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Five Cops Beat Up a Man Because He Had a Legal Gun

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2012

In the city of Minneapolis, it’s not enough to have a permit to carry a gun. The police still unofficially reserve the right to beat you so badly that you go to the hospital for treatment.

They are willing to drive you to the hospital after the beating. They want to be helpful.

This was not clear to Zachary King. He carries a handgun. He has a permit to do this. He carries it with him in his wallet.

He had been in a local nightclub. When he left the club and headed for his car, a policeman stopped him. He asked King about the bulge in his pocket. He says that told him it was a gun, and that he had a permit to carry it.

That was when the beating began. Five policemen participated.

They knocked him down. Then one of them began beating his head against the sidewalk.

Finally, one of them took out his wallet and found the permit. That was when they stopped beating him.

Then they took him to the hospital.

There is a video of at least part of the beating. Someone down the street had a smart phone.

He is suing the city.

The police department has no comment.

Some citizens have begun to protest publicly. The city now has a community relations problem on its hands.

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31 thoughts on “Five Cops Beat Up a Man Because He Had a Legal Gun

  1. Simon Jester says:

    I would have shot the cops.

  2. When did this happen? I haven't heard anything on the local news. I live in a northern suburb of Minneapolis.

  3. This isn't a "community relations problem." This is another instance of criminal behavior by public servants. Now that criminals are in the White House, this has become an epidemic.

  4. Can we get the names, badge numbers, salaries, and other "publicly available info" about the cops and publish all of this information.

  5. It's time we realized the cops are not on our side. They have become an enemy. The very flower of Jefferson's fears.

  6. Piggies better be careful, or they are going to get it from both sides of the law.

  7. Because he was black. Ladies and gentlemen heerrrrre's Al Sharpton and Jessse Jackson.

  8. And if you lived, you'd be on trial like Zimmerman.

  9. It seems our public servants are using: Shoot/Beat first ask questions later. Then, like theri mommy said; "Just say sorry and all the bad will go away." Well, mommy lied. These cops need to be put in gen. pop with the rest of a$$holes that caused bodliy harm for absolutely no reason.

  10. 2WarAbnVet says:

    It's likely you'll never hear anything on the "news".

  11. This need to stop the cops are out of control are goverment is out of control we need to clean out the goverment all they way down we need to wake up or we will loose this great country to scum

  12. This is never going to stop. I will only get worse. Sheeple are spineless. No one will ever do anything about it. But complain on internet sites. These are the same comments posted now since the internet started. Lets get real we love to read these stories for entertainment value. We love the state and what it gives us. We love the people we vote for. We are the problem and we are not going to cahnge. So enjoy the monster we have created while you can.

  13. Only police are allowed to beat and shoot at will,Permit or no permit!

  14. My grand-daughter is a straight A student with a scholarship starting in the Fall. She has already said that if she ever meets with a problem, she will NOT call the police because they're so corrupt. I pray she never gets into such a situation, but I understand exactly what she means. Their undeclared motto is "shoot first and ask questions later."

  15. Says who? Regardless of race or color, the policemen's job is to PROTECT, not intimidate or harm any individual without just cause, and only in extreme cases. Today's policemen are acting more like Gestapo members and it's going to get worse the closer we come to the NWO.

  16. Why didn't the guy just show them the permit and avoid the beating? I suspect there is much more to this story.

  17. JohnGalt says:

    The guy only had to yell out that he was a homosexual and the cops would have stopped.

  18. "are goverment…" Good grief! It's OUR GOVERNMENT

  19. A Woodlawn, Maryland teen died following a struggle with an off-duty police officer.
    The seventeen-year-old’s death has been ruled a homicide

  20. The Oakland Police Department shoots a Marine veteran
    in the head with a beanbag, then the police attack a group
    of people attempting to render aid to him with a chemical weapon.

    Sounds like Hitlers Brown Shirts. http://bit.ly/KRNmi3

  21. A Highland Heights, Kentucky former police chief has been accused of wire fraud
    after using credit cards in the name of the Highland Heights Southgate Police
    Authority and in the names of other members of his police department to steal over $115,000. http://bit.ly/MJ1698

  22. Executive officer of the Minneapolis Police SWAT Unit punched a
    man in the head, who is now on life support. Following the incident,
    the officer allegedly fled on foot immediately. The officer’s commander
    stated, “that type of behavior is out of line for civilian employees but it’s
    egregious on the part of a sworn law enforcement officer.” http://bit.ly/Mm6Szj

  23. Yakima, Washington police Sgt. Erik Hildebrand resigned under
    pressure due to misconduct. The officer was already under close
    scrutiny after an incident last year in which he used his police
    credentials to get a free motel room with a young woman.

  24. Golden dragon says:

    Cop screws prostitute: fired. Cop kills unarmed innocent: "very sorry. Mistake." gets a month paid vacation.

  25. Sorry Joyce but a Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that cops did not have a duty to protect citizens. In the case the lady had a protection order against her husband who kidnapped her kids. The kids were killed and and the husband shot up a police station until he was killed. Cops had visited the husband but did not return the kids to the mother. The mother sued because the cops did not enforce the a court granted protection order. The Court said the cops had no Constitutional duty to pretect citizens. Look it up. We can no longer expect protection from law enforcement and more and more Americans want to disarm the public. It is getting very scary out there.

  26. You couldn't be more wrong!!! Never mind the 1000s of good deeds done every day by cops, and if you can't find a bad cop then citizens go around on camera and try to provoke an encounter. Oh and lets not forget ten cops a months are killed by their own citizens every month and you say their the enemy unbelievable!!!

  27. Corrupt cops mean corrupt citiznes, there are many communities that don't have corrupt cops because their community won't tolerate it apparently your daughter should be more concerned about those in her community who participate and and allow it!

  28. lilbear68 says:

    o yeah sue the city sadly enough when the city loses the suit and has to make the giant settlement the bottom line is that the tax payers wind up paying in the end.
    if a cop screws up like this he should be fired jailed and his retirement and 401k confiscated and used to make the settlement

  29. Michale CrackMonkey says:

    You are a moron. There are 5 cops and one of you. Had you pulled your weapon they would have shot you first and you'd be dead and they would be in the right. You can't just shoot someone because you feel like it and you can't shoot at the police for any reason. Are you too stupid to realize that these cops would have been waiting for you to pull a gun, While one was questioning you the others have their hands on their guns just waiting for an excuse to pull from their holsters and shoot,

  30. I have been researching criminology for years prior to a book release. The peace officers today are under incredible pressure from programming to disregard everything from constitutional to international declaration of human rights laws. When someone tries to stand on their God given rights the police are trained to charge them with resisting arrest and anything else they can use to make a law abiding or minor infraction that is under color of law and in direct violation of our constitution appear as if the person was off the wall. (See Marbury vs Madison) My research started when I realized that just by becoming a police officer you would loose a lot of friends out of fear because everything is against the law in the eyes of any police officer that want's to pursue or manufacture a crime. This profession has taken more good women and men and made them paranoid to a point that only other officers can be your friends and even they are usually back stabbing another officer. When you train good people to only see the bad in the rest you create angry frustrated police. They have the ability to snap like anyone but are under more pressure to stay composed but find it hard in moments of high stress which happens often to law enforcement personal. Our police need to be trained to protect rights not violate them as a matter of procedure. Then just maybe they can be let back into the world of friends of non police and the community not enemies.

  31. He is NOT a moron, some of us are actually trained, and personally I have been at ranges with police officers practicing. They are no longer gun folks, merely bullies with a badge. Just because you are unable to fire at five targets quickly, center mass does not mean others cannot. If you watch any professional sports and even try to do anything those folks do at their level, you would know what I mean. You are also wrong for thinking that whatever they do is right and self defense, just because they are "LEO", is wrong. You have been brainwashed. Sadly.