monitors. They want our kids in juvy hall or kid jail so the private owned jails can make money off them.

  17. I have a question for all government officials??? For the life of me I do not understand why they are messing in family problems don't they have enough to do to run this country? Of course the state of the state is loulsy and they are not doing what they should be doing. Maybe that is the problem there to busy messing in family business instead of what they were hired for!!!! Run the government…. But seems that officials are so busy sticking there noses into private world that they don't have time to run country. Of course this is another mistake of our so called government official and we as citizens will have to suffer until we wake up and demand that government spend there time doing what they were hired for the term of employment be it 2 years or 4 years taking care of government, not interfear with family problems. Getting a childs attention at times is very important as getting government officials attention>>>>>……

  18. Even Dr. Spock, himself, said he was wrong. It came too late, unfortunately, for some who took his word as the last in child rearing.

  19. My husband switched our oldest son when he ran into the street (for what reason, I don't remember), but it taught him not to do it again and kept him safe from being hit by a car. So sometimes, it even may save a child's life.

  20. If this law was in effect when I was a kid my Dad as well as some of my teachers would be serving a life sentence, but I had respect for my elders and did the right thing to keep from getting my arse beat. This is what's wrong with kids these days no disaplin. The government need to get the hell out of our personal lifes.

  21. cheryl73 says:

    THIS is OUTRAEOUS! The kids are left to do what they want now. If you can't even spank them, WHICH IS NOT THE GOV> Business, then we as parents are screwed.

  22. I just read the legislation. Defining "injury" as "pain" is insanity. It doesn't even say physical pain. So by the letter of the law let's say I catch my child stealing 3 cookies from the cookie jar. When I take the cookies away from him he beings to cry because I've just caused him emotional pain – BAM – 2 years in prison for me if he rats me out to, say, his teacher.

  23. Admiral America says:

    Anyone having kids under this regime is a fool. There's so many risks. People should just accept not having kids because frankly it's turning into a horrid world anyway.

  24. And we are seeing the effects of kids not being disciplined. They are running uncontrolled in the streets today. They do not know any boundaries and we are seeing the violence that comes from that. They are unhappy.That is why so many turn to drugs. And since they haven't had any consequences as kids, so they think that there are no consequences when they kill, rape, sodomize, or otherwise hurt someone.

  25. Can they pass a law against " acting like a politican" ?

  26. It would seem that young Beau Biden doesn't have any more common sense than his old man, and being a typical Liberal, he has the notion that he alone has the requisite intelligence to determine how the rest of should behave, believe, and generally live our lives. The "spare the rod" philosophy has resulted in prisons full of individuals who were never required to learn respect. obey the rules, or learn that actions can have consequences .No rational adult will knowingly inflict serious harm or injury in a child, and those that do deserve to feel the full weight of the law. However, a swat on a well-padded bottom certainly doesn't qualify as corporal punishment!

  27. Your children now belong to the state. Parental rights begin at conception and end at birth.

    This is an unconstitutional taking of a human as though they are property.

  28. anotherfedup says:

    Fiction has a way of turning into an ugly reality in this country by this 'not of the people' government! They must have read 2084 by r.m. harrison. Maybe you should too and put a stop to this insanity!!!

  29. PrincessPhilly says:

    We will have all people growing up to be evil monsters like the kids on the school bus that tormented the lady that was the school bus monitor. I have grandchildren that receive no discipline and they as toddlers are already evil monsters. Wait till they are adults. We will have adults that do not know right from wrong and if they want something just steal it or if they don't like someone just do physcial harm to them. Humans will have no conscious and we are well on our way to 100% of that.

  30. Paul Brown says:

    In other words, Spare the rod, and spoil the child. If the child misbehaves courts says punishment for their misbehavior is no longer allowed. No wonder we have juvenile delinquents running the streets and breaking the law. Yes, we are to instill moral values, but only what the government allows, and we hope and pray or hope they follow and do. But if they don't, government says parents cannot do a damn thing about it! Because if we discipline our children in any form or fashion, it will be declared child abuse, kids will be placed in foster care, and the parents will be sent to prison. Then if these unruly kids act out or disobey under state care, they too, will be arrested sand sent to jail. Some remedy, huh?

  31. Agreed! It's laws like this that is the reason for so many kids committing crimes! Guess these Stupid law makers never heard of spare the ROD and Spoil the CHILD! When I was a kid growing up we had 1/4 the number of kids cimmitting crimes

  32. One Biden is twenty to many!

  33. Anyone having a Biden kid should go to prison for fifty years!

  34. Like father, like son — two bloomin' idiots. I guess the liberals like the shape America is in now, with gangs, riots, theft, rapes, violence against the handicapped and elderly, no respect for authority, etc. All this behavior stems from parents not disciplining their children when they're young so they'll grow up to be credits to our society. The stupid damnocrats created the violent, non-disciplined, "entitled" thugs of today with their ridiculous laws, and now they even want to take it further. Except for people who never should have had children in the first place, what today's sane, loving parents consider "spanking" is not child abuse; it's a corrective measure when all other forms of discipline (talking, taking away privileges, declaring "timeouts") have failed. Such parents realize some behaviors are just too important to ignore as they result in dire consequences if left unchecked.

  35. All of this only applies if you are a conservative.

  36. So you can't spank your child today, but they will hold you responsible for that childs actions and fine or arrest you for that. Of course because the child has grown uo with no respect for authority, either parentual or governmental, tnd they go out and commit a crime, maybe even murder someone, it is then alright for them to incarcerate to child now an adult for a great share of their lives or possibly invoke the death sentence. The question is which is more loving and caring, correction as a child/guidance or jail or death penalty at a later date; not taking into account the pain and suffering that unruly undisciplined child now an adult has inflicted on some else?

  37. Spare the rod, spoil the child. When a spanking (requiring some pain) is necessary for proper discipline, then a spanking is a MUST, and it SHALL be done!!!!!! And it WILL be done!!!!!!!!!!

  38. We need to get these politicians, who are interested only in their re-election and have no concept of what is right or wrong out of all authoritative place in government including the judicial system. This includes the supreme court who are life time appointees. It shoud be made easier to remove these addle brained despots. Enough is enough.

  39. motherof1 says:

    Boy they would be in for a shock if this little old lady was their bus monitor and they picked on me. I have learned to deal with these kids on their own level. "Stand your ground" doesn't just relate to facing off with a criminal you know.

  40. motherof1 says:

    Glen: You are assuming they give a darn about running the country. All they want is for us to be good little slaves and work 60-80 hours a week and give THEM the money we earn.

  41. motherof1 says:

    cheryl73: Parents have been screwed for years with the government… no matter WHO is the president, or which party is in control of the houses.

  42. motherof1 says:

    Admiral America: Now see, you have just suggested what obummer wants. For we Americans to stop having CHILDREN. Then they can bring all their MUSLIM families into the country and run it THEIR WAY.

  43. motherof1 says:

    rrjron: I'll second that motion.

  44. cheryl73 says:

    Yep that is Just What our Gov nowadays is going for. TOTAL CONTROL

  45. cheryl73 says:

    SO True! I am 56yrs old so I have been around this mess od GOV for awhile. Not getting any better.

  46. Parents who don't spank their kids really don't love them or care if they become criminals or not! I thank god my parents believed in spanking, not a beating, but a spanking to get our attention and so next time we will think about what we are doing before we do wrong again! All my brothers and sister are above fifty-five some sixty-five and not one of us were ever arrested for anything!
    Spanking must have worked!

  47. 1984 is already happening. Every kid should read it. We are sowing the seeds of our own demise with this insanity.

  48. They should change the name of Delaware to Dumbaware.

  49. Shambodie says:

    This should be national news because this is very disturbing. This has serious and creepy implications for the rest of the country.

  50. sean murry says:

    A new village idiot.

  51. this is notihg but outlandish blaaaaaaaa. not disciplining a child is one of the most distructive practices an adult could do for a child. Originally, such a law was put into effect to stop adults from leaving welts on children. but, this is plain stupidity. IF is it passed, those that do so need to be aware of the concequences of the outcome.