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Government Snoopers Are Panicking Over New Generation of Internet Addresses

Written by Gary North on June 20, 2012

Government agencies do not like citizens having greater privacy. This is why they are in panic mode. The new generation of Internet addresses will enable people to gain far greater privacy.

The U.S. and Canada have warned that they will not be able to snoop as cheaply as before.  Oh, woe!

The new system is called IPv6. It will make it more difficult for agencies to trace who is using which electronic address.

Which agencies are worried? The FBI, the Drug Administration Administration, and the Mounties. They have sent word to large Internet firms that they must be able to trace people. Some people are suspects. They must not be allowed to slip out of the digital net.

The companies are being told that they must comply voluntarily or else laws will be passed. In short, either comply without compulsion or else! Or else what? Compulsion. C/Net reports:

This IPv6-related effort comes as the FBI is redoubling its efforts to combat what it calls the “Going Dark” problem, meaning that its surveillance capabilities may diminish as technology advances. CNET was the first to report last month that the bureau had formed a Domestic Communications Assistance Center to keep abreast of technological changes that may otherwise imperil government surveillance.

Private site registry firms maintain public data bases. But because they hand out blocks of addresses once every decade, it will be harder to trace who owns what.

It will take government agencies longer to trace who owns what.

An FBI spokesman told CNET that the bureau is concerned about IPv6 because:

An issue may also arise around the amount of registration information that is maintained by providers and the amount of historical logging that exists. Today there are complete registries of what IPv4 addresses are “owned” by an operator. Depending on how the IPv6 system is rolled out, that registry may or may not be sufficient for law enforcement to identify what device is accessing the Internet.

Most Internet providers are saying nothing. It’s safe to say nothing.

The new policies are not yet drawn up.

Only about one-third of the providers have automated data bases.

All of this points to the reality of the new technologies. Some of them lend themselves to government snooping. Others do not.

The crucial fact is this: the government agencies do not have enough trained people to do anything with the mountain of digital data. They are being overwhelmed.

Lots of needles. Lots of haystacks.

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6 thoughts on “Government Snoopers Are Panicking Over New Generation of Internet Addresses

  1. Not to worry the EU is riding to the rescue! They have proposed to implement a mandatory individual INTERNET ID SIGNATURE which all Europeans will have to have in order to acess the internet. Saves a lot of time snooping as well, they just tap in your ID signature at EU Central Control and up comes all your web traffic. After a suitable trial period to iron out the snags the US can implement it as well. Isn't that thoughtful of them?

  2. The simple truth is this. Everything you do and say goes through the NSA's computer system. The warrant can only be given in a criminal investigation and in order for them to tap your data, they need a warrant for it.

    Just to give you the scope of how much information is pushed through the NSA's system, it would take well over 100 years to cypher and filter through everyone's data all at once at any given time costing a lot of resources and money.

    Doing so all at once is not in the already poor budget and bad economy.

    Furthermore, the NSA could care less about, you and your personal information unless you were a cyber criminal (and setermined as such by the NSA and not the FBI or DoJ) and it was at a level where it really was a threat to national security. It's not like they are sitting there looking up every single detail of your life to build a case against you. Thinking that way is just paranoid.

  3. Well, by not telling you that they are spying on you, the government is protecting your privacy!

  4. The upper management of NSA is the most vile and perverse you could imagine and they only promote “their kind” into positions of power. Read articles by Wayne Madsen, who worked there when he was military and still has connections. Despite the “No Fear Act”, they attack their own employees who report wrong-doing to the proper INTERNAL authorities; contract tampering, kickbacks, trading promotions for sexual favors, coercing of demanding sexual favors from young males as well as females, arranging sexual liaisons of a perverse nature within their protected walls for politicians in power as a means to elicit their support of the NSA power grab to be the American S.S. when they had wisely been limited to dealing with foreign enemies on foreign soil, from their inception. Any employee who reports anything from an EEO complaint (sexual misconduct runs rampant) to potential criminal or traitorous activity will find themselves not only blown off by these authorities but branded a trouble maker and a “threat” to “National Security” (meaning a threat to a corrupt NSA manager), and illegally stalked and harassed by the NSA thugs in their Security Group “Q”. The harassment campaign, which includes a falsified counter accusation and is fully orchestrated by Q Group “psychologists” (reject professionals fired from legitimate jobs and virtually unemployable elsewhere. They therefore have no scruples against psychological fraud and warfare waged against an innocent person trying to protect their country from anything from fraud, waste, abuse, sexual misbehavior, to criminal activity or even treason.) The hatassment includes massive slander campaigns in the guise of routine “background” investigations, to illegal break-in to private homes to either look for blackmail material to threaten the “do-gooder” with or plant burst bugs (bugs that can’t be detected until an information dump is triggered by a nightly prowler with the appropriate device), and also mini-cameras within TVs (the TV tube blocks the ability to detect the illegal camera with certain counter-espionage devices), and ladt but not least, secretly place GPS devices under the targeted person’s car in order to inhance harassment and intimidation on the road. Truly, NSA has become public enemy #1 and the threat grows daily.

  5. Displeased By Greed says:

    Representative William Adolph of Delaware County, PA is one of them.

  6. Of course NSA doesnt look at every piece of communication passing through their computor. The computor is programmed to only throw up communications containing certain key words which would interest them or certain groups that they might want to track. Dont worry about poor old NASA's budget they can get all the money they want and as the POTUS has declared all US as a warzone by Presidential decree NASA doesnt need to get court orders to look at your data.