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Nevada Photographer Roughed Up by Sheriff’s Deputies

Written by Gary North on June 22, 2012

Law-enforcement agencies need reminders from time to time that voters are in charge. Elected sheriffs are not.

The first step in reclaiming the United States is to elect a sheriff who knows the good guys from the bad guys.

He must also be smart enough to understand this rule: don’t beat up employees of the local newspaper. If you do, you’re going to get a lot of coverage. You’re going to look dumber than dirt.

Sheriff’s deputies in the Reno area apparently had never been told about this possibility.

Tim Dunn is a 21-year veteran of photo journalism. He is employed by the Reno Gazette-Journal. He had been sent by the paper to cover a fire. He is 60 years old.

Two deputies pushed him to the ground, pushed his face in the gravel, and then handcuffed him.

Why? The usual: obstructing the law-enforcement officers.

What had he done? He tried to take pictures of the fire. The fire destroyed two homes. But he got no pictures of this. He was busy.

The paper describes the events as follows.

Dunn said he was told to leave the area and was directed to another location farther from the scene. He said he was then taken to the ground by two deputies – one who shoved his foot on Dunn’s back and the other who pushed his face in the gravel. Dunn’s cheek has a large scrape on it.

Dunn said the deputies accused him of trying to impersonate a firefighter because he was wearing yellow protective fire gear, a helmet and goggles. However, annual wildfire training for media conducted by fire officials recommends such fire gear.

Would you wear fire gear? I surely would.

It turns out that his gear in the Sierra Front Media Fire Guide published by an interagency coalition that includes the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Division of Forestry, and others.

He was not actually arrested. Just roughed up a little. No problem. This is the official line at the sheriff’s office. Other than this, “no comment.”

Sheriff’s office spokesman Deputy Armando Avina said the deputies used their discretion and did not arrest Dunn. Avina said because reports in the case have not been completed, he could not comment on the incident.

The good thing about county government is that local citizens do have the power to replace boneheads who are on the payroll.

County government is where freedom-loving people will begin the roll-back of the statist bureaucrats who think they are in charge. The voters are in charge.

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8 thoughts on “Nevada Photographer Roughed Up by Sheriff’s Deputies

  1. TampaBri says:

    I am pleased to live in a Florida county where we have elected one of the finest law enforcement persons as out Sheriff – David Gee. Our county (Hillsborough) is a sizable one, and our Sheriff's Department is quite large. I am pleased to say that he has built and maintains a Department made up of well-trained, knowledgable, intelligent deputies that I have ever "lived under". He is well-liked (except by law-breakers), and we are lucky to have him.

    When I read about ANY place where the Sheriff cannot meet high standards of service and law enforcement, I can only say that YOU HAVE ELECTED THE WRONG MAN TO BE YOUR SHERIFF. He obviously has NOT made his Deputies clear on their duties and responsibilities – their actions are PROOF of this. I hope you are able to replace him/her as soon as possible.


  2. Huapakechi says:

    Thuggery and intimidation by law 'enforcement' officers? Why am I not surprised? Those thugs were probably upset that they were pulled off their primary mission of raiding lemonade stands and writing lawn care tickets.

  3. copakenan says:

    he should have worn a turbin (or whatever the arabs call their head gear), then the police would have escorted him closer to the fire so he could take really geat pictures.

  4. PrincessPhilly says:

    I hope the reported gets a large lawsuite settlement for a nice retirement. We not only have to replace thses dictator idiots but when our rights are denied then sue sue sue – hurt them big time in the wallet. This reported should be suing for police brutality. Give the sheriff and his deputies some jail time too.

  5. Econoranter says:

    Police acting in such an inexcusable way leads directly to the shooting of police officers; seldom the bad apples. My brother, uncle and several cousins are police officers. No one hates these nazis like the majority of police who are brave people doing a very challeng job. These two cops need to be fired, then charged, tried, convicted and sent to spend a few years in jail for their mindless, vicious behavior. It goes without saying that the sheriff needs to be tossed out at the next election and the voter/taxpayers who allowed him into office pay a few hundred thousand dollars for their "public servants" rotten behavior.
    Every community has it's share of sociopaths. They have to be kept out of any kind of authority. Everyone loses if they're not.

  6. AD Roberts says:

    Ah, but they have you. The officers are mostly not accountable for their actions in a court where they might be penalized with LARGE FINES OR SETTELEMENTS. Therefore, the money comes out of the taxpayers, pockets. And the thugs in uniform go back to work for their good buddies. If there are enough of them,and their families and friends, you can't get rid of the sherrif or his thugs.

  7. AD Roberts says:

    With rich sociopaths able to put their sociopath friends into office by the propaganda they put out in the media, and the sheeple out there who believe the smears and lies, like the ones they did to Sarah Palin, our nation is on it way out.

    By the way, I just heard why China will send a 200 million army to battle at Armageddon. It seems that China and Saudia Arabia have signed an agreement whereby the arabs GUARANTEE full oil supply to China in exchange for nuclear missles. So what happens when Russina and Iran sweep in to take Saudi oil in an effort to control the world's largest available supply of oil? China will march in to protect it's oil supply and Revelations will be fulfilled.

  8. Rob Morse says:

    Why is this sheriff and DA still in office? Time to start a recall election.