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Airport Travel: Securtity Cameras, Fingerprints, Iris IDs

Written by Gary North on June 21, 2012

A new era of surveillance is about to begin. It will begin at the nation’s airports.

The International Air Transport Association is determined to speed up the lines to get checked. So, there will be a new system of surveillance. It is being beta-rested at Love Field in Texas.

That was the airport where President Kennedy landed in his final trip.

Cameras will begin scanning us in the parking garage.

We will check our luggage (fee). Then we will have our fingerprints scanned.

This means that our fingerprints must be in at least one data base, so they can be verified.

This will apply all over the world.

If we have carry-on luggage, we will go through an electronic tunnel. There, we will be scanned.

Supposedly, these X-ray machines will identify non-metallic objects.

This will make everything speedy. This will not be extra layers of screening. It will replace all other screening. They promise.

The machines to do this already exist. Well, not all of them. Some are in development.

We must wait a decade, they tell us.

To speed things up, all we need to do is surrender our privacy forever. We will get our fingerprints on file. Then we will get our irises on file.

Then everything will speed up.

No more guards asking, “Your papers, please.”

The key to speeding up checkpoints and making security less intrusive will be to identify and assess travelers according to the risks they pose to safety in the skies. The so-called riskiest or unknown passengers would face the toughest scrutiny, including questioning and more sensitive electronic screening. Those who voluntarily provide more information about themselves to the government would be rewarded with faster passage.

What’s that? You prefer not to provide such information voluntarily? Then it’s back to “Your papers, please.”Americans are already opting in. The TSA has a pre-check program. A million flyers have registered.

The airlines say they could eliminate paper from ticketing if passengers provided information as they do for PreCheck, by linking an electronic ticket to a person’s fingerprint or iris scan.

Iris scans, which measure the colored part of the eye, are gaining visibility worldwide. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam began the Privium program in October 2001. It offers fliers with European passports a border passage of 10 to 15 seconds with iris scans.

In the USA, about 200,000 fliers have enrolled in the CLEAR program for expedited screening in Denver, Orlando and San Francisco since November 2010. Members, who answer TSA questions and provide either a fingerprint or iris scan, pay $179 a year to breeze past ID kiosks with a special card.

Here is the goal.

“To do it right, what you’d want to do is bring somebody in, get all their biographic information, get their biometric information, and run them through a couple of databases to make sure they’re not a bad guy,” says James Albers, senior vice president at MorphoTrust USA, which developed software for iris scans. “Do they travel enough to make that worthwhile or cost-effective?”

Once this is operational at airports, look for this in subways, at train stations, at bus depots.

To see what is coming, read the details about what is already here: at Love Field.

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23 thoughts on “Airport Travel: Securtity Cameras, Fingerprints, Iris IDs

  1. This is horrible. There has to be a simpler way. First it was medical information, now this. All to save some time. What if you are not in the data base? What about hackers? I hope it is 10 years down the road. They are doing away with every bit of privacy that we have. Tell us it is completely security safe and the next thing you know some lunatic has all of our info because they were able to tap into the database. Besides that, it sounds like a science fiction movie or the books 1984 and brave new world where they were never safe from prying government eyes and that info was used to brainwash them into stepford people for the government. A precursor to the "mark of the beast". Possibly.

  2. Welcome to 1984, resist this tyranny, just think how easy it will be to be rounded up and sent to FEMA Camps after you give out this info, I WILL NOT COMPLY, I WILL NOT COMPLY, I WILL NOT COMPLY. (PERIOD)

  3. WillytheGeek says:

    I hate to be the one to tell you; but it has been here since 1973 when the UPC codes started, ever notice credit cards, most have 16 digits, now imagine a start read digit and an end read digit = 18. 6-6-6 =18. can you hear me now? the newer versions will be RFID chips for your free Obama care that everybody pays for if they pay taxes and penalties.

  4. For believers in Christ, he cautions us against allowing those RFID chips to be inserted into our bodies, or even accepting the number/mark. It would be a severe mistake and an irreversible one.

  5. My family has long been associated with the Intelligence world, and if there is one fundamental precept in that business, it is that any thing that CAN be exploited WILL be exploited. In the intelligence world, that means that such 'weaknesses' can be used to gather intelligence. To politicians and other despots, that means they can twist such exploitables, to further their own lust for power and domination in the name of 'helping' those they are supposed to be serving.

  6. Those who surrender freedom for security has neither. From now on I Shall Not Comply….or yeah, by the time they get the rest of their spy machines up I won't be flying anymore.

  7. I haven't flown in the U.S. since the TSA was created in the wake of 9/11. I either drive or don't go. I did fly once, but that was out of Canada, whose border I'm near. Flying overseas through Canada was a treat. Airlines managed the security and they were very pleasant and non-invasive.

  8. (1) Secure America's Borders. (2) Remove the Radical Muslim Terrorist Cells that are ALREADY HERE ! (3) Closely monitor the Muslim population living here and deport the Radical Clerics and their followers. (4) Contract Israel's El Al to train America how to make air travel safe { Like PROFILING }. (5) Arrest and Prosecute ANYONE that provides weapons, such as shoulder launched missiles, to potential terrorists, even if these providers are high ranking American Government Officials. (6) BAN, by Constitutional Ammendment, any form of Sharia Law. Until this is accomplished, my family and I will drive to our vacation destination or just stay home and bank the money.

  9. @ Paul : If one takes the " Mark of the Beast " on their hand or forehead, one is doomed to eternal seperation from Our Heavenly Father; instant ease and gratification in this life – OR – eternal hell and damnation in the next. This is an easy choice for most logical / thinking people.

  10. MI Patriot says:

    Guest, I agree with you. And to those who think our gov't doesn't have the technology in place, you need to watch these 3 movies. The first is "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman. The 2nd one is "Eagle Eye" with Shia LeBeauf. The 3rd one is "Body of Evidence" with Leonard DeCaprio and Russell Crowe. These movies will make a believer out of you if you aren't already.

  11. Linking an electronic ticket to a person’s fingerprint or iris scan. All that is left is micro-chipping. FULL government control. People will not be able to use a toilet with out being watched.
    So much for airports.
    Now, how about those snooping drones. If airport machines can be equiped with x-ray vision — What is stopping all those little drones from watching us while we are inside our supposedly safe homes. We the People are sheeple living within a pack.
    This IS only the beginning of our government demanding they are allowed to watch We the People all the time and for no reason what so ever.

  12. SUPREME COURT — Talk about moral, spiritual and cultural implosion. Fox and ABC are trying to argue that it's unconstitutional to ban obscenities and nudity from broadcast TV. If they win, watch the floodgates open to an even more rapid meltdown of cultural standards in the media.


    But you don't need an ID to VOTE

  14. What was it Benmust Franklin said? Something about those who trade their rights and freedom for security have neither?
    This article points out how people are so morally sick, dying inside as humans, so twisted in a childish, petty knot.as the result of being deliberately miseducated to believe that any responsibility on their part is an inconvenience which government immediately remove from their life regardeless of the ultimate cost…these people refuse to think for themselves; they want government to do it for them. Babies, wimps, bags of human garbage who willingly trade their dignity and their pride, their humanity, privacy and self-respect, without the slightest murmur of protest assent without question to government intrusion into what was once a simple act, going from point A to point B; blindly assent to being treated like cattle, herded through a maze and inspected like plants and animals being graded and processed for "permission" to take the next steps on their journey…ugly. Dog stinking ugly. How European. How tyrannical. No small wonder why our forefathers said "good riddance!" to the Old World…Thank God we still have an opportunity to get it right here in the United States of AMERICA.

  15. this will be of great benefit.. to the developers and manufacturers of the EXPENSIVE machinery WE THE PEOPLE will be forced to buy with out tax money. Is this the best way of using those funds? I don't think so….. Israel has not had any airlline incidents for a number of years.. they seem to ahve figured it out, and there are far MORE people waht Israel, and all Israelis, dead or in dhimmitude. And this scheme looks to me like dhimmitude, if ever there was such a thing……. pay, bow, get in line, submit. No thanks. I haven't flown since the scanners and gropings began…..if this stuff comes into place, I'll be grounded the rest of my life… except that I can still get into Canada and fly overseas from there… I'd fly into the US from there, but then I'd have to board here again to return.

    These goons forget who is the sovereign..and it is not them, it is WE THE PEOPLE. Put these self-interested thieves back into their proper places. If we'd stop playing the world's policeman, we'd not make so many round the world mad at us…..

    even with all this nonsense in place, if someone really wanted to take out a plane and/or its passengers, they could still do it. RPG from the ground in the climbout zone is easy to do…. even a BMG 50 rifle at range……. once you have the "tool". And someone determined, and with the connections they'd already likely have, could get it fairly easily.

  16. Texas Chris says:

    None of these "security" procedures would have stopped Tim McVeigh.

    You CANNOT give up enough freedom to make you perfectly secure. It simple is not possible.

  17. Welcome to the New World Order! They will know your whereabouts 24/7. Like a boa constrictor's prey, little by little, your freedom is being vanqished. I have to laugh at the apathy of a drugged up, dumb-downed society that accepts their fate without as much as a hint of indignation as they do not want to be the least bit inconvenienced by boycotting air travel and other procedures that the New World Order puppets are overloading today's society, surely they will regret their inaction when it is too late. BAA..BAA… OBAMA!

  18. Pissed off Vet says:

    This was to be expected considering what has been going on for the last 4 yrs. They are building the largest spy center in the world here our west that once built will house spy's for you got it the internet they will spy on your every key stroke and given just enough time they will figure out how to regulate it and tax us accordingly so even this form of freedom we are using right now is going to be tainted with government BS.

  19. 1. Listen to TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. Listen to The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. Don't vote for ANY evil (greater or lesser).

  20. Welcome to the new world order. What a bunch of BS this all is, seems to me that we have a perfect security system in our constitution the second amendment. Let the constitution work and cut all of the nanny rules that are destroying our freedoms.

  21. Willaim1 says:

    Funny Israel has had a system in place with asking just three questions and theirs is cheaper and IT WORKS so stop this silly waste of taxpayers monies and copy Israel they've been at it a lot longer than we have!

  22. Anybody remember the move "NET"

    I hope you are as good a computer hacker with lots of friends like she did. Other wise when "they" decide you are garbage you are then toast……turn off your credit card, debit card, drivers license via NCIC, etc.

    Trust me it is already being done here in Europe and this American expat says America is next. My God one comment mentioned over 1,000 flyers have already signed up !!!! Cattle in the slaughter house. May God have mercy on us all for giving up our freedoms under the excuse "I have nothing to hide" so it doesn't matter.

  23. This system was designed by men, and can be broken into by men. Then what?
    What about all the billions that we will have spent on a system that isn't fail-safe, do we then turn around and spend trillions on a another fail-safe system? It will never end, it'll just go on, and on.
    Lets just apply some good old common sense, profile anyone that looks suspicious. If they don't like it,,, oh well.