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Government Panel Recommends Professional Nagging for Fat People

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2012

A federal health care panel recommends mandatory counseling for fat people, paid for by insurance companies.

This was a “task force.” A task force sounds important. I mean, the U.S. Navy has task forces.

In government circles, a task force is a committee that is expected to produce a report. Then the report is filed away and ignored.

Let us hope this report is filed away and ignored. If it becomes part of the law, our health insurance premiums will rise.

This task force has a name, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. It sounds important.

It recommends preventative services. What are preventative services? Nagging. But not just nagging. Nagging by state-licensed professional naggers.

The task force wants physicians to identify fat patients. This should not be hard. The task force has a formula. Any person with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. This is one-third of all adult Americans. The physician is to recommend counseling by a professional nagger, either paid for by the patient or his insurance company.

Under Medicare, taxpayers must provide these nagging services. There is a small co-pay. The task force wants this policy to spread to all private health insurance.

Consider the cost of this for about 50 million adult Americans in the “30 or higher” BMI classification.

The task force concluded after a review of the medical literature that the most successful programs in improving patients’ health were “intensive, multicomponent behavioral interventions.” They involve 12 to 26 counseling sessions a year with a physician or community-based program, the panel said.

Are there existing programs that meet the task force’s standards? There are hardly any.

So, the experts must be recruited. They must be trained. They must be certified. And then they must be paid.

By whom? By you and me.

Will the program work? Of course not. Nothing works for 95% of obese people. Within five years after losing weight, they are back where they were before they lost weight.

The panel acknowledged that one problem with its recommendation was that no studies have shown such intensive programs provide long-term health benefits.

But this has not stopped the government. The Centers for Disease Control is launching a pilot program in 21 cities.

In five years, we’ll know.

Here is my guess. Fat people will still be fat. Call me unscientific.

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15 thoughts on “Government Panel Recommends Professional Nagging for Fat People

  1. dialnurse says:

    Long time health care experience in the 'inner city' qualifies for a comment.
    These patients will NOT be nagged. The usual complaints – "you don't understand…" "my people all look like this" "you prejudiced" "I got rights to not be dissed" "You jus wanna cut my benefits".
    The most non-compliant 'clients' will continue to have expensive care lavished on them, taxpayer supported of course.
    At Veterans hospitals, THEY WILL be nagged, Seniors WILL be nagged, but not my patients.

  2. catchesthewnd says:


  3. Patriot1776 says:

    The ballooning government interference into the lives of citizens will continue to increase and even exponentially expand if obama is re-elected in November. This administration is focused on controlling what we do, what we eat, where we go, and yet completely fails to focus on the critical topic of the economy and what this great nation needs to do to survive. They want to eliminate our freedoms, tax us to death, and then tax us some more so that they can enjoy the life of leisure and exotic vacations. Let my people go!

  4. Government interference will continue, even if we elect Mitt McRomney. Obamacare was modelled after RomneyCare. And Mitt will lavish more health care benefits on illegal immigrants, especially the fat stay-at-home moms

  5. sean murry says:

    They better get on the mooch for her big rear.

  6. Let's hope Obamacare is in the garbage come June 30th. That will give us good reason to celebrate our independence on July 4th.

  7. The fat reduction seminars held by the insurance companies will include a lunch!

  8. You have to be kidding me ! These guys had better wear a mask come payday . You can nag all you want , fat people will still be fat . Many people have medical problems that make it difficult to lose weight . Many others are simply to poor to afford a healthy diet and resort to filling and fatty foods . Still more are fat simply because they sit around on their fat behinds all day collecting food stamps and breeding kids so they can collect more . The government should have better things to do and better things to solve than this . Perhaps the should go nag the first lady , she seems to have put on a bit more weight over the past three and a half years

  9. if we continue to reelect these idiots (which includes 99.9% of the democrats and about 50-60% of the republicans that are there now we won't have to worry about being too fat nobody will be able to afford food

  10. They will have massive suicide's which is, I suspect, what they want.

  11. Jo baldin says:

    My husband work gives us county rub health care.. I went to the doctor because I’ve put on 30 lbs, even though I run& lift weights 2 hours a day! No referral, no hormone check, no thyroid screen, just eat less carbs per meal but you look fine to me??? Really? You don’t see a problem?? I eat clean & exercise, work & have hobbies! WTF?

  12. Hmmm, maybe THIS is the real reason for the FEMA camps….they're FAT camps lol.

  13. PrincessPhilly says:

    Americans would not be over weight if the government would keep the chemicals out of our food that destroy the metabolism. Once these chemicals are taken in and destroy the metabolism there is no getting it back. But when do the idiots in government understand anything.

    We are eating healthier and exercising more then ever and yet we are getting fatter because of the chemicals. The chemicals destroy the metabolish of the animals so they fatten up quickly then we eat the meat with the chemicals and it does the same thing to us.

    Tell the government to stick it up their sorry a$$.

  14. My thought exactly except I would add that they take all GMOs out of our fields too. When you start putting molecules of insecticide into foods it can't be good for humans or animals. Make it cheaper to use real sugar instead of the fake corn syrup sugar and then use less of it.

  15. Well, "big government" better keeps it nose outta my arse. I'll eat what I want, and if I get fat, too bad. What they need to do it let mother's stay home and be mother's and make good healthy meals, instead of running to McDonald's because they had to work late. While I was young and still living home, Mom did not work, she was a mother who made good wholesome meals. Not me nor my brother were ever fat….until I hit menopause, then the pounds started coming on. Oh, and another thing, we were always out playing, running, riding bikes, playing kick the can, we were active. We did not sit home, glued to a computer, eating greasy chicken mcnuggets and cheeseburgers. To me, this generation of "time" sucks.