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Resistance Movement: Parents Ignore Vaccination Requirements

Written by Gary North on June 25, 2012

One sign that younger Americans are beginning to resist regulation by the government is the increase in the percentage of parents who refuse to have their infants vaccinated.The public health bureaucracies issue warnings against this, but parents ignore it.

In the liberal city of Portland, Oregon, something in the range of 10% of parents are refusing. This indicates a loss of trust in the establishment.

Historically, Americans have done what public health officials have required. The public has trusted the theories and practices of these organizations. A loss of compliance here indicates a major change in the public’s degree of confidence in the official theories.

A new study concluded that infants on alternative immunization schedules are growing from 2.5% in 2006 to 9.5 % in 2009. While fewer babies in the Northwestern state are being vaccinated, parents are being admonished to stick to the recommended schedule of regular vaccines.

This is a rapid increase. Three years is not much time for attitudes to change. But change they have.

This man has got the picture.

Steve Robison, epidemiologist at the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and researcher for the study, remarked: “The fact that there is an alternative schedule means that there is alternative advice. Most parents are getting their kids the recommended shots. They are not getting it at recommended times, making them fall behind. These kids are at greater risk, and we don’t see them catching up.”

This resistance reveals the power of the Internet to undermine the public’s confidence in the official opinion of various government bureaucracies. If parents have lost faith in the public health establishment, they have lost faith in other establishments, too.

The medical establishment recommends 23 different immunizations before the infant reaches age 2.

So far, there has been no outbreak of any of the threatened diseases.

This is going to be a large laboratory test of the public health system and its effectiveness. Will there be a pandemic? Or will nothing much change?

Will resisting parents change their minds before a pandemic?

What percentage of non-vaccinating parents will it take to put the public at risk?

If this resistance continues, and no outbreak occurs, more parents will join the resistance, this resistance will spill over into other areas of government control.

Anything above 10% resistance to official ideas will spread fast. The 10% figure is a tipping point. This figure has been confirmed in a recent study. In Portland, young parents are almost at the tipping point.

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14 thoughts on “Resistance Movement: Parents Ignore Vaccination Requirements

  1. No outbreak of threatened diseases? Really? What about the increase of Whooping Cough in New Mexico because of this? I just don’t understand why people would rather listen to Jenny McCarthy than their physician.

  2. lilbear68 says:

    you younger gens keep resisting big brother and the next step will be that the vaccinations will be tied to your kids ssi or your ability to claim them on your taxes as a dependent

  3. Just so you know most vaccines do not guarantee immunity. Take the pertussis (whooping cough) and chicken pox vax. A lot of people that get whooping cough were vaxed. And only way to get lifelong immunity against chicken pox is getting them. Most physicians are in with big pharma and they have no problem advocating drugs that are doing more damage than the diseases themselves. They should be more into helping people with diet and lifestyle changes. They don’t teach medical students about natural vitamins and their role in our health. That said children are the most vulnerable to health problems so why would someone agree to inject poisons into their ever changing, delicate bodies and brains and not acknowledge the side effects. The amount of vaccines has tripled since 1983….and why? I don’t trust the system knows whats best for my children.

  4. This is a scary thought, but do you suppose we sacrifice our childrens health and well being for big brother?

  5. Melissa you are completely right. Why are so many children afflicted with autism. I truly believe it has a lot to do with all the "immunizations" by the time they are 2??? The FDA has been in the pocket of the Pharma Co's for years! Stick to your guns!

  6. Joanne Long says:

    I agree, Melissa. What worries me is the newborns now have too much of these medicenes already in them from their parents and grandparents. Seems to me all these vacccinates have accumlated over time from parent and grand parents. Maybe babies have too much in them already, and this could be the cause of autism.

  7. As a parent that opted to not have his children immunized (as well as a natural home birht) I can only add anecdotal evidence. My two children have lived extremely healthy lives, no allergies – none, only one suggestion to take anit-biotics in their conbined 32 yrs of life (18 and 14 yrs old). So no immunizations, no autism, no allergies food or otherwise, no eartubes, in fact never had an ear infection, no major illnesses.

    My phlospohy was and has been, one’s body builds up immunities to one’s environment, children have bee born without the aid of western medici9en for cneturies therefore a natural homebirth offered us a wonderful opportunity. This followed by breastfeeding, no processed foods (baby food) and no immunizations I beleive led to two very helathy loving boys. Our society is so fearful of bacteria and viruses that we attempt to obliterate them. Look at your living conditions, what you put in your body and make your decision. And no, I am not a leftweing tre hugger, I just did my research and drew my own concluison.

  8. fighting grandma says:

    A majority of the outbreak was from children that HAD been vaccinated, not the unvaccinated children. My children were not vaccinated and not only are they extremely healthy now, but they never had ANY childhood illnesses growing up. There is a wealth of scientific research that has been done on vaccines that is available to you on the internet, that way you don't have to listen to any one you don't want to…

  9. fighting grandma says:

    Exactly my viewpoint and exactly my experiences from not getting my children vaccinated. I have read many times that before a parent agrees to let their child be vaccinated to read the warning that comes with the vaccine…kinda like the commercials we see on TV for some problem and the side effects are soooo much worse, including death for some of them. Fortunately, some young parents are actually waking up and doing their parental research before letting them get injected with highly toxic poisons.

  10. GOOD for these vaccine resister parents.

  11. The biggest problem is there is no accountability. Big pharma has been made immune to liability for any harm done for vacinations. This means they will push anything to make a buck and can no longer be trusted with our health decisions.

  12. That's why need killer diseases – to weed out the weak and sickly children before they reproduce?

  13. If I remember correctly, it was this podcast http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2012/… where I heard that the very first bill passed under GWB was making big pharma immune from liability.

  14. I agree. I nursed my 4yr old until he was 28 months and currently still going strong nursing my 1yr old. I believe breastfeeding plays a big role in the health of children. I know formula is an only option for some, but the qualities and benefits just don't compare. My two children have not been vaccinated. I can't justify injecting them with the poison.

    Dave, did you homeschool or were your kids in public school? I am leaning towards homeschooling them. But that is another topic. 🙂