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Turn in a Gun, Get a $100 Gift Card — Chicago

Written by Gary North on June 22, 2012

During the first six month of 2012, the Windy City has suffered 228 homicides.

It has stiff laws against gun ownership. This has disarmed law-abiding citizens, leaving them at the mercy of flash mobs and gangs.

Nationally, crime rates are dropping. But not in Chicago, where the city offers a $100 gift certificate to anyone who turns in a gun.

The program has a snazzy slogan: “Save a Life. Don’t Kill a Dream”

And get a $100 gift certificate, too.

The city has targeted (I could not resist)

“people come out that have weapons lying around the house, or weapons, maybe, that they don’t necessarily want in their house. This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on the street.”

So, the city’s strategy is to make people safer by disarming them. This is the standard gun-control strategy.

So far, it has not been successful.

My slogan: “Learn to shoot. Save a Life. Yours.”

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6 thoughts on “Turn in a Gun, Get a $100 Gift Card — Chicago

  1. 'Turn in a gun' might work in the civilized world but obviously not in Chicago. Whoever the twerp is that thought it would work should be given a cookie and told to play nice because such a program could only promoted by some one without a shred of analytical ability or mature judgement. .

  2. DUH! The ONLY people who will turn in a gun are criminals who've stolen guns that don't work. The other demographic are the poor, stupid, totally duped moron, law-abiding citizen whose brains are baked and are so gullible they actually BELIEVE the police will protect them.

    How's that working out in Chicago?

    New York City?

    How about Washington, DC?

    Crime is down everywhere else in this country except for those three areas. Any guesses as to why?

    The only thing "Turn in a Gun" will do is to embolden criminals who become even more safe when gun ownership goes down. If these people were "normal" they wouldn't be violent criminals. It is a progressive paradox (or, perhaps hypocrisy) that these programs "target" criminals when they are exactly the ones who WILL NOT RESPOND!

    What's so hard about understanding that?

  3. Will I get $100 for my BB gun??

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    These gun turn-in schemes are a useless publicity stunt by a government that can't or won't actually control crime or punish criminals.
    Why would a criminal turn in a functional gun for $100 when he could get twice that from a fellow criminal? The caveat, however, is that it would be a good way to destroy evidence.
    The bottom line is that all the turn-ins by all the cities that have had them have likely not prevented a single murder. But, they do cost the taxpayer, and make politicians feel good about themselves.

  5. You forget that the difficulty in understanding that arises because you are trying to talk to liberals. They have a white noise going on in their heads that only stops when the words 'free' or 'money' are mentioned.

  6. If I suddenly found myself in Chicago without a gun, I'd give $105 for a functioning handgun just to increase my chances of getting out of town ALIVE ! Most of the guns that are "sold" in these buy-back programs are damaged, stolen or have been used in a crime. Chicago – keep your gun to protect your family and yourself and FIRE the knucklehead politicians that came up with this waste of YOUR tax dollars. By the way, America is going to send Obama BACK to Chicago in November. You ARE welcome !