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Cut $70 Billion a Year Out of the Budget? Not This Year.

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2012

I’ll bet you have never heard of the Green Scissors program. Since 1994, it has recommended cuts in federal spending on boondoggle environmental programs.

Is this an anti-green report? The Friends of the Earth doesn’t think so. It is one of the producers of the annual report.

The report for 2012 is now available. It has suggestions for saving $700 billion over the next decade.

Will the federal government adopt any of these recommendations? Of course not. It never adopts any of the recommendations.

Congress sees its task as spending us blind. Congress is very good at this.

“It is perverse that we are staring down the barrel of budget cuts that will lead to dirtier drinking water as we reward corporations with tens of billions of dollars a year to poison the public,” said Benjamin Schreiber, tax analyst with Friends of the Earth. “We need to take the common sense solution of saving money by ending environmentally harmful spending.”

This year’s report proposes cuts to federal energy, agriculture, transportation, insurance and public land and water programs that either directly or indirectly place American land, air or water resources in jeopardy. The report is a the result of a collaborative process between the three groups, and only those programs that all three agreed were both wasteful and environmentally harmful were included in the list of recommendations.

The proposed cuts include:

• $269 billion from energy programs, including $158 billion of fossil fuel subsidies

• $167 billion of agricultural subsidies, including $89 billion of federal crop insurance disaster aid

• $212 billion of transportation subsidies, including $125 billion of general revenue transfers to the Highway Trust Fund

• $101 billion of federal flood, crop and nuclear insurance subsidies

• $24 billion from wasteful or environmental damaging public lands and water projects

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4 thoughts on “Cut $70 Billion a Year Out of the Budget? Not This Year.

  1. The only thing Congress does a good job at is spending our money. Way to go Congress. You ought to be proud!!!!!

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  3. don oesau says:

    Where and how does obama get the money for innvesting in green companies?

  4. if you want things to change watch who you vote for instead of who media tells you to,just look at republicans collins and brown who like to vote with dems. we got mccain in 08 because media and gop told us to. we get left leaning romney this time because media and gop told us to.just for one example look at nh primary, lots of talk about first and third place and almost no mention of second place ron paul.wake up people and stop doing what you're told. like paul or not you should admit second place deserves more coverage than third. stop being manipulated