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SWAT Team Stuns Grandmother and Granddaughter

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2012

A team of heavily armed police, dressed in armor, ascended the front porch steps, broke the storm door and a front window, tossed in a flash grenade to stun the occupants, and showed a grandmother that the police department of Evansville, Indiana is not to be trifled with.

The TV crew that the police had called in to record their derring-do faithfully recorded the incident. The police department’s PR officer was not going to let this go to waste.

Problem: wrong house.

Stephanie Milan, age 18, said she that managed to remain calm because she knew her family hadn’t done anything wrong. The newspaper reporter offered this assessment: “Still, she was stunned and confused.” That’s what flash grenades do to people.

Police were executing a search warrant for computer equipment, which they said was used to make anonymous and specific online threats against police and their families on the website topix.com.

The perpetrator, whoever he was, probably used the girl’s Internet service connection. How? No one knows, especially Chief of Police Billy Bolin. “We have no way of being able to tell that.” The concerning Internet posts “definitely come back to that address.”

The family has resided at the address for 30 years.

Chief Bolin said that department records indicated relatives associated with the address had criminal histories.

You never know what a relative may do.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said Friday he spoke to Bolin about the incident and was satisfied that police were justified in forcibly entering the home.

The city will replace the storm door and window. It may even clean the carpet where the grenade went off. You never know.

Bolin said the SWAT team used its standard “knock and announce” procedure of knocking on the wall and repeating the words “police search warrant” three times before entering.

The police chief said the procedure doesn’t require officers to wait for a response.

“It’s designed to distract,” he said.

There is nothing like a stun grenade to distract a person who is watching TV. Especially the Food Channel.

Furthermore, the Chief knows that the media are pushy. Well, he’s not going to let that worry him.

When asked by the Courier & Press for access to the document that allowed them to force entry to the home, Bolin refused. He said it might contain information that would compromise their investigation. However, he said the document didn’t contain names of any suspects.

Call it “executive privilege.”

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13 thoughts on “SWAT Team Stuns Grandmother and Granddaughter

  1. Sounds like the police were a little overzealous and showing off for the reporters. Maybe they should have done some surveillance before throwing the stun grenade. Sounds like a lawsuit pending on this one.

  2. Anyone but me think WIFI may be involved?

  3. Bill McCroskey says:

    Hey … if it's good enough for Holder and Obama … why shouldn't the smallest and most insignificant government agency or bureaucrat use the "it might contain information that would compromise their investigation" to their benefit ?? Lead by example has always been a great way of teaching !!

  4. sean murry says:

    I would sue them.

  5. SWAT team needs to stun the EPA, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder. Might get Obamas attention then.

  6. Everyday you hear of incidents like this. Police breaking down the wrong door and there's no accountability or apology. Just typical law enforcement arrogance.

  7. Sounds like they didn't know their detective work , and that their computer people don't know their jobs very well . Most kids today are very computer wise . They know how to access other peoples accounts and make it appear that messages come from them . My own kids know how to hack into my own pc and often do so just for fun changing my password just for laughs or setting a message for when I log on .

    At any rate , I do think that the family is entitled to damages . All repairs and cleaning costs as well as compensation for the trama induced by the flash bang granade . They should also receive a very loud and very public apology from the Police Department for their mistake and for terrorising the family . I understand the problems the Police have but they should do a little more home work and also find computer people who know how to operate computers and how criminals might use them to misdirect them . Personally , I don't buy the Departments story . Sounds like a whitewash for their mistake to me .

  8. SteveHow says:

    Thing is the Police won't do anything to find out who really did it. I know from personal experience about having some one take over my connection AND my computer. I had 32 cops and a dog invade my home. My wife was unable to care for herself due to a broken leg but that didn't matter either because they took me and left her alone without any help to even use the bathroom. It cost me one hundred thousand dollars to just stay out of prison and I still ended up with a felony record. The police, DA's and courts don't care if they have the right person, they only care about arrests, convictions and maximum sentences. This country has turned into a GUILTY until proven innocent country. I have no respect for our corrupt system anymore. Before this I had nothing worse than a speeding ticket.

  9. StopTheCopViolence says:

    The idea of forceful entry into a home occupied or not without warning should be met with lethal force. If the officers have a beef how about placing a simple phone call, how about putting a note on the front door, how about a bullhorn for an hour until someone opens the door. This bullshit of saying search warrant three times like some magical password before you smash the door down is barbaric. This whoops it's the wrong house idea is total horseshit. Is what happens when you have monkeys leading a police force.

  10. Agreed. Everyone should use strong encryption keys on their home WiFi connections. Generate a "63 random printable ASCII characters" password for your wireless router at this site

    and use that as your WiFi encryption key. It's a pain to type in for each device (laptops, smartphones, etc.) but you only have to do it once if you don't change the WiFi key in the router.

    If you don't know how to set an encryption key on your wireless router, get in touch with someone who does and get it done.

  11. They give more notice to suspected drug dealers and hardened criminals…looks like they had no idea what they were doing or where..SLOPPY, incompetent police "work"..made doofuses of themselves.


  13. r Wheatley says:

    Anybody with a laptop could type hateful things about any governmnent, local to national. A judge should demand evidence more substancial before signing a warrant. Even with a warrant, this is illegal search and we are to be protected from this sort of atrocity by the constitution. This is government insane with power and should be held to account to th tune of at least $3,000,000.