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Ron Paul Is a Bilderberger, Says Lunatic Conspiracy History Buff

Written by Gary North on June 13, 2012

I received this yesterday:





I have been a conservative activist ever since 1956. I have seen streams of helpless, hopeless, brainless people like this poor soul. They come and go in every election cycle, spouting their conspiracy theories without proof, without coherence, and without a lifetime plan of action.

Everything is run by The Conspiracy. The Conspiracy is everywhere, thwarting them personally. They would be something, if not for The Conspiracy. They would have been a real success in life, but for The Conspiracy.

The Conspiracy is God, for it has the attributes of God: onmiscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

These pathetic souls look for a way to remove their own responsibility for doing anything positive. They want an excuse for their own visible failures, and The Conspiracy is it.

They achieve nothing because they refuse to spend years of effort, which is what it takes to build anything of value.

They regard politics as the way of salvation. When politics fails them in an age of welfare state jealousy, they blame the people who failed them: the spokesmen whom these emotionally immature people clung to for a few months, hoping for deliverance from evil. They dreamed the impossible dream: cheap, easy, silver-platter political redemption. They did not have the ability to count the costs (Luke 14:28-30). They did not assess the mood of the voters, which is to keep the welfare checks coming.

Now they see that their hope of political redemption has failed once again, just as it failed their parents and grandparents (who probably voted the straight Republican or Democrat ticket). It’s just not fair. It has to be The Conspiracy. Once again, it has smashed the hopes of the low-commitment faithful. Once again, politics has failed to deliver the goods. Damn The Conspiracy!

No: damn the nearly universal faith in political redemption. It is through this faith that the various special-interest Big Government groups manipulate the voters every four years in the United States.

Max Weber, the German sociologist, gave a lecture to students at Munich University: “Politics As a Vocation.” This was in the fourth year of World War I. In the closing paragraph, he said this:

Politics is a strong and slow boring of hard boards. It takes both passion and perspective. Certainly all historical experience confirms the truth –that man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible. But to do that a man must be a leader, and not only a leader but a hero as well, in a very sober sense of the word. And even those who are neither leaders nor heroes must arm themselves with that steadfastness of heart which can brave even the crumbling of all hopes. This is necessary right now, or else men will not be able to attain even that which is possible today. Only he has the calling for politics who is sure that he shall not crumble when the world from his point of view is too stupid or too base for what he wants to offer. Only he who in the face of all this can say ‘In spite of all!’ has the calling for politics.

This is what it takes. This is what few people are willing to do.

Ron Paul has done this, beginning in the early 1970s. I was there in his first victory in 1976, working in the bowels of the Longworth Building, defending limited government. No one listened to them. Far more listen today. There has been enormous progress.

The poor soul who sent his email understands none of this. He wants salvation delivered on a silver platter. He will not get this. So, he will blame The Conspiracy until the day he dies, unless he comes to his senses and decides either to abandon hope in national politics or else pay the required price, beginning with a decade of hard work in a local precinct.

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60 thoughts on “Ron Paul Is a Bilderberger, Says Lunatic Conspiracy History Buff

  1. Our very own Fearless Leader Obama demonstrtes the reason of Max Weber's statements: Slog along as a "community organizer" at the local level and, voila! Next thing you know, you're president of a superpower, engaged in its "fundamental transformation"! What a deal!

  2. At this point Ron Paul has no hope of winning the Presidential Nomination unless Romney mysteriously drops dead. Personally Ron Paul has some great ideas, and some not-so-Great ideas. I think the best thing Romney could do is let Ron Run the Fed.

    At this point in the game we all Hold our breath, gather behind Romney, and push him to victory. I suspect he will be a 1 term president as if he does the right thing, it will be a difficult thing to achieve. He will never be popular ever on the Left because he is not black, and I suspect if he does the right thing and gut the entire federal government and go back to the constitution (which I think is doubtful) his popularity might drop… Then again he may turn the country around… I suspect also that the Republicans take both houses, many of which will become RINO's once again.

    Romans 9:14 – 17 What shall we say then? Is there injustice on God's part? By no means! For he says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” So then it depends not on human will or exertion] but on God, who has mercy. For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

    Ultimately everything works to the Good of God, sometimes we just need a wake up call. and I believe that God used Obama to turn this country around.

  3. TexasGuy says:

    Did the emailer mention Ron Paul's involvement with the Sustainable Defense Task Force? That was a committee of far-left. anti-America, (George Soros associates, a few libertarians, and Paul. They devised the plan to gut the US military and to render us virtually defenseless. That seems to be far more convincing evidence that Ron Paul is a counterfeit conservative patriot than Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney. Go look up that Sustainable Defense Task Force and who its members were. You will recognize some names, such as Barney Frank. Others will not be familiar; but when you see that each one is the "leader" of one or another Soros-funded organization connected to MoveOn.org, you might start to become curious.

  4. barb patton says:

    The hard and honest reality of this fiasco is that there is no one that can pull America out of the cesspool that the ayatollah barack hussein obama has placed America. It is almost too late. There is no knight in shining armour. America is and has been on a slippery slope to hell since the inception of various godless rules, regulations and laws. I do not walk with a Bible under my arm but I can see that we are all going to hell in a hand basket, prosperity is something that is no longer found in America, The ayatollah barack hussein obama and his puppet master george soros has done more damage in 3 years in America than Hitler was able to do to Germany ins 3 years. If I was a drama queen I would say we are doomed…WAKE UP AMERICA what we need is the spiritual authority of God and then we will have unlimited power to regain our strength..

  5. ApparentContradictions says:

    Have to admit it all seems bizarre with Ron over last few weeks. Nothing but deafening silence from him now. I voted for Rand but to me, he isn’t his father unfortunately. The movement is leaderless and the establishment is thrilled. I’ll probably vote for Obama just because he has 4 yrs and his clone Romney would have 8. I doubt the country will last that long and that isn’t hyperbole.

  6. TexasGuy says:

    Here are a few links to articles about Ron Paul and the Sustainable Defense Task Force. I am not bothered by Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney as much as by Ron Paul's involvement with anti-Americanism and George Soros movements. This is what the "Lunatic Consipracy Theorisy" should have posted about. http://frontpagemag.com/2012/01/02/ron-pauls-soro

  7. Sam Damon says:

    What an absurd article. Politics is the art of the possible. The Libertarians have come a long way and will continue to grow in strength but handing elections to the likes of Statists like Obama and his ilk just because mainstream Republicans and even the likes of Rand and Ron Paul don’t see things exactly your way is most definitely NOT the path forwardO. You CAN influence the Republicans and you HAVE….you have NO HOPE of EVER influencing the hard Left that have seized control of the Democrat party. I have voted Libertarian many times…but not this time. This time I will vote to ensure the removal of the American nightmare Barack Obama and anyone who seriously thinks Romney is just like Obama has their head completely up their ass.

  8. TexasGuy says:

    How the hell can you vote for Obama when it is patently obvious that he is TRYING to destroy America as we know it and has gone a long way toward that goal? Any moron who voted/votes for Obama deserves to lose his liberty; but there are millions of Americans who do not deserve that fate.

  9. ApparentContradictions says:

    Tell me the difference between Obama and Romney besides Black/white, and one overt the other covert? There is no merited difference. One has 4 yrs one has 8. One will work quietly one in your face. Both banker backed. One is a Kenyan probably and discredited to much degree. The other will come in like a hero and extend same policies. The cancer is terminal to this country unless a patriot had won At least a few in the country are awake with Obama. They begin a new slumber with Romney

  10. Ron Paul is not a Bilderberger. This is just another tactic of the corrupt political machine that includes the Republican elitists in Washington trying to discredit Ron Paul. They are afraid that Paulites will not vote for Romney, and they will not regardless of the nonsense that they put out there. Ron Paul supporters will never buy this crap. Anyone that believes this BS needs a brain transplant.

  11. ApparentContradictions says:

    With respect, what is Romney”s stance on 2 amendment, health care, banker bailouts, ndaa, patriot act? Who knows, maybe Romney is far different than Obama, but if I follow his previis actions I don’t see it. If Romney doesn’t clear that up he won’t win as many will stay home, many will vote third party because they see they were burned by Bush1 and 2, we see the fool McCain we voted for just like Obama, and Boehner is just as bad. Seriously, there is no hope left in 2 party politics. Have we gained anything yet by pandering to the rino republicans? Both sides clearly owned. One a quick end, the other more insidious but just as deadly. Two party system equals cyanide or arsenic. J
    Romney is just one of those.

  12. Statement about politics is very true. However, there is a lot of disillusionment on the Right. Many have pushed for change only to see some of those who said they would support change get elected through our support and then fall in line with the politics as ususal. Maybe that is politics??? it is time for change.

  13. P.S. the person that sent this is probably being paid by Mitt Romney to do it. Her is also known for employing underhanded tactics to win. Mitt Romney, with the help of the corrupt Republican establishment, have engaged in voter fraud across the nation just to get him nominated. Romney is an Obama clone and will do very little to change anything in Washington. Wake up folks, the real Bilderberger is Romney.

  14. Dig a bit into Ron Paul's biggest SuperPAC supporter, Peter Thiel: http://www.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeedpolitics/ron-paul… Seems that Peter Thiel is advancing within the Bilderberg steering committee. It's obvious that Ron Paul was supported to create as much chaos within the conservative movement in order for their prize candidate to win the GOP nomination. Mission accomplished, now we have Romney.

  15. There IS a conspiracy of failure here in the United States. It's chronic unemployment stemming from continuous immigration, legal & illegal, over the past 50 years! Therefore there MUST be loosers, simply by demographics.
    It's done to keep the masses scared & in line, while the wealthy sit back and reap the rewards of their continuous scrambling.

    And NO, I am not a commie….I am a conservative Republican. But I do now this.

  16. John Hunter says:

    The signs of the times say we are rapidly approaching midnight
    hour on God’s time clock.`And what, or who is God’s time clock?

  17. ApparentContradictions says:

    Yes, many are sucking voting for bush I, then bush II then hope in McCain, then hope in Boehner, and the list goes on. Let’s be honest, bush I started it slowly, bush II enhanced it greatly, and obama put the demise of the republic on steroids.

    People voted ” lesser of two evil” Again, what has pandering to RINO”s done for your freedom? We take the poison in slightly smaller doses with sugar with that group of republicans, that is all. And that doest even take into account republicans like Luger, Graham, snow, etc. But the leaders of the republicans never failed to lovingly embrace those hatred of freedom. May as well vote for Obama or third party as a protest. It may very well be that last “election” no matter who supposedly “wins” either way folks, honestly, you, me, our children, and those who fought for freedom have LOST. Sad truth

  18. ApparentContradictions says:

    You are so right, and it’s all been done by design to control and weaken. And I am al a republican, who sees and is sick of the hypocrasy and pretense like you and others. I doubt there is anything left but to love and care for those we love and prepare mentally, emotionally, spiritually as best we can. The shitstorm approaching will be beyond comprehension I suspect. Hope I’m wrong and all goes splendidly….

  19. John Hunter says:

    All recent presidents and many politicians in both parties
    are puppets to some degree of the untra rich ruling elite.
    If a president gets too far out of line, he will meet with
    an “unfortunate accident”.

    We have been the mosst fortunate, most blessed generation,
    but we are now in the most perilous time in history. For
    many years things have been moving in step toward One World
    Gov’t an One World Religion. I imagine that the anti-Christ
    is presently living on earth in a mans body and is about
    30 years old.

    Do you want to know just where we are in time? Keep your
    eyes on Israel. Israel is God’s time clock. God is about
    to show the world that whoever fights against Israel is
    fighting against God, and no one can win that battle.

  20. Gary, you are right.

  21. John Hunter says:

    The day is rapidly approaching when the “rich” will weep and howl.
    Just remember that “the Lord is mindful of His own, He remembes His
    children”, and that “the keeper of Israel neither slumbers nor
    sleeps.” The day of vewngeance of our God draweth nigh.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Fidammy. I’m hearing crickets from Gary North on that one. Gary, how arrogant of you. I have been a Ron Paul supporter and gave my hard earned money to him because he promised he was in it to win it (by the way, Gary, I am a very successful business owner/homeschooling parent, I know how to do the hard work and stick to it for success). My husband and I are also both precinct committeemen because we know how the system works and we’ve been involved to make a difference where we live. How dare you assume that all the Paul supporters who are disappointed in him, are ‘conspiracy freaks’, unsuccessful, not willing to do the hard work themselves. What prideful arrogance on your part. Sorry, Gary, Ron Paul isn’t all YOU thought he was cracked up to be. What’s wrong, Gary, are you feeling sad that you’ve spent your life believing in a man who has now failed YOU? You sound so angry and bitter. Don’t attack those of us who are the messengers of bad news, we were all sold a bill of goods, and now we can’t get a refund. We have every right to be upset and question what is really going on

  23. A question for all of you very right of center voters. Would you rather have another 4 yrs of Obama, or have a Republican…ANY Republican in the WH? It's not a trick question. I applaud the Paul's for stating their philosophies and standing their ground during the primaries. That makes them real. However, now is the time that all Conservatives/Republicans and like thinking Independents have to join together to stop the destruction of our country. Let's get a Republican elected and then we can discuss the best way to return sanity and financial health to America.

  24. ApparentContradictions says:

    Well intentioned I’m sure. But, the republicans will go back to sleep. This registered republican will not vote for another RINO. Let the inevitable end come. I voted for two Bushes and a McCain who I saw all of them as lesser of two evils but now wonder. THEY ALL had the power to stop the demise and intentionally did not! At least we know the devil we have now.

  25. now here is a man with his eyes open

  26. the reason for this is so many communist have taken over the democrat party that a lot of democrats have started carrying an R (RINOS) after their name but they still vote left

  27. You think you do? You don't have a clue what the Progressive left has as their agenda. If we don't win the WH, then at least keep the House and regain the Senate. In today's political climate one can not have everything they want. WE need compromise on the conservative side if we are to have any hope of righting the ship. Try to keep things in perspective. Bush #2 was forced to deal with the first attack on our land since the war of 1812. He kept us safe and although going into Iraq was prob a mistake, at the time, the best minds were agreeing that it was necessary. We should be happy that no WMD's were found much less used. Had we hesitated, who knows what may have happened.

  28. It is talk like this "Apparent Contradictions" that keeps mainstream America from taking Ron Paul supporters seriously.
    Obama… really?

  29. AContradictions says:

    I'm not saying I'm 100% correct, (who can be in an age of deception,) but i have researched and read considerably in the last 4 years, and in fact I used to think exactly as as you enunciated:
    1. "Progressive Left", – Progressive Right, Look at actions (not words) of both parties, one and same.
    2. "WE need to compromise" Conservatives have done that for the last 50 years. What has Pandering to RINO's" accomplished for your and my freedom? RINO's are FUULY embraced by the vast majority of Elite Republicans and Rewarded. Lindsey Graham, Luger was, and the list goes on and on.
    3."Bush 2 was forced" He wanted it, owed it and I bought it. He was also the creepy bastard who initiated the NWO globalism, did nothing about immigration, read my lips no new taxes, etc.
    4. "Bush 2 kept us safe" I USED to think that. He really didn't, and wanted it. I'd suggest reading "Blowback" Chalmers Johnson or "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". Those are just a start of much out there credible.
    5. "Went into Iraq" for the Saudis who hijacked the plane, for WMD, or because they jettisoned our currency because it is worthless? . Because they hated our Freedom? If they hated our freedom, they succeeded. We lose more by the day. Canada, Tahiti, etc are free…But no one hates them… Maybe we meddle and bring it on ourselves.
    6. "Who knows what may have happened if we had not attacked" I used to think similar, so I can relate. No more. Really research and read a variety of books and you'll see more than what I/we used to take as truth

    Let the end come. It is inevitable now. Truly, Romney and Obama are so close on all issues and funding streams, it doesn't really matter. One in your face (Obama, Rahm, Holder, Bidden, etc) and one behind your back. (Romney, Obama, Bush 1, 2, McCain, Boehner, Graham, Jeb Bush, etc.

    Don't worry, I think Romney will probably pull it off through disgust of Obama or fraud. I humbly ask you to remember these propositions after he is in office 2 years. Nothing of substance will have changed and a new boogeyman country/entity will take the place of Iran, Irag, etc, all designed to prop up a failed currency (to usher in a new one on cue) and void Americans of their every freedom. Take care.

  30. I'm not a fan of either one myself, but your logic doesn't make sense. Your saying, since Romney "might" get 8 years, you'll give Obama 8 yrs???

  31. I agree, Texas. Ron Paul is an isolationist who stands to the left of most liberals.

  32. Well, AP, as George Soros has mentioned, the only difference is the people they bring with them.

  33. Do you go to work everyday???
    Do you pay your taxes???
    If so, this female Obama supporter has something to say to YOU….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV8P-vib5n8&fe

  34. I can't find fault in your "logic" but I do hope you are wrong. If we just give up, throw in the towel and are willing to accept what we have " at least we know the devil we have…"then we all lose! You know in your heart that the Progressive philosophy is not America as we know it. I refuse to lay down and play dead. My frustration is that I live in New York and a republican vote is useless in this blue state. I feel disenfranchised but am trying to do what I can with comtributions, phone calling, etc. Romney was not my first choice nor second, but he is our candidate. He will get my support but it won't be a freebie!

  35. Note how everyone in the Ron Paul camp is claiming that they are America's last hope and almost worshiping them as if they are our Saviors.

    The writer claims that the Pauls in a since have never betrayed anyone yet ignores Ron Paul's support of the sodomites and same sex marriage which is a betrayal of God Almighty and our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is King.

    When prayer is asked for, never have I seen anyone who supports the Paul's or anyone in the Paul camp ever ask or say anything about repentance which must come first before forgiveness and blessing from God.

    And why is this? It's because when one feels that they are above even God Himself and His Laws, repentance is not given even the slightest thought nor considered.

    They Paul supporters would say that God's Laws are supreme, yet they support a man who has made a conscious effort as well as a verbal statement against God's Laws and calls it good and acceptable.

    The God I worship and who is King says that His eyes are too pure to look on evil, and He cannot tolerate wrongdoing* yet they worship a man or in this case men, and forget God and His Laws as well as His Commandments and in their vanity and pride they yet ask God to bless them while supporting a man who has set himself before God.

    They preach and teach from the pulpit and in their correspondence that righteousness exhalteth a nation. But yet they refuse to follow what God Commands in Deuteronomy 11 when He says that we are to keep all of His commandments and obey Him. Instead, they refuse to see that they are desperately in need of a repentant heart so that God can bless them and not curse them.*


    * Habakkuk 1:13
    Deuteronomy 11

  36. You Jesus freaks need to get over yourself.
    And John please move along with your Israel ass kissing worship.If its so great and they’re gods people move the hell over there ok.Israel has way to much influence over our nation and enough is enough no more American blood shed for Israel unless you ass hats wanna do the fighting yourselves.

  37. ApparentContradictions says:

    But Romney espouses all you religious perspectives so you will vote for him, but catigate Ron Paul? Is that correct? Be careful how you answer. In order to uphold your code you don’t want to lie and I assume you’d have a hard time with Romney beliefs based on what little I know of Mormonism. I assume you wont be voting, so why are you even here?

  38. ApparentContradictions says:

    True.. Just because they are so-called allies (except for that little ship incident and a few other things) I doubt God would even expect us to bankrupt our children and country in order to send a few sheckels to the Silverstiens and Goldsmiths, who Re probably about as rich as God anyway. I think America has “done it’s duty” in supporting them for the past 50 yrs or more. Maybe time for them to be encouraged out of the nest for their own good and ours.

  39. The opposite of 'isolationist' is 'neverending wars' ?

  40. plus if Ron Paul was a Bilderberger, why would they want to bump him off.
    They want him gone along with his supporters.

  41. FRENCHIE says:


  42. That nigger with Blond hair trying to look white but honey you were born a wide nosed nigger lazy and ignorent well NIG your Nig president never came through for you did he so get your black ass back out on the street where you came from like the whore you are as my tax money for you is drying up you black bitch.

  43. Jennifer says:

    My, my, Frenchie, a little touchy today? Please read my previous post to find that I, too, am a Ron Paul supporter, as well as already fulfilling the many other requirements that Gary North says I should have in order to tell a simple fact. Here goes a simple fact: Ron Paul’s largest single contributor is a homosexual man who is on the steering committee for the Bilderbergers. I know, I know, I, too had to pick my brain up from the floor after my head exploded. But, there it is. So, Rand announces that the Ron Paul campaign is caput right after Mittens was anointed the chosen one last week. Oh, my, we’ve all been sold a load of manure. Ok, Frenchie, please turn your caps lock off…you didn’t need to scream at us to begin with…and find something to clean the floor with after you put your brain back in your skull.

  44. Conspiracy? Agenda 21 is fact. 300+ world's riches familiae trying to install (P.R.O.U.T ONE WORLD ORDER) May be factual true or false ?

  45. The Lord God Almighty says
    REPENT Americans
    Turn from all of your sinful ways and
    Return to God
    Seek to do His will and to serve Him only.

    Amen and amen …

  46. madmemere says:

    This "old lady" is a registered Independent; I did NOT vote for obama-soetoro and would NEVER vote for any "unknown"! That being said, I will hold my nose and vote for Romney, if indeed, he is the GOP nominee and right now it looks that way. I have had a "recurring dream" (not that I put a lot of stock in dreams), but if you remember, Newt only "suspended" his campaign! This dream has Newt showing up in Tampa and all the delegates abandon Romney and nominate Newt! Now that would be something to rally for! I never liked Newt, personally, but he's "mended his ways", he knows the ins and outs of DC and he could get the job done; guess I could classify him as a "noisier" Reagan!

  47. Goldwater was the last Republican I voted for. (I liked Reagan, but not quite enough). And I have never felt that I wasted my vote on someone like Ron Paul, Harry Browne, or Bob Barr. But things have changed a little bit in the last four years. Thanks to the TEA party and those steadfast libertarians in politics, we seem to have established a "beach head" in the Republican Party. Rand Paul's indorsement of Romney makes sense. Those of you who love individual freedom: it's time to take our country back, and the “war” starts inside the Republican Party . . . that's our "Omaha Beach." God willing, we’ll move "inland" from there.

  48. I listened to Peter Schiff interview Rand Paul yesterday. He seemed to understand the battle and the work he would need to do over the long haul. If I was an American, I'd be praying hard that God would strengthen such men and fill them with His wisdom. You seem to have a movement within your Republican Party to move back to your constitution. That is a great blessing to be thankful for.

  49. I have had the same thoughts, John. I did not vote for o, nor will I ever vote for him (or anyone who is for abortion, for that matter). I'm surely glad Ethel Waters wasn't aborted (her mother tried it and failed). According to many Beethoven should have been aborted, also, along with no knowing how many others who have contributed to the good of mankind.
    Abortion is not the only reason, however, not to vote for him; I didn't trust him from the first.

  50. Your way out of touch….

  51. AD Roberts says:

    Just because you have heard hundreds of times, the call of CONSPIRACY, does not mean that at some time, it IS true. As to who is involved in a potential conspiracy, you only have to look at the voting record. When the politician TALKS BIG-TIME CONSERVATIVE, but quietly votes for SDAA, Cap and Trade, TARP, STIMULUS, OBAMACARE, OR THE SMALL WEAPONST TREATY, you KNOW that they are a PART of the conspiracy.

    IF the Small Weapons Treaty is ratified, you can very well look for a revolution. WHY? Because American have seen too many corrupt, activist judges and unresponsive Congressmen. It will not be pretty. I hope I can find a place to hide.

  52. AD Roberts says:

    There are going to be many people who are going to regret Palin's decision to not run. I already do. She would have made a difference. But I think the Bilderberg threatened her so effectively that she withdrew rather than face the violence they are capable of.

  53. Texas Girl says:

    The old guilt by association argument, eh?

    Here’s a link for those interested in learning more a/b Ron being on the task force:


  54. jerry1944 says:

    I am for from being a ron paul supporter but i would vote for him over mite. With rand paul supporting romney it shows he isnt as conservative as maybe the Tea Party thought. I hope we dont lose anymore Tea Party leaders like we did rand paul but he want get any more support from me but then i will vote 3rd party before i vote for romney who i dont trust any more than obambo

  55. ApparentContradictions says:

    I hope you are right, but have serious doubts. People said the sane about Ford, and hoped against all reality in Bush I and II. Both contributed to the place we are in today. When has pandering to RINO’s like McCain and bothe Bushes really worked? They always change “our” people more than our side changes theirs. I won’t be voting for RINO Romney. Been there, Done that.

  56. carknow32 says:

    To those of you who believe the Republican Party will save you from the evil mechanizations of the Democrats…sorry. It ain’t going to happen in November 2012. And that’s even if their poster-boy Mitt Romney steals the show. Why? Well, Missouri Tenth has made it pretty darn clear in the past, but we’ll say it once more: The Executive Branch of the Fed is wildly out-of-control, and the people of the States have pretty much come to accept what’s become a King-like ruler over them.

    One thing that’s particularly interesting about Romney, is his prominent relationship with the growing numbers of wealthy Mormons in the United States. As ABC news wrote in Mitt Romney sent millions to Mormon Church, Mitt Romney as private equity giant (with Bain Capital) “carved his church a slice of several of its most lucrative business deals, securities records show, providing it with millions of dollars worth of stock in some of Bain Capital’s most well-known holdings.”

    Read more on Romney at http://missouritenth.com/2012/06/02/presidential-

  57. Jonathan says:

    @ApparantContradiction: I had a friend who sounded much like you in 2008. He despised the erosion of our Constitution carried out by the Bush administration in the name of "The War on Terror". He supported Ron Paul until Ron Paul was no longer a Candidate. Then he switched to supporting Obama because he though Obama would end the wars and do away with unconstitutional measures to "make us safe". Well well well after four years we see that Obama has just doubled down on everything Bush did in this "War on Terror". Please don't make the same mistake my friend did. If anything just don't vote at all! There is absolutely nothing wrong with NOT VOTING despite the what idiotic hecklers will say. How can you vote your conscience when no candidate can even come close to meeting your standards. Why lower your standards?

  58. Proud to be a Jesus freak!! I love God and love people – if that is freakish then I am proud of it!!!
    I despise religion, separates people from God and from each other or makes them think they can bypass Jesus to get to be with God by what a person does and says. I love God because he saved me from myself, from a world of hate, from selfishness, and Jesus brings me home to Heaven. As mankind focuses on itself it gets wars, strife, envy, discord, hate, and all of those nice things. Jesus has only brought me peace in the middle of hell, joy that defies any situation around, and love and intimacy with God. His love gives me love and acceptance for what is good in me and others.
    I confess – I am a longtime Jesus freak!!! I will just grow more freakish!! Ha!!!!
    Tell me this, isn't it common to call things freakish that you don't understand?

  59. You need to do more studying,as Romney was picked by the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds. In fact,Obama is also a pick by them. So,it doesn't matter if either of the 2 get in,they have been chosen by the Elite. They also own the manipulated news media and the Federal Reserve. So,Romney will be just like Obama…….sorry to burst your bubble.

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