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A $176 Million Navy Spy Drone Crashes Over Land in Maryland

Written by Gary North on June 14, 2012

A Navy drone crashed this week. Not over the high seas. Not over some foreign nation. Over Maryland. It crashed in a marsh.

The RQ-4A Global Hawk drone was on what the Navy says was a routine training flight. It was part of the Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons Program.

No one was hurt.

We are told that this was a routine training flight. The drone cost $176 million. It was one of five drones bought by the Navy from the Air Force’s Global Hawk program. The program “has been developing tactics and doctrine for the employment of high-altitude unmanned patrol aircraft since November 2006.”

Of the five Navy drones “based at southern Maryland’s Naval Air Station Patuxent River, four are in routine training and one is deployed with the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet.”

This is six years into the program. The drones are still being tested over land. I presume that they are intended to be deployed over land. The question I have is this: Why is the Navy in need of reconnaissance tools for land-based operations? The drones are not being used in defensive operations to protect our fleet.

I have an answer: The drones serve as tools suitable for America’s assertion of foreign power. When a nation decides to become the world’s policeman, it has a lot of territory to police.

It is clear that drones are becoming the tool of choice in the military. When the military starts selling its used drones, the drones will go into use domestically.

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29 thoughts on “A $176 Million Navy Spy Drone Crashes Over Land in Maryland

  1. Kind of reminds me of Skynet from Terminator 2: Judgment day. Only the robots here are utterly inept.

  2. sean murry says:

    Another waste of tax payer money now they want to police us here.

  3. Well you never can tell, one of us might try to pay a bill with cash, or worse yet a gold coin. Ask any one except a lifelong American citizen, and they will gladly tell you how bad those Americans are. They fight other nations wars for them, they send food and medicine to where it is needed, they buy products from those poorer nations so their own people can have a job to earn his/her own living. I tell you people like that can't be trusted so their own military, and the top military leader need to step in and obliterate as many as they can "he said sarcastically".
    What did writer George Orwell say was going to happen to us, again?
    How about the holiest book ever written, what does it say is going to happen to us?
    It's not like we were not forewarned, it is more like no one is paying any attention.

  4. Yet MORE reasons to vote Ron Paul!

  5. Point of fact here. The drone didn't crash "over" land. It crashed "into" or "onto" land.

    This was also no routine spy drone training mission. This drone was returning from a mission over NY where Bloomberg had it patrolling for people who were drinking big sodas buying large tubs of popcorn or big glasses of milk. Their images, which were stored on the planes computer system, have been recovered. They will be sent fines in the mail and will have voter absentee ballots filled out in their name voting for Bloomberg and Obama (or any other Marxist) in all future elections.

  6. While I understand and support the effort for a third party candidate, and even agree with a lot of Ron Paul's ideas, he simply cannot win. The American public is not ready for him or a third party. He will only take votes away from Romney (who I don't care much for) and insure another 4 years of obama (who I despise).

  7. Bill in NC says:

    Just a matter of time until one of these crashes in a schoolyard…at recess.

    Per the lower left hand panel of this comic:

  8. kingofthings says:

    Um….how does something crash over land? Graduate illiterate twits, that cannot write, at all costs…………………many.

  9. Absolutely correct. I don't know if Romney is going to make any changes regarding U.S spying on its own citizens, but I do know that Obama definitely will not. He will increase it. First things first. We need to send Obama packing before this country even has a chance of regaining some of its former freedom and greatness as a nation of producers.

  10. Steelrain6 says:

    Global Hawks spend the vast majority, but not all of their time ‘over’ land. It’s a term those of us who fight use for our drones and other aircraft because it’s important to know whether our air support is near or far away, such as ‘feet wet’ out over an ocean somewhere. If you’re going to criticize anyone about their choice of terms learn the terminology of the specific mission first, man.

  11. swgunner says:

    Drones like this provide surveillance and air support for all Navy units, that includes EOD and Marines. The author asks what the drone were doing over land, I ask does the author remember it was sailors assigned to SEAL 6 that nailed OBL? Does the author not recall an F18 that crashed into base housing in VA Beach? The Navy fights in all elements Sea, Land and Air, it is our mission. The US Navy punching TLAM's through windows since 1991.

  12. Very well said swgunner!

  13. barb patton says:

    Since it has been said that the only thing that interest the ayatollah barack hussein obama is the drone programme – methinks that he has a hidden agenda and it is a tool which will be used AGAINST the people of America. Furthermore it is of great concern to me that the Military and the Navy are busy to kowtow to the usurper, not only allowing him to play with the drones, but also giving him all of our secret military information. Leaks and more leaks – it all fits. WAKE UP AMERICA

  14. Wildmann says:

    Obama watches all Insurrections the world over. He's seeing what Works in stopping them,, and what Doesn't Work. A word to the Wise–Is a waste of Breath!!

  15. Max Penn says:

    And we just stand and watch. Great.

  16. Sumerian Man says:

    Good! that will give many of us a challenging moving target.

  17. These are test runs in a fairly rural area in Md. No one's looking in your bedroom. Better drones than our troops!

  18. While we're splitting hairs over totally unimportant uses of the English language, VeeD – whom, "whom I despise".

  19. Good line…….sadly

  20. Drone zero, laser pointer 1… 😉

  21. Sure is alot of wasted taxpayer dollars we lost so they could spy on us.

  22. All those wasted taxpayer dollars and not one sorry we wasted your money.

  23. It crashed (while) over land..

  24. A drone will not refuse an order to illegally spy on American citizens, whereas a citizen-soldier, with a conscience, just might.

  25. Lady Patriot says:

    Parts of the drones are outsourced from China. It is not a surprise that some of them would be defective. Blame some government agencies who are not giving the jobs to American workers, but instead , manufacturing the parts in China.
    Do you think the Chinese government would care? The same parts for helicopters, and some military planes that have
    caused disasters are Chinese-made parts. This is just part of the problem.

  26. Gear up folks, them there drones are going to fill the US airways; afterall, it is you, the citizen that has become the eneemy of the state! Man the state militias, you'll be needing them if you want to keep your freedom!

  27. Ok, but I'm not using "English". I'm using American English! Hairs have been split. http://web.ku.edu/~edit/whom.html

  28. The U.S. Military has thousands of miles of no-fly zone land over the U.S. where military training flights can be (and are) conducted daily!

    Yet for some reason we are supposed to believe there is an innocent reason we have spy planes "training" over populated areas of our Country.

    Silly Americans!

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