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Broken Telescope: NASA Sticks the Voters with a $44 Million Bill

Written by Gary North on June 13, 2012

NASA was going to launch an x-ray telescope. NASA spent $43.5 million on it. Then it killed the $119 billion program.

Better killed than completed. But it’s another example of government planning.

No one asked: “Why should NASA be spending money on an x-ray telescope?”

No one asked: “Why should NASA even exist?”

What was the telescope supposed to do? It was to study polarized x-rays streaming out of black holes and neutron stars.

You ask: “Why should taxpayers care?” Sorry; you are clearly part of the lunatic fringe.

The correct answer is: “To promote the latest theory of tax-funded astronomers. They need this information to make their careers.”

This was bad news for Jean Swank (I nan not making this up), the astrophysicist who wanted the taxpayers to fund his pet research project. Into like some black hole radiation sometimes falls.

Why did they cancel it? Because it was running 20% to 30% over budget.But the NASA-funded space shuttle project ran over budget by ten times the original projections.

Speaking of black holes, NASA still has its Mars Science Laboroaory ($2.5 billion). What is its goal? To issue press releases about “signs of dead life, thereby calling the Book of Genesis into question.” It never actually finds any signs of life. But the program keeps pretending that it has found traces of water, the building-block of life. It hasn’t actually proven that it has found water. But there are signs. Traces. Hopes.

Then there is the $8.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It is scheduled for 2018. That project is crucial. It’s just not clear regarding why it is crucial. It just is.

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7 thoughts on “Broken Telescope: NASA Sticks the Voters with a $44 Million Bill

  1. barb patton says:

    Black holes!! More like a!s holes – this endless flow of tax payer money that goes to various departments like NASA – and all the green eco windmills and God knows what is simply beyond me. I would like to know where the ayatollah barack hussein obama fits into the scheme of handing out billions of dollars??? The mind boggles and the waste on nonsense. Why is there not a department to sniffle out all the craziness. WAKE UP AMERICA

  2. "Speaking of black holes.."


  3. Hell we got black holes all over AMERICA .Just go in any bar innew york harlam and ask for one.

  4. Somehow I can't just cut up about the billions spent on the advancement of human knowledge of the universe over the years when the military chews up the same amount of money within one year.

  5. Just a question re 'To issue press releases about “signs of dead life, thereby calling the Book of Genesis into question.”' …

    And just where does the Book of Genesis get called into question if in fact life is found elsewhere in the universe?

  6. Easy, the Book of Genesis is a story book.

  7. Gary Temple says:

    You are the 'f'n a$$hole!, I don't mind one bit paying taxes for space exploration! It's essential to get us off the planet!!..The first thing obama did was to scrap the Constilation program (of NASA) to replace the shuttle program with new rockets to go to the International Space Station and go back to the Moon and set up a 'stepping stone', to go to Mars.Now we have to pay the 'F'n Russians to get to the ISS!..obama is in cahoots with them which In my mind that is cause enough to destroy obama like a rabid dog !!! He told NASA to reach out to Muslims!!!…What a bunch of crap!..F the Muslims,…they have done NOTHING for humanity!..Islam is the scourge of the Earth!…obama is "one of them" (his words)…We need to continue the space program!..We need to expand into space!…Anyone that doesn't understand that is a complete stupid, ignorant, idiotic moron!!!!…I would gladly pay 40% taxes of my pay if it would go the 'space program'!, It's that important! But NO! obama wants us to live like muslims! Fact, period! We need to pour more money into the space program, instead of welfare for illegals, and African American Losers !!!! This new telescope is cool!…Granted, the government run space agency waist to much money because the government is run by corrupt, greedy, criminal a holes!…But if we all pressed hard enough and kept up on the goings on of the agency we could hold costs down. But it seems most regular people are ignorant of what getting into space is all about!…If so,you're to stupid to be an American! How ever barb, you're right about the 'green' thing,…obama is using this 'buzz' word to cater to 'environmentalist' (Aholes) I could go on and on..but it's beyond the scope of this article….gt out..