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$24 Million a Year for Something Americans Do Not Want: The Draft

Written by Gary North on June 14, 2012

A generation ago, during the Vietnam War, President Nixon abolished the draft. That did more to end the protests than anything he ever did. It was a smart political move.

Yet the Selective Service organization rumbles on. This is a basic rule in Washington: no bureaucracy is allowed to die.

The Government Accountability Office has concluded that the draft could not be reinstated for at least nine months under present staffing. The GAO has prepared a report, which it has sent to the heads of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee.

The government has not examined its draft policies and the Selective Service System since 1994.

The agency is still supposed to keep active records of all American males who are eligible for service.

The military insiststhat the all-volunteer armed forces are mandatory, that the draft would no longer work in today’s high-tech world. There has been no draft since 973. But that does not mean that the Selective Service System has been shut down.

The Selective Service System has cut personnel steadily since 1997. With a current staff budget for 130 full-time civilian employees and 175 part-time reserve forces officers, the agency would not be able to deliver the first draft inductees to Defense until 285 days after mobilization, according to GAO.

Selective Service is asking for $24.4 million for fiscal 2013.

In interviewing Selective Service System officials about potential alternatives to their agency, GAO found difficulties in replicating a database of eligible service members. Though other government agencies — including the Social Security Administration, Department of Motor Vehicles and Census Bureau — maintain similar databases of U.S. citizens, each has inherent flaws. A database of all Social Security participants, for example, would neglect immigrants with no Social Security number.

We o not need this organization. But no one in authority comes out and says, “Shut it down.” That would be considered far too radical.

So, the spending never goes down.

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14 thoughts on “$24 Million a Year for Something Americans Do Not Want: The Draft

  1. sean murry says:

    I think it would be a good idea these kids could learn something about america you are not better than me i joined the army in 1966 and served in the viet nam war.

  2. kingofthings says:

    Amen Sean and thank you for your service! I was drafted. Once acclimated I loved my service! I learned my trade that way. EVERYONE should be required to do some military time and anyone running for (P)resident of the US or VP of same should have to have served for at least a year or they CANNOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT! PERIOD! They have no right to send anyone in harm's way nor to battle without having served!!!

  3. Actually it should be the minimum 2 year service contract you sign when enlisting. That should be the minimum to be able to run for the Presidency. That and being a natural born citizen also of course.

  4. Richard Opp says:

    Hmmm, No draft since 973!! That is a neat trick!! I think someone forgot a leading "1"!

  5. Lee Shelton says:

    I say people should simply refuse to register with Selective Service. Since when are we under ownership of the state?

  6. The "Sunset Laws" never set a continuing boondoggle if their are people with years of service and no other place for them to transfer to and continue getting their inflated government salary. I think the Congress needs to close the door on this boondoggle. Every little bit helps to reduce the deficit.

  7. Hey lets make it fair for all 🙂 So Ladies listen up. You should have to register for the draft and PROVE you have in fact registered to received Federal Student Loans to go to college/university just like the guys do. Fair is Fair since you Ladies are 51% of the population (majority) and we wouldn't want to have you accused of sex discrimination now would we.

    As one comment mentioned EVERYBODY should have to serve. Be it the military or Peace Corp OVERSEAS, etc. This is your country, serve it, instead of expecting others to do it.

    There was nothing more sickening than listening to some 20 something jerk in law school make the comment that only stupid people join the military as he drove out of schools garage in his Lexuis SUV that I am sure his parents bought. Maybe if he had been drafted he would appreciate what is really going on.

    Also Military Service is great for giving all Men a common experience to share with each other. Probably why that 20 something doesn't get it.

  8. "The government has not examined its draft policies and the Selective Service System since 1994.

    The agency is still supposed to keep active records of all American males who are eligible for service."

    For service? Don't you mean 'for servitude'?

    Aaaaah … America, Land of Liberty, Freedom, Truth, Justice — especially Liberty and Freedom. Of course. And you'll enslave anybody that refuses to 'serve', right?

  9. Look at it as a jobs program for cops and the criminal justice industry.

  10. I tend to support the novel Starship Troopers (not the movie) when it comes to voting rights. Service for Citizenship. Earn the right to vote and you'll treasure it a lot more.

  11. Tree of Liberty says:

    The power to enact a draft is not among the enumerated power of Congress, and the Thirteenth Amendment states that
    "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. " There it is in plain English. The draft is and always has been unconstitutional, as well as being morally repugnant. No one but a Supreme Court Justice could misunderstand such a simple issue.

  12. jim28threg. says:

    My son (just turned 18 ) was notifyed this week he must register for the draft .

  13. Jeez, you idiots that think because YOU got drafted, everyone should. It's involuntary servitude, morons. Not to mention forcing someone to die so some elected weasel can make a name for himself. Sorry you got suckered into it, but that doesn't make it right. You warped f@#$%^& make me sick. You aren't worth a chit now, and you probably weren't back in your "good ol' days".

  14. Worthless little chits like WASP are to simple to grasp the honor of serving our country. He like so many other draft dodging little
    weasels would be the first across the border to avoid anything but serving themselves. God bless All who have and will serve our great nation.