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Chicago Man’s Throat Slashed. He Wants to Carry a Gun.

Written by Gary North on June 25, 2012

A Chicago man was walking his dog. A man approached him. When the dog walker looked down at his dog, the man attacked him, slashing his throat with a 10-inch knife.

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In Chicago, it is illegal to carry a gun. This man thinks the ban is in conflict with the Second Amendment.

City officials disagree. They think that legalizing guns would increase violent crime. It is far better to let innocent people get their throats slashed. I mean, how often does that happen?

So, the debate goes on. On the side of the city are all those who want to slash people’s throats. Knives are the weapon of choice. I mean, who ever heard of someone getting his throat slashed by a .357 snub-nosed magnum? On the other side are people who do not want their throats slashed.

In Chicago, it’s clear to city officials who has the better argument.

If you live in Chicago, buy a knife.

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35 thoughts on “Chicago Man’s Throat Slashed. He Wants to Carry a Gun.

  1. Not surprising, ole barry's cronie is mayor there now! He has to protect all of his Gangster buddies!

  2. Patriot1776 says:

    It is time for Amercan's to decide, do we stand for our Constitution or do we allow the government to take away our God given rights. It is as simple as that. Stand up, use your voice, or give away your rights and the rights of your children and grandchildren.

  3. Bill McCroskey says:

    One more GREAT reason to live in Florida. I can assure you gangsters in Florida planning on preying on the public or breaking into your residence are well aware it will be a short 'lived' career. Gangsters will always have weapons …. they could care less about gun laws …knife laws or baseball bat laws. Floridians can legally protect their property and family without having to wait until the law shows up and it is too late.

  4. Bill, great attitude!!! I agree with the sentment. Here is the problem with our logic. Zimmerman in Florida stood his ground. He had been beaten badly and the assailant came at him again. Zimmerman shot the assailiant. The initial police on the scene came to the conclussion that Zimmerman acted in self defense. The police chief agreed and Zimmerman was sent home. Because some headline grabbing race-bating self-promoting buttheads got involved the Police Chief lost his job and Zimmerman has lost everything he had. It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, you will lose everything everytime in this situation. The legal fees alone will suck the very life out of you. Financially you will never ever recover. You will serve time in prison and will lose your job. Even if found not guilty you will have to move to avoid the harrassment. Trust me it is not worth it. The moron in the nbc report made several mistakes. 1. He was out at night. 2. He lives where I do, Chicago. 3. He did not have a hand full of money ready to give the assailant. More people were killed in Chicago last weekend than in Afganistan. The city should pay me combat pay just to live here

  5. It would never happen, but think of what if all law abiding people moved out of Chicago. All those criminal types would be able to pick on each other "to the last man". It should happen, but like I said, it never will.

  6. Arizona Don says:

    An armed society is both safe and polite. An unarmed society is dangerous because criminals do not obey laws honest citizens do.

  7. Arizona Don says:

    Listen up all you folks who live and work in the Chicago war zone. There is nothing that says you have to live there. Like any and all the other states you are still allowed to leave and live some place else. There are several states you can live in that allows you to protect yourself from getting your throat slit. Why people live in Chicago and New York where guns as a means of self-protection are for some reason banned I will never understand. Get smart leave! If all the honest people left who would give a hoot if all the rest killed each other?

  8. OK I'm not American, but why hasn't anyone in Chicago (or NY for that matter) challenge the city gun ban on constitutional grounds as was done successfully in Washington, DC?

  9. I live in Illinois-the only state in the union that doe not allow concealed carry. Considering the way things go in this state, I am becoming a strong proponent of mandatory carry and the abolishment of all restrictions on magazine size. When you have groups of 20 to 30 hugs roaimng the streets of Chicago, Peoria, and other cities of the state and the edia looking the other way, concealed carry just isn't quite enough to cut it.

  10. DoctorBob says:

    Every last single anti-gun law, or gun restriction law, is CLEARLY a violation of the Constitution. Moreover, denying ANYONE the RIGHT to self-defense flies in the face of GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! There are hostile imbeciles out there who do NOT wish me or my family well. To DENY me the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to defend myself or my family is absolutely unacceptable! If I use the gun to rob a liquor store, then arrest me for using the gun while I committed a crime. But, government, listen carefully to what I'm TELLING you! You are NOT allowed to restrict me of my RIGHT to self-defense. When more and more people tell the government exactly the same thing, maybe we can get all these stupid anti-gun laws abolished, and our society will once again become a polite and peaceful society. If a throat slasher gets shot in the process, that's just fine with me!!!

  11. DoctorBob says:

    Challenges to unjust laws must wind their way through the courts. In Chicago, those courts are presided over by Leftist Liberal judges, hand-selected by the Chicago politicians. They short-stop the suits before they ever get higher. It costs a LOT of money to pursue justice, and the dictatorial politicians like it that way.

  12. Bill McCroskey says:

    A.D. Could not agree more….. the movie "Escape From New York" may turn out to be more prophetic than fiction.

  13. Bill McCroskey says:

    I have been to Chicago in the public areas and using their public transportation a few times and felt VERY uncomfortable being approached by panhandlers nearly everytime. I will only visit Chicago via O'Hare connecting flights in the future.

  14. AD Roberts says:

    There is no other alternative. Move out of Chicago. If enough working white people leave, the city will collapse under the weight of the welfare system.

    By the way, as soon as I saw the headline, I thought that it was probably a black man attacking a white man. But see of the liberals call this a hate crime or a race crime. NO NO NO NO….. You will never hear the media saying such a RACIST thing about a black man attacking a white man he doesn't even know.

    This man was sure he was going to kill this whitey. Just because he was white.

    RACISM is only black against white these days except in the media, where they have to use the slogan. They have nothing else to defend the destructive accomplishments of Obama so they cry, "Racism". LOL

  15. AD Roberts says:

    You got one thing wrong. The man DID NOT try to rob him. A handful of money would not have stopped him, because he wasn't robbing the whitey. He was trying to KILL him.

  16. Hate crime all the way. Hate whitey crime. If this guy would have legally been able to carry and shot his attacker, he probably would have faced charges, even with the extra smile.

  17. Want to end the debate fast. Take all the white city officials, in small groups, and drop them off down town with the brothas
    In short order they will either wind up murdered, or they will get religion on the second amendment real quick

  18. Bill Kohanski says:

    My comment is ( cops don't stop crime they only investigate it after it's all over, I'm sure we have all seen on TV about 5 to 10 cops standing around looking busy stringing yellow barrier tape, but not to say the cops don't do a good job it's just that after someone gets killed or robbed that's when you see them. I say let the people protect them self's, be qualified to shoot and shoot to kill, when the politicians see they can get money for a permit and a gun qualification class then and only then will it pass in Chicago, it's the money and the hell with the citizens

  19. icetrout says:

    How in the hell did that commie-traitor get to be mayor? Can’t wait for the day the sh*t hit’s the fan…

  20. And ESPN Colin Cowherd says New Orleans is crime town that should not host sporting events. Lame brain.

  21. I can see the day coming, soon, where people are going to have to choose sides; are they on the side of liberty, or tyranny. We need to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and keep our powder dry.

  22. Daniel from TN says:

    Moving is an idea. How do you suggest people pay for the move?

  23. What happened to the notion that even, if the 2nd Amendment stops the Federal Government from interfering with peoples' non-militia gun ownership and carrying then that has no bearing on the State Governments as they can set their own rules for their respective States?

  24. While it's up to the courts as to whether Zimmirman is gulity or not but there's also the story that he was "playing cop" and tailing then interrogating Trayvon and essentially provoking him into a fight. If so then Martin has no grounds for self-defence.

  25. That should really read "because criminals aren't afraid to do jail time or have much so they aren't afraid of a lawsuit". No one ought to have the right to shoot someone dead without some sort of investigation.

  26. you havebn't read the news… Zimmerman could not FIND Martin, he had gone round behind a house or soemthing. Martin, after being told "you don't need to do that" (NOT commanded, and not by a police officer.. which would be an unlawful request anyway), he was returning to his truck when Martin jumped him from behind, knocked him down, and smashed his head into the sidewalk. STILL, Zimmerman did NOT pull out his gun.. until the punk, who was on top of him smashing his face and breaking his nose, uncovered the gun…..axxuring Zimmerman he'd take it and use it to kill him. ZImmerman then managed to retain control over the handgun and fired one shot into Martin, killing him. SO.. Martin was NOT "unarmed".. he had a reasonable opportunity to get control of ZImmerman's handgun, lawfully carried. Stand your Ground assuimes you have some ground on which to stand… all Zimmerman had was the concrete sidewalk onto which his head was being smashed by a strong, and much larger, punk who had jumped him.

  27. anyone assaulting another with obvious intent to cause death or serious bodily harm has, by his own actions, forfeited his life.Anyone being assaulted has the right to defend their life/health against sucn an assault. Had the victim here been carrying a gun, as soon as the perp with the knife came at him wielding that knife, the victim has the right to defend himself with lethal force.

  28. this was done.. it went all the way to the US Supreme Court, which decided Mr. Mc Donald HAS the right to possess weapons for the purpose of self-defese, ad guaranteed by the Second Ammendment of the US Constitution. Three days later, Mayor Daley and his corrupt commie aldermen passed a gaggle of insane laws effectively restricting gun possession inside Chicago. The mill of "justice" grinds slowly…. it seems the US Supreme COurt's decision was mocked within days…. had I been any of the members of that court, I'd have persued some sort of contempt charges on the Mayor and his henchmen… deliberatly passing a new set of laws to thwart the decision of the court. Shen the US Supreme COurt decided school esgregation was unconstitutioinal, Federal Marshalls enforced integration in Alabama schools. I do not understand why the Executive Branch (President.. oh THAT explains it.. it was the present kinyun pretender in "power" then…) did not take appropriate action against Chicago's perverted government. INstead, they sent Obama's sidekick and former Chicago Machine thug to become the new "mayor" of Chicago. Surprised someone hasn't "taken care" of the situation…. that seems to be the Chicago Way. But, legal challenge to Chicago's unconstitutional gun ban laws was definitely made…. new challenges to CHicago's recent nazified laws are also under way. What a waste of tax dollars….

  29. drop them off one at a time, unarmed. Best to do it wearing their "fine threads", you kinow, the ones they wear when on "official duty" in front of the TeeVee cameras looking like Someone Important. Oh, and just for grins, make sure that Rahm guy gets dropped off in his fine threads somewhere where they don't know him….. unarmed, no bodyguards near.

    Yup, either dead or "converted" within two hours. One if at night.

  30. If sane folks carried their own defence their would be one waco less and a large load off local police!

  31. Interesting hypothesis. But is it an educated one? Let's find out.

    (1) There could be a problem with your remark about "down town with the brothas". If you knew what you were writing so authoritatively about, you'd know that, day or night, most people in downtown Chicago are white and that while there are many blacks downtown, there aren't too many street criminals, which is what you meant by "brothas". In fact, nearly all the criminals in downtown Chicago are while, and many of those criminals are loyal unionists (i.e. sympathetic to the Constitution) who work in government, banking, or as lawyers in so-called private practice. Recall also that most of the employees of the Federal Reserve bank in Chicago are white, as are most of the executives over at Boeing, a vast, subsidized, crony capitalism outfit.

    (2) Several months ago I passed Mayor Emanuel while I was walking south on N. La Salle in front of city hall. He was walking north, and we passed within just a few feet of each other. Is Mr. Mayor still alive? Yep. Did he get "religion on the second amendment real quick"? Nope.

    Your silly hypothesis is refuted.

  32. I know this much, if the ef'n sanctimonious elite leftists had to navigate the neighborhoods that us mere mortals have to rather than the gated communities that they reside in, they would think differently about carrying a defensive weapon of choice and if they had to mingle amongst the illegal, non-speaking aliens at the grocery and department stores, they'd have a different stance on this issue too; but because they live in sequestered, sheltered lives, they have no problem with unleashing them on the wee folks!

  33. Yes, protect the criminals, sacrifice the victims…..that's their political agenda!! I wonder how come there's so many shootings every day in a city that has banned guns "to reduce crime"????

  34. In Vermont, if you have a valid driver's license and are not a felon, you may carry concealed. No special papers needed. Okay, there may be some crime, but, there is a whole lot less in Vermont than anyplace esle in the United States

  35. george M says:

    someone wrote illinois is the only state with no concealed carry. nope, we are just as effed up as illinois here in NJ. we don't have it either. wait, the law is on the books but there isn't a judge that will approve it in the whole state. just as good as a ban. conspiracy anyone…